Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen + Riot - Live In St. Louis - 14/14

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Jordan Findley : I like how he has the state of mind to take it hat off before he jumps. Like it's gonna make him fly further.

Marc T : Axl Invented the Mic Drop.

Israel Uriondo : the music keeps playing in the background makes it so much better haha godamn it

David L. : I love how Duff just keeps playing.

Michael Powell : I was there. Crazy night.

RachelMieleMusic : I love when he throws his hat before jumping. So freaking funny

Danil T : Axl is the best frontman ever!!

carlos flores : That dive is so damn epic! Axl shout have tried to qualify to the olympics in the diving events!

Brian Jones : Izzy face 2:12

Nunya Bizness : He didn't really 'start a riot.' He got pissed off because security was not obeying their orders and he felt he had to handle the situation himself. Most bands don't let anyone take photos but the press in the very front. Now that camera phones are ubiquitous it's hard to prevent it. But back then, using a REAL camera was indicative that the person was planning to sell the concert photos.

Jack02X : Axl got major air lmao

RYN : Can't blame him, their contract is to play hour and a half and that's it, but the fans demanded more and usually they get it, plus the fact that he had a rough childhood and was physically and sexually abused. Misunderstood Genius

BeingOStupid : Thanks for the lame ass concert.

Steel Panther : That will teach him to take a picture of Axl the big girl.

Lilo Roses : This jump was sooo perfect!! And it is nothi. faul that riot happened security is...they have a lot problems with security and Axl Could stand it so..I don't blame him

Justin Harvey : Did somebody end up stealing one of Izzy's amps during the riot? I think Sebastian Bach of Skid Row -who by the way was opening for GNR that night was saying something about that in an interview somewhere.

Kurrent.aj : Izzys face at 2.12 ha

赵大宝 : slash still playing the guitar...

Vinnie Rotea Alt Channel : 2:10 Axl: "Well, thanks to the lameass security, I'm going home!" *Throws mic to the ground* Me: XD Slash: He just smashed his microphone. We're outta here *Crowd booing*

Suhail Couto : If you are looking for the start of it 1:24

The Sexualniy : Duff so drunk that he just keeps playing lol

Lynn Lina : 2:07 lol axl never let go of his hut jajajajajaj

Owl the Commentator : What did we learn today kids? Don't record people without their permission, especially at concerts.

Nick Smyth : Not huge fan of Gun n roses but I gotta say Axl rose got balls for jumping into crowd of fans lol god bless axl rose

RachelMieleMusic : XD slash is so cute when he flips off the audience at the end.

Ros : What a douchebag! They sound appalling live if this is anything to go by so Axl probably used that guy's camera as an excuse to bail from a sinking ship! What the hell is he wearing too.. Cruella De Vil wouldn't even be caught dead wearing that. And I read that in an earlier gig (Donington monsters of rock) 2 fans died after getting crushed in a crowd surge so i'd be wary of inciting a riot if it were me, over something so trivial..

Nobody*you*need*to*know * : OMG I REMEMBER THIS I WAS THERE this was my fav. Song and I was so happy they where singing it then I cheered it on when he got angry

Nunya Bizness : Poor fans. They look really confused. It seems like it was calm before...

Paul Connolly : People paid tickets for that show.

raco mandal : R.I.P mic.....😂😂😅

Yezi : ADOREI 😂😂😂😂😂🤘🤘

Fabien bonhomme : Instead of musicians, I would have played music without King Axl till the end of thé show (UYI albums have lots of songs sung by Izzy and Duff)

Julian Mulroy : They should make this part of the show. Hire someone to take a dive, stage a fight...

Samuel Segarino : *A LOT OF DAMAGE*

Miguel Estevam : Foda né 😂😂😂😂👏👏

Reagan Smith : love the look on izzy face, lol.

lewis Graham : Come on security arreste him

Petros Koulogiannis : It may sound silly but why did he do that?

PenCapChew : At 1:24 izzy was like "wtf he is doing now we are about to stop the song? huh..."

Mary Frey : Slash busts his pants open and AXL ended the whole show! Bastardz! It will never be again. Sigh!!!

tom shelly : axl got his ass kicked when he went into the crowd.....the security saved his ass......he should have thanked em..

Batman Wayne : im in st. louis

Savira Ayu : Slash damn 😍

William Evans : hes unstable

One Ok Rock : รมย์ร้ายจริงๆ ถึงว่าไมวงแตก

Farhan Mckinnons : lol that was so stupid

Final Fantasy : This is so stupid.

B Jeffrey : Who was the little hoe in the feather jacket and grape smuggling shorts ?? And how did she get a stage pass in that getup ??

Jordan Kay : Slash met up with the "victim" afterwards and he was afraid they would kick his ass

Maarttiin : I like thevfact he got off his hat before jumping and never missed during the fight