Ukrainian Armed Forces “Each of Us”

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rideordie : 10/10 for the Ukranian Public Affairs guys. Great work.

TheRocketProphet : I love the spirit of the Ukrainian military after all the shit it's been through. Stay strong guys, I hope for a hasty end to this conflict

ElitGhost : ,,I'm the neighbor who always bangs on the radiator" Me: *laughs* ,,I am the only son" Me: *almost cries* One of the best videos I have ever seen... Good Luck slavic brothers!

Someguy : Why do ukrainian recruitment ads always have to be so good.

DSoloha : Brb gonna go join the the Ukrainian army

Multipleee : Kick russian asses and take back what's yours! Greetings from Poland!

FrontLineFox 20 : Damn...this has the kind of emotion you could expect from an American millitary ad. Should have expected as much from a new and proud republic/democracy. Support from the US.

Peyton Amaral : glory to ukraine! support from Canada comrades keep the good fight going

Thomas McNab : Australia always with you

Johan Tamm : Estonia stands with you!

SirNotSoPro : This makes me want to grab a gun and rush over to help them

Krytikal Sodaa : "I am the neighbor that bangs on the radiator" Quality 10/10 (seriously though, my respect to these people)

Zombie Stalker : You know I like how alot of these Ukrainian recruitment adds don't depect their forces as stone cold killers or even emotionless professinals...They're people. They're human beings in uniforms handed rifles and strapped on plate carriers and they're fighting for their own happiness. For the people around them. They aren't born warriors nor stone cold killers. They're people with jobs, intrest and hobbies. People.....Human beings.

Jaylan Kavanaugh : United States of America is with you. ARNG (Indiana).

Rytis M : Lithuania is always with you too.

Anvir : Best wishes from Poland, stay strong!

Americann Fear : I'm American and this ad makes me wanna join the Ukrainians, stay strong, guys!!

Freigeist : Germany is with you.

Austin : Canada is with Ukraine, and always will be. Slava Ukraini!

SuperSlavKing : everyone with you Ukraine Keep up a good fight

onE mEmbEr Studio : Support from Vietnam

Henry Li : support from Malaysia

Mr.Rexxyy : I now want to join the Ukrainian army, and i'm not even from Ukraine.

The Basic Gamer : A country that might not have the best military but has one of the best recruiting videos that is emotional and powerful.

The Noob Game Developer : This recruitment video is so incredibly honest, unlike the American army recruitment videos where its all sleek, painless glory and glamour. In this video, its frank about the danger and self-sacrifice. Very impressive.

Groovy : All Israel is with you brothers. I hope that my goverment is help you.

Simon Öhlund ES15E : As a swede I have the deepest respect for you.

Filip Žižak : Greetings from Croatia Stay strong May the Ukrainian Oluja come soon

Max Gubysh : Gloria a Ucraina!

Aquilles : Respect from Brazil! United for freedom!

Portgas D. Ace : Stay strong Ukraine. Greetings from USA

-PCLordas - : RESPECT from Lithuania

Amanda Kinney : Great ad, hope one day you will make invaders run from your country back to Russia.

US Patriots Unite! : Nothing more exciting than fighting Russian fascism to restore liberty with patriotic vigor.

Blurp Slurp : Best part of the comment section is the butthurt russians. lol

NinjaFaux : Y'know what I say? I say that Ukraine is a good ally to have.

Leo C : US Infantry fight proudly by your side against the russian invaders ,if my country allows it

billy billy : Stay strong Ukraine!!!

Nebel Werfer : The Ukraine got some good military ads...Wish we had these in germany too...

Alien Slayer : Keep up the good fight 🇺🇸💪

Shaun Cheah : Slava Ukrayini; heroyam slava.

Siege Grigore : This made me feel something.. I was born an only child so I cannot imagine the impact enlisting would have on my family.

Mortar Combat : support form poland. keep up good fight guys

Alex B. : Support from germany

YOUSSEF HL : The best of the best military propaganda ive seen yer

Aanglos3115 : Oh Lovely Ukraine, I love Russia but I want Russia to Stop Hurting Ukraine

Beni_beni : Novorussia win

Graeme Guerrilla : Slava Ukrayini!

Timmy Gomez : This gives me the feels

Genghisville : Javelin anti-tank munitions will be arriving shortly. Hang in there.