Tullamore DEW - No Irish Need Apply

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Bryan Crump : When a whiskey commercial is more inspirational than the president

terry patchet : I never met a commercial I liked this much.

William Nolan : Can someone make a 2 hour movie with these characters and this message.

Imaginary Enemy : No Irish need apply We say goodbye Make our mothers cry Break hearts for the dream And no Irish need apply Who built the bridge's mate And scrapped the city sky And bled with your sons And so The blend be gone when I wed your lovely daughter Maybe you shouldn't ought of but you gave her away to be with me now what do you think you gonna buy me a drink Aye With these hands And with this heart I touch you and we never stand apart E pluribus bleeding unum Have you got it Do you know what that means It means blend Blend is the backbone of this place Look around ya Every generations got a different face Some very different Some pretty like me Everyones gorgeous if you open your eyes to see We were all them once now we're just us Just U.S. Ask your old granny if you need more proof Now take a look in the mirror then you see the truth The blend I am blend And so are you And you And you And that other fella too We are all blend from the beginning To the end So glasses up And I'll say aye To the beauty of blend

Julie C : Thank you Tullamore, after seeing your commercial on The Late Show with Colbert I had to play it for my husband. We were both floored by the words and sentiment. My parents and siblings seemed to have forgotten they were some of those immigrant Irish and Sicilian that were considered rapists and murderers. Thanks for having the guts to say that. we'll remember your name when we go to buy Whisky!

William Nolan : There was a time when Presidents and Prime Ministers would talk like this.

maxwellis4 : This is the most impressive commercial I have seen in quite awhile. Well done!!!!!!

James Allard : Oh, aye: that we are. All of us. Here's to you, mate. Ma'am. Us.

William Blanton : I had to watch this a few times to catch its total cleverness. Just my favorite all time ad!

EcoMusicology : Well, bravo Tullamore Dew! I normally drink the competition and it’s been a few years since I’ve had your whiskey, but my next bottle will be Tullamore Dew because this ad moved the Irishman in my blend. Well done and someone promote whoever thought this concept up.

macnac20 : We are a blended country whos immigrants came to America for a better life. They worked hard without government handouts and assimilated and blended into the culture. My Great Grandfather once told me "Yes Michael we are proud of our Irish past but proud to be called an American" Oh I do love Tullamore Dew

geibelb : I LOVE this ad. I saw it saw it while viewing BBC news clips. I was so impressed I had to look it up. Very well done indeed.


Louis Goldstein : That was the best liquor commercial period! And I would know!

Ryan Holford : I am American. But my blood is Irish. Why I know I, sadly, cannot claim to be an Irishman. I love this

Christa L : This inspiring series brings a tear to the eye and a swell of pride in my heart for my ancestors. especially for those who sacrificed for Racial Justice. "If all the minorities joined together, we wouldn't be a minority any longer ." Why should loving one's own ethnic heritage, not be deepened by appreciating the struggles and strengths of other people's?

BukkakeTheFrog : no irish need a ploy we say good boy make our mothers a la croix

Michelle Carr : I'm a blend and I've been refused even though I'm Native American.....

RC : Tullemore Dew - Thank you

Cristián Gonzalez Michelin : great message...well done!

Kate Therese : Quite possibly the only commercial that has really made me want to buy the product. I'll give them my business in return for an ad like this.

Maverick Crow : I fear drinking, but i'm irish, and this commercial makes me wanna take a pint! XD

Lewdwig : I'm so sick of seeing this ad, I came here just to comment my disdain

missdarkeyes : I'm SO glad I found this! I've been seeing this commercial for the last week, and god help me, I could NOT understand what this guy was saying! Now that I know, the commercial is very profound! Well done!

Tanya Fether : Super smart commercial. I'm lovin' it.


Genus Tinca : Question for all you you Irish out there: is this a real Irish speaker or someone enacting an Irish accent? (love the commercial either way)

Jeffrey Kassir : Noh - oyrish - need - aply

Erin Higgs : THIS -Irish American Descendant

CrazyRob52 : Best commercial ever

Vietnam Watermelon : his accent is hot

Eric Russell : We gewbuy and make are mudders cewrye

Mikeal Johnsson : Ugh. Just.. no

randy steele : best commercial ever hands down!

doomedsunshine : Anyone know the actor's name? I'm trying to figure out where in Ireland he's from and it's killing me. His accent sounds Sligo

Baily Wilson : I saw this commercial once and watched it all the way through then it showed up again and i was like "I don't even really know what this commercial is for but I love it so much" so. Here i am. I love this

Aidan Callery : LOVE it, shivers.

Ryan Fitzpatrick : Only commercial I've ever teared up to

Excella Gionne : Did antifa right this commercial? There are a lot of globalist "we're all immigrants" commercials as of late and no nationalist commercials whatsoever. We cant even get a realistic WWII game, everything is identity politics and now I guess there are (((media))) wants you to think the Irish "race" bait. I am half irish. We don't...

Legocreeper : I’m gonna show this to my history teacher

Raffie Gordon : dope commercial, where is this bar??

kostis metallo : Degeneracy

Renda Louise : Ive never wanted to marry an irish man so much in my entire life

KorsarNik : I love the hat on the top shelve from the Parting Glass Tullamore's Dew commercial :)

Siddy Mae : Thanks for showing black people weren't the only oppressed people.

otis redrim : I like it but u have to come legally. I'm the first generation born in this country in my family but Trump better stop that caravan.

Denise Wong : Wonderful!!!

patio87 : Of course it couldn't be a message about Irish discrimination, it MUST have a Marxist undertone. It seems like everything in advertising in Europe is like this.

Jasmineee : This is my favorite ad thank you daddy

Sorry aber Nein! : Oh Danny boy oh Danny boy i Love you sooooo 🤣 i Love it. My irish heart is melting 😍