The Chuck E. Cheese Challenge #chuckycheesechallenge I MARQUESE SCOTT I DRAGONHOUSE

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Aspire : This is so damn smooth, probably won't trend as much because it's hard af to do haha.

Richard Anderson : If you went to ChuckyCheese, got on stage and did that, the kids would probably think you guys were actual animatronics.

Christie Nel : Genius. So convincing.

Naruto Uzumaki : Bluprint, Chibi, and Droiid should do part two

Adil Messi : I saw this on Instagram it was awesome, and I saw that chucky cheese accepted the challenge. Your on lol

MrBluntDestroyer : Dude on the right straight up moves exactly like one of those animatronic things sick af

Juano Jackson : can't wait to see chibi in one of these

ttbeezy : Okay where are the human versions of you guys stop playing us

Brown : I LIKE IT

Elijah Turner : Its creepy how y'all can look like animatronics, still dope tho.

Julien Gonzales : I instantly became a Childish Gambino Fan!

ElectroTheDancer : Dude if I was a little kid I'd think you were robots

Meech95 : Yo I watched this countless times already

Kevin H : This is great, mad respect for Marquese!

Good4Josh : Honestly just hoping that the #ChuckyCheeseChallenge doesn't pick up, cause I don't want Childish Gambino's "Redbone" ruined for me

Lé King : that was beautiful


Total Equinox : oooh OK it's like when they're singing that weird movement they do.

Angel Bautista : here we go again with the challenges YEAH SPREAD IT INTERNET !!!!

BlackPDigitalMedia : the real chuck e cheese challenge: have a birthday party that doesn't degenerate to a drunken wino beer fight in the parking lot! lol

eliot111222 : wow, this is so simple yet so awesome

Jyrone Jackson : This was so dope

Bozia S : ok

elijah trevino : Redbone by Childish is my song.

Anthony Celli : prob my favorite thing on the internet atm.. song is too nice

One&Only Asiaaa : omg!!!! they acting like real animatronics!!👏👏👏💯💯 great job boys👏👏💯

Feliciana Agustina Medina : te amo genial

Jean Michael : Iglide looks like that one robot that you think is malfunctioning, but he just moves that way 😂

KVR Gaming : Im so glad I met you last night. That was part one of the insane rollercoaster that was my night

adelinared1 : Saw this on Reddit. Nice work fam!

Marcus Chavez : Super dope 🙏 But I feel like Bam is dancing too much. Nonstop and Julius are only acting like robots and Bam is actually dubstep dancing

Matthew James : i hope he sees this, you show do this for the actual video it'd be so fkin sweet

Saturnick : cD Manequin chalenge v2

Nacole lelani : this is sooooo dope

Um Desconhecido : Fã brasileiro ✌✌✌

sarcastic A.F : wow!!!........that's sick man you amaze me every single video, keep on the good work.

Kamau Agard : lol the guy on the right was like im keeping my arms there,, thats my thing dont make fun of it. really cool

Yadi Perez YadiCakes : always killin it!!! 😍😍😍

Green Ink : That is awesome!

Reggie Allen : where can I find the full length version?

Andrew Serrata : Anybody can tell me what speaker is in the video? I really want to get one!

Daylon-Arte Digital : ei cara por que você não dança mais aquelas batidas de dubstep?

Daylon-Arte Digital : da hora.

jess rivera : these boys killed it

JiglyJelloWAFFLE _ : Hey Marquese could you give me some pointers on how to be smoother? I'm self taught and never took classes so I'm a little loose when i pop and not wavy enough when locking

Erick Ayala : Name of the song please

AA•Meko : aint no robots doin nun of at (one in red)

Sirreal69 : Smooth, I like it

Jax : Horizontal cam in 2016 LUL

Busta Nuts : the dude on the right got the best moves XD