Hands On RED Hydrogen One First Impressions (Houdini Edition)

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Shayne Stonehocker : November 2nd a lot more people will watch this video. Word is slowly getting out. So it is written

Corcon : The case is kevlar-aluminum.

kirchner david : 3D screen and no 3D camera, why???????

ClearNoun : Beautiful, Beautiful... not!

Rob G : Photo looks stunning.

Dudezz king : It’s not carbon fiber fyi

Adanio Baz : Hey buddy . I'm writing with red hydrogen one I tried the camera but It doesn't looks good as the one u showing in video and it's up to date :(

Nor Rilsk : Brownlee's review seems more honest. Wasnt too impressed. Everyone else seems so loosely scripted. Poor marketing from red.

Donna Mae : Hello, just wondering when the full review would happen? I know the phone gets released this week. Thank you for reading this.

Crispy Videos : Beautiful! Cant wait for October!

smooth37 : What class of Micro SD Card came in the box? AT&T said that I'm eligible for an upgrade to this phone!

Dominik : Is the RED Hydrogen One’s camera better than a Note 9 or an iPhone XS camera? :D I want to buy one of these phone, and i want the one which has the best camera.. :)

Cali Killa Klown : How much more advanced is the hologram than a “New Nintendo 3DS XL” (not to be confused with the Nintendo 3DS XL)

Yamato Kira : More details please👍🏻

smooth37 : Thank you for taking a few photos with the rear cameras!!!! I screamed into every preview of this phone and no one thought it was important to take test photos from a phone designed by a company known for their excellent camera quality. Thanks for being the smart one, and I hope that you provide plenty of feedback for Red to update the camera software before the October launch. New subscriber!

Adanio Baz : I just got the iPhone X’s max soYou think the red hydrogen will be better then iPhone , I’m asking because ur already have the red I’m sure you used both phones and you picked ur favorite

Danial Azim : Take a shot everytime he says beautiful

Alex Domio : One back part material is kevlar.

Donna Mae : I know you're limited on what to say. However, the best camera phone I loved that did great sports action shot and still photos was the Nokia Lumia 1520. How does the camera part compare to 1520? I just got an apple 4 watch. I do have an upgrade. I currently own my iPhone x . i am more into this for the camera. Or invest in the 16 lens camera. . Thanks for reading this! If you want to trade your "Camera" phone for my X let me know hehehe!

Donna Peroche : like walking around with a cinder block in your pants

Gusto Centrial : talking about a phone that looks like a toy and not showing the screen at all fml... (im calling it a hoax )

Doc oZ : WTF! That's it!?

Creative School : What about iPhone X's max...

Danny Hidalgo : Why is no one posting video from the phone itself?

WD90AZ09 : No photo test actually ? Too bad.