Smoke on the water played SMOKING ON THE WATER
Smoke on the water played smoking on the water

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I was challenged to do it and I did it. The legendary 0 3 5 lick palyed in the way it deserves. If you have other challenges to launch, write a comment. Other legendary musical memes I've played: Through The Fire And Flames played THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES When Shaggy plays the guitar (from 0.00001 to 1% of his power) Bit*h Lasagna played with FEET while eating lasagna - PewDiePie diss track "Clocks" played with clocks - Coldplay cover


Lazuardy 17 : i dare you to play "through the fire and flames" through the fire and flames

Well, hellø there, felløw human! : He did want Davie504 could not. *Davidlap is officially a legend.*

Yuki 5432 : Impressive... But, can you play "under the bridge" under a bridge?

Rudy Ayoub : i approve

Emmanuel Diaz Sanches : I dare you yo play "Naked as we came" Naked, as we came XD

Colinwitha K : Play “Don’t stop me now” and never stop.

BerDani : Play Stairway to Heaven on a Stairway to heaven Better idea: play Ride know where...

Thomas Hansen : Play "Run to the hills" while running to the hills!

Zero_ G4MER : Very impressive, but can you... Ops, wrong channel

Nicholas Dominique : I dare you to play "Jailhouse Rock" at jail.

Violet River : "Roses are red. The weather is getting hotter. Beach season is coming. *Smoke on the water."* -Rudy Ayoub

Fellow 9 year old : *Rudy Ayoub wants to know your location*

Lazuardy 17 : i dare you to to collab with davie504. it'll be the greatest collab of all time

Fresh Breezy : Ok impressive, Now play seven nation army in front of the United Nations

TooManyTaco 2000 : Very cool but I dare you to play Stairway to Heaven while going up and down stairs and dressed like and angel

Dill Dough : Ok recommendations, i see you

T The one : Where’s Rudy Ayoub? This has got to be his favorite video

BeezleeGaming : No one: Absolutely no one: No living thing on the earth: YouTube recommendations: smoke on the water played while SMOKING ON THE WATER

Error 1105 : Good Now play sweet home Alabama while- Wait.......

Ken E.E aka justmejustnotme : Another original quality video by you. I dare you recreate davie504 50 ways to play the bass but on guitar #content2019 Love from the philippines

GUA_GUKO_YT : I dare you to play 21 guns But with 21 guns Good luck

Paul Aviation : Play AC/DC thunderstruck while in a thunderstorm

i am RIVEN : Very impressive but can you... *Hold a minuite*

julia :3 : this is the strangest yet greatest thing i've ever seen

Retro : Impressive but can you play Dust In The Wind with dust in the wind?

lucas oliver zacharias : Play Highway star while driving a motorbicke at 60 km/h

~Revival Instinct~ : Play Run by Snow Patrol , Running & Patrolling in the snow

KvAT : You gotta play Gangsters Paradise in a Crack Den next

It's Christi : Very impressive, but can you - Oh wait NVM your bass has six strings

Coconut Oil : I think you are a guitar version of davie504 and i love it

HEY STOBH IT : I dare you to play "All Along the Watchtower", in a watchtower

dalabeb : Very impressive, but can u.... Wait wrong channel

Endermoxen Ender Man : Very impressive but Oh sh*t, again?? Seriously?

SALTYWAT3R : Wait this isn't davie504... unless... this is the guitar version of him🤯

Emcee Ash : Very Impressive... But can you...... Sorry, Wrong Channel😅

the noscoper : Amoking is bad for your health

ThatCommenterGuy : 0:30 *The light coming from the cigarette syncs perfectly*

jinnie parker : Oh shit the best thing ive seen today

Miya Bae : summon a demon and play Runnin' with the devil

Joshua Mcgill : very impressive but can you play eruption while in a volcanic eruption

Samuel Lawson : Now this is the true sign of an alpha male.

Diva Morgue : Ah finally the quality content I’ve been looking for!

Sam Brewster : This is impressive and halarious 🤣🤣

ЮЮЮ ЮЮЮ : Can you play "back in USSR" by Beatles, in USSR???

deikoff _40 : Very impressive, but can you play "in the army now" in the army?

the witchfinder general : Ok but can you play Killing Yourself to Live while you... nvm

comfortablynumb : play "In The Flesh" in the flesh

All About Acoustic : Very impressive.... But Can you ... Mm wait... Wrong channel ...

DamnnialFGZ / DanialFGZ : Very impressive, but can yo- Wait a minute.. this isn't Davie504.... Can you be the guitar Davie504?