Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen + Riot - Live In St. Louis - 14/14

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Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen + Riot - Live In St. Louis - 14/14 axl jumps in the crowd in the middle of the song and starts a riot! *no copyright infrigiment intention*

Comments from Youtube

Jordan Findley : I like how he has the state of mind to take it hat off before he jumps. Like it's gonna make him fly further.

Marc T : Axl Invented the Mic Drop.

David L. : I love how Duff just keeps playing.

Michael Powell : I was there. Crazy night.

RachelMieleMusic : I love when he throws his hat before jumping. So freaking funny

carlos flores : That dive is so damn epic! Axl shout have tried to qualify to the olympics in the diving events!

The Sexualniy : Duff so drunk that he just keeps playing lol

Danil T : Axl is the best frontman ever!!

Jack02X : Axl got major air lmao

Nunya Bizness : He didn't really 'start a riot.' He got pissed off because security was not obeying their orders and he felt he had to handle the situation himself. Most bands don't let anyone take photos but the press in the very front. Now that camera phones are ubiquitous it's hard to prevent it. But back then, using a REAL camera was indicative that the person was planning to sell the concert photos.

Julian Peña : This is the best concert ending in history ever, if watchmojo makes a top, this should be the first one

Danny Boi : I’m doing a research project on Axl Rose. I read about how this happened, but after seeing it happen for real... Whoa.

Vinnie Rotea Alt Channel : 2:10 Axl: "Well, thanks to the lameass security, I'm going home!" *Throws mic to the ground* Me: XD Slash: He just smashed his microphone. We're outta here *Crowd booing*

赵大宝 : slash still playing the guitar...

Pantherace : "Thanks to the lame ice cream i'm going home!"

Brian Jones : Izzy face 2:12

Jordan Kay : Slash met up with the "victim" afterwards and he was afraid they would kick his ass

Maarttiin : I like thevfact he got off his hat before jumping and never missed during the fight

Roe Jogers : I'm from the St. Louis area, and the boss of my last job told me he is friends with the guy that was filming that Axl jumped on.

DatMadBoi1001 : THEN WHAT IS THE FUCKING RIOT? You wouldn't know because you probably weren't even born then. You little 5 year old talking shit because you can't do it outside youtube.

jade west : I love that they just,keep playig


treyc33 : One of the best bands of all time! That's rock and roll shit!

oldgunsgoodguns : nice... nice... and even after the next 666 fuckin' years NICE !!! !!!

PrevailanceBetween : anyone please explain to me why axl rose jump to that guy??

Alex McCord : WHAT? What did he do? He fought with a fan? what the heck? why the hell did he jump like a psycho?

Alejandro Frenandez : this is why Axl roes is the biggest asshole in music industry!

FantastyckplastycK : je sus! he was taping the concert because UYI albums were not out yet and he would have sold the bootleg for a lot of dough, axl even speaks about it on this cocnert before the november rain and tells everybodey to be patient

Suzumebachigr : a videocamera

InternetSavage : The should rename the song Drama Queen!

J Donofrio : what did the guy have?

chibi0025 : Awww. I really really love Axl.. I love his craziness too. lol

david johnson : Screw you guys i am going home. Fuck you Axle! I love the rest of the band. -STl

Mitch Grew : Wat an awesome exit

Bill Tetley : What a complete jerkoff

skwisgaar : 0:52 slash is like, "yes, audience member, im that cool"

Adriano Patricio Vera Vera : wn se la chuparia a Axl lo amo y soy gay, lo admito, me masturbo pensando en Axl Rose

CarmenLuna01 : Axl, you sexy badass! LOL

Fabio Zuin : And Duff on bass continues as if nothing is happening

Fabio Zuin : and duff continue on bass !!!

Jack02X : Thats the only time u will see a ginger waring a big fluffy black coat with no pants on freakout in front of 20,000 people and get arrested

J Ln : old fart

warrendchanard : izzy was like "oh,not this shit again" face XD

bladeryanner : 2:07 You can picture Cartman saying "screw you guys, I'm goin home".

Valente82 : This is why Axl will never exist in the age of the I-phone..and the rest of the band goes to the HOF w/o his ass. Go figure. This is America's all time funniest home video! Cheers to YT.

hatecopter : Axl was just an asshole about shit like this and handled it completely the wrong way

lenita : hahahaha vixi vei

sands of time : haha the background music fits the scene G N' R (axl,slash,izzy,duff,steven) ROCKSS forever \,,/

josh albridge : Slash Lied to me:( Slash's Bio said he didnt want to leave and that he would have done anything to have axl come back onto the stage. In the video he flips the crowed and fallows Axl off stage WTF?? lol