Magnet fishing UK 2017 for a double barrel shotgun!

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Thats Lucy : Gratz guys hope you handed it into police

Trey Kneppler : I really hope you made sure it was unloaded before pointing it at people in this video

McDeth187 : Aaaaannnnndddd that's a murder weapon

B Dog : Wowww!!! 😲 That's amazing!! 😄 What happened next? Did you have to phone the police? 😞

drasticg : why cant i find a shotgun lol

the clan outing : No way that's mint. Cool videos dude

MRDs 224 : Happy days a fantastic find, great to see a family doing things together, out and about.🖒

Lil Jon Jon : guess what i would do with a gun if i shot someone

The Giant Garrett Detectorist : 👍guys well done

Sascha Kai : maybe that was just the place they shot the last scene of 'lock stock n two smokin barrels'

John Doe : Do salvage rights apply to firearms and would you want to keep it after handing it in?

Jesse : 1. As others have already stated, that could be a murder weapon. 2. Never point the barrel of a gun at anyone you don't want dead. Even if you know it's not loaded and your hand isn't on the trigger. When he swung the gun around and the barrel pointed at the camera woman.. that breaks first rule of gun safety.

professorquarter : Might be a murder weapon. I cant imagine anyone intentionally discarding a gun like that in a country as restrictive as the UK without a pretty strong reason.

Simon Kunt : did you keep it?