When Someone Requests a Harmonica Song from a Guitar Player

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When Someone Requests a Harmonica Song from a Guitar Player this is what you get. Not completely harmonica tune but definitely dominated by harmonica and piano. It was a Saturday night gig and I was entertaining my biggest crowd of the month. It was my second before last song of the night. One lady asked me if I have my harmonicas with me and if I would do any blues tunes. Clearly my entire one man band set up is based around guitar but sometimes I play harmonica and piano so I decided to give it try anyways. After searching for a quick inspiration I came up with what you see and hear in the video. this track is on Live Files Portfolio 31.0 🔊Listen to my music 🎤Spotify - https://goo.gl/3hYHvq 🎶Apple Music - https://goo.gl/67t7j4 🎧Amazon Music - https://amzn.to/2tdRHpu 🎼iTunes - https://goo.gl/jqMGGD 🎸Google Play - https://goo.gl/tsMq3W 🎚️Tidal - https://goo.gl/L3tkiG 📻Deezer - goo.gl/cEQN3b #dovydas 📽️Subscribe for more videos every week: https://www.youtube.com/dovydasmusic 🥇Become a member of this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMuMtNL3bLLEJ__u0kuEb-A/join 🔥Shop everything from the gear that I use to my light up shoes: https://www.amazon.com/shop/dovydas

Comments from Youtube

Kim Marcella : Omg I don't think that lady realized what she was about to witness! Your die hard fans like me were just holding on for the ride of our lives! Your harp playing is epic. Love me some bluesy Dovy!

bryon29able : The things you do for your crowd is awesome

Casper The Friendly Ghost : "I can do something" 😂😂New CD name. Love it!

yogizorch : Many a so-called musician could spend a month in the studio and not come up with anything nearly as good. Fantastic as always. Thank you.

Mark Cummings : I went to a harmonica gig but a guitar solo broke out.

Rip : Really liked the editing bit at 1:41 lol

Timothy Mason : Epic improv as always. Keep it up bro.

partiid : Dude you are probably the most talented guy on youtube ever. I would love to see your gig some day.. Are you ever going to be in Europe somewhere? :D

Brian Prince : Great harp Mr Dovydas! Superb performance one of your best ever!!! Is it me or is this got stronger or deeper bass than other vids??

Christopher Adams : Very nice bro. Love how you make it work everytime. Actually you always end up killing it and I mean that in a good way.

Condemned782 : "Does anybody watch Jablinski Games?" Lmfao

pbnjshop : Dovydas, this is just outstanding. I've become a big fan of yours over the last few months since I discovered your videos. I've greatly enjoyed just about everything you do, but I really love the times I've seen you go bluesy. And man, did you ever go bluesy here. The harmonica, the vocal, the guitar--that dirty, filthy, *nasty* tone running through the middle of the song that peaks around 7:20 - 8:00, this performance just checked every box for me. Spectacular. I wish I could have seen it in person, but I'm so glad it's on YouTube and Spotify. To me, what you did here is the very best kind of live music.

MarvellousDriller Yop : "Can you do something with a carimba? Something Mexicanish...." "Yeah yeah... i think i got it" WHERE DO YOU EVEN PUT A CARIMBA FFS

Steven Smith : Looks to me that you're more than just a guitar player add drummer piano and harmonica to the list

Bart Calder : Out of every thing you do, I love your improv, one man band music the most. This is where your Talent SHINES! My god,that was great.

kayakchrispy : You played the first chord on the piano and I had to like the video :)

Carl Shackford : You never disappoint when you wade into requests for artists unknown to you. Always doing your best! I just sit here smiling. 👌

Norris Green : I would like to see more about the reactions of the audiences lol, like those shocking faces

rian x : I think you're really talented ! All these Improv without knowing the actual songs are awesome Mad respect

Jeffrey Ruark : This is my new favorite song, BTW I just had your new CD delivered today. Thanks for the signature on it, solid move!


Maximilien_438 : I reckon it's not easy to play harmonica with a big ass mic like the one in the video

Mark T : One of the best blues improvs that I have seen! Good stuff!

Phace 151 : I was just going to say the same thing someone else said. I think I'll make my own shirt.. 🎶🎹🎼 DOVYDAS "I CAN DO SOMETHING.." love you man

Hisko 25 : Came for the epic guitar stuff but stayed for the harmonica blues! Awesome stuff man

Trent Ellen : I liked the new opening where you just stack all your loop building into one segment

Ride2Live100 : why do you exceed expectations every damn time...

Russell Ives : I never cease to be amazed. Great job!

Pauline Follett : This one really raises the bar. Did not know that you could play harmonica. Well done.

Flotorious : 7:43 not your typical drop! I love it! Also, can you do something with your didgeridoo? Y’know, something aboriginal like...🤣🤣🤣

The Old Man : Excellent improv as expected... amazed at how quickly you throw these together and how you fearlessly dive in head first and always come out with something that sounds great... can't wait for the next video...😎🎸🥁🎹🔊🎶

Phace 151 : Your solo concerts are magical and you match the skill of any musician who has ever lived. Tori Amos, Chopin, DOVYDAS

SaGe OwL : Improving your editing i see :)

Wayne Jeffrey : As always The Force is Strong with this one, brilliant, damn brilliant man - I bow down before you. 🤗🤗😎😎

Rodgers Nowlin : I'm a big fan Dovydas. Catch all your vids daily and recently purchased your new album. Would love to see a vid of an entire set. Thanks for the ear candy.

Russell Sheridan : 6 minutes in, guitar starts, I check how much tine is left... 8 mins. "This is gonna be good."

ΙΟΡΔΑΝΗΣ ΛΑΜΠΡΙΑΝΙΔΗΣ : One of your top performance!

b. donuts : I feel like you weren't impressed with what you had heard by him lol but you still killed it though!

Corey Stafford : Those vocals🔥🔥🔥fantastic work

Mark : Wow, my Brother you never cease to amaze me. You’re so freaking awesome! Woodstock here you come with or without the hotdog cart! Thank you for being you! 🙏🏻👍🏻🔥

Jose De La Pena : You were born with an awesome gift!

Digital Gorilla : Well of COURSE you can play harmonica. Sounded Boss.

silbart1 : every time I watch one of your videos you simply amaze me. its a shame your not on the radio.

Aravind Shivakumar : Is there anything you can't do?

Tim Schumm : My Boy Dovydas, super enjoyable as always!

Chris Biro : One of your best.

FilmFruit : I LOVE THESE VIDEOS BRO! Inspiring me to create a setup like you and start gigging! Thank you

Avik Bhattacharya : That was doing something according to Dovydas .. it was damn good though

Joe E : You can put anything together!!! Awesome!!