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Justice guy : 3 2 1 lets jam

끼워라 나의틀니 : Best anime opening EVER.

The Author : I heard this OP was good, but GEEZ! You never told me it was THIS good!

keitwr : I don't know where you hear art pop... it's is completily jazz or maybe ska.

Jacketry : "Now you must acquire a taste for freeform jazz."

emily ! : easily the greatest anime opening. nothing beats this one, *nothing*.

Judith Rios : Hell, even non-anime fans loved this show!!!

Melutox : better than knack 2

Jacob D : Orgasm for the ears

Roger Zumaran : Make a great anime director mix western spaghetti with cine noir, add a little of science fiction and jazz music for good measure. What you get? A MASTERPIECE.

Colfax Spitta : I dont think pop art means what you think it means >.>

Andre Rockrose : 1:19 (っ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ς)

LelouchViPizzaHut 01 : One of the best op ever created with a cruel angel's thesis . I liked a lot this show but not soo much bcs it was too much episodic for me /: but the charactets and some of the stories are great (:

teejinx : Dammit....between this and Baccano! how am I ever going to be able to watch anime again? Those two are VERY tough acts to beat. xD

Szynszyl : I'm Boi. Cow boi

EffingFancy : I thought Baccano was okay, but not that great

LeeTheNPC : This opening alone convinced me to watch it.

Michael Roy : I haven't even watched Cowboy Bebop. I just really like the opening.

deathbylife : Damn! I had this tune stuck in my head all day at work... couldn't ask for anything better!

Mindy Hall : See you in space cowboy...

Prof. Toast : Anime nowadays are great, really, I mean it. But this... this is the real deal.

Francisco Barroso : el peor opening del mundo, repetitivo y muy aburrido. ah no es el op de dbsuper

Arthur Bracey : You thought it was cowboy bebop but it was I dio

Markell Hawthorne : This came out the year I was born!

Rafael Ricardo : YES THATS MY JAM

Thegirlwithalongassscreennamenotadragontattoo : 20 years and it's still jamming til this day 😎😎

samuel asfaw : For a guy who dreads anime I gotta say I enjoyed the fudge outta watching Cowboy Bebop and Psycho pass!

Daninoir : I don't know if this opening is better tha Death Parade's but I know is fuckin amazing

yingtongnyaaa : Starting startled me

DeadManProp : See anime creators? You actually CAN put good music in your intro.

Paulo Vinícius : T H I S I S A R T

Pussy D E S T R O Y E R : D O P E

Sponge Magic : I have never seen this show, but that jazzy ass song and the amazing op makes me want to watch it.

KOOKIE BUNNY LOVE : A los que no les gusto por favor sigue escuchando reggaeton que esta hermosa melodía no es para ustedes bye💋😘


Mudkip Komaeda : i think it's time to blow this secne get everybody and the stuff togather ok 321 let's jam

deine mama : To everyone who says this is the best anime opening:SONO CHI NO SADAMEEEE JOOOOOOOOOOOOJOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Alfresa trueno : 50/10

Soraそら : _I think it's time to blow this scene... Get everybody and their stuff together..._ _Okay, three, two, one let's jam._

おぱいばか : Sounds a bit like old timmey batman xD

Levi Ackerman : 1:19 *best part*

Brian Bakare : GOAT

L. Franzua : 1:19 DEAR GOD! EARGASM!!

ToMoKo_ tHe_qUeEn : I’m the best at the lyrics

Patrick Moore : EDWARD

Link : 1:05 - me when its friday and I get paid

Bryam Cuestas : No me gusta

liandri trash : I stand by my opinion when I say this is one of the most solid animes ever created. Everything was done right. From the jazzy influences to its occasional nod to old westerns. This and Ghost in the Shell made me fall in love with anime as a whole.

TheTechCguy : I was 3 years old when this show first debuted in '98,

Alen Fora : for real i almost cried oooo some many years ago watched this and now i have kids