Ben Affleck in his own frame

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Sub Killer : wow....batman, is that you????

Thor Lit af : The lady in ben's lap confirms this was consensual in this interview Go back to your safe places Mark dice cultist, Trumptards and Tryhard feminist

mike77588 : Sorry, what's happening here is a female being super-attracted to a man. She is so giggling laughing constantly, also actively touching his face at one point. He is flirting. Anyone who doesn't get that boggles my mind.

Space Hitler : Now it makes sense why he loves Islam...

Meg : Was expecting some unwarranted sexual harrasment like ive read about, instead im seeing two people giggling and flirting with eachother on TV.

boitahaki : Women are sexdolls for rich and successful men.

Slab Riprock : Yes looks like this was done by both as a joke. Now about that butt crack thing....

Grant Mclellan : I hear she had to have an abortion after this interview.

The Reynolds : There is a huge difference between Affleck and Weinstein in this case. She is totally into this, whereas Weinstein's accusers were not.

Shadow Moon : Full-Weinstein is officially a Term now!!! Ben Affleck went Full-Weinstein

Onder Hassan : It's pretty obvious why she made this an issue '12 years' later. She's now an older 'has been', no longer getting the abundant male attention she used to get in her hay day and is now suing the poor guy to make herself feel better.

al karg : all this squirming makes me uncomfortable. also, i'd say....."get a room" already by now.

David Mcmenemy : This might possibly be the cringiest shit I've ever seen. I'm never going to be able to watch 'The Town' the same way ever again.

DeadBunny69 : The liberal who condemned Trump for sexual misconduct and making fun of special needs people does both in this video. Hypocrite.

Day55 : Jennifer Garner is better off without this creep, never have liked this idiot. No talent jerk! I'm sure Jennifer s dad is glad he's gone after seeing this.

kim A : I see nothing wrong with Ben's behavior... she's acting like a complete ditz and he's acting like a typical alpha male... it would be more fun to watch if Ben weren't the prettiest one in the video.

M Daffa Nurfauzan : Born to be Bruce Wayne

This erection is permanent, sorry. : It's like old man creepy. Yeah yeah sit on my knee. You like sex don't you, whoooaaargh, I bet you do. *shudders*

Zak : is this a good mating ritual ?

Buck Weet : So Trump makes fun of retard it's end of the world. Afflunk does it...CRICKETTS.

Lewys Cousins : You can;t say no to Batfleck!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Infinity : Tbf she doesn’t have anything against it, she keeps giggling and hugging him, he’s not forcing her to be there. Yes it’s incredibly inappropriate but they’re both adults who can make decisions for themselves.

takethatthomas : umm this is pervy af but why does it seem like the girl is loving it???? she's hugging him back and getting comfy on his lap like what the actual fuck?????

Kukwes VR : I bet he hit that..lets just forget the part where she looks down his shirt and grabs him. Or the fact that her interviews ARE DONE LIKE THIS.

John Doe : Lmao all these women freaking out that Ben knows how to get ass. Like were supposed to hate that? Really wish SJWs would stop trying to make men gay.

Ziad Obaid : Bruce Wayne on his off day

Miguel Maharo : lol how drunk did they get this guy?

Mr. Plumb : Groping women, sexually harassing women, calling mentally challenged people "Retarted"...fuck you and Matt Damon...and while I'm at it...fuck Hollywood!

vonwolfie : Mark Dice featured this on this channel, this is incredibly disgusting.


thebionicledude : This is consensual though they are both having a good time this is a normal people thing to do when your hammered lmfao stop comparing it to that unattractive fat slob

D.H. : ok, 1st of all, Ben is a jerk, w/ one thing on his mind, 2nd of all, this girl is enjoying every minute of this. She isn't trying to get away from him at all, so he is a jerk, and she enjoys sitting in a jerk's lap, letting him treat her like she is a sex object. When he makes fun of mentally, as well as physically handicapped people, he turns a new corner, however most wont be able to get to the 4 min mark, where he does this, b/c this is just too sickening to watch.

Namaste India : Money and bitches that's it

Todd Red Pill News Rant : ..... and to top it off he mocks the retarded.

Jared Dowty : For all of you offended morons, from Losique herself: "This was for the camera," she said. "You have to understand that we have done dozens and dozens of interviews like that. It was for a show I was producing, so I was not at all a victim. When the cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As soon as it stopped rolling, there was none of that. He never touched me in any improper way. He was very respectful, I must say."

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : So he's a touchy flirt? She looks like she's enjoying herself. Harvey Weinstein is a monster. There is no comparison. Sorry.

Della Phillips : This was when he was with JLo...maybe this is why they broke up.

Golden Retriever : She is not protesting so what is the problem here besides both acting like stupid middle school kids?

Random Ashe : "OMG THIS IS LITERALLY RAPE" cmon guys this is getting ridiculous.

Atticus P : 2 people being extremely friendly. She's got her hands on him as much as he does her. Also, I waited for him to graze, touch, or even GROPE like everyone claims to what had happened. well, it DID NOT HAPPEN. Such modern feminist bullshit.

Household Dog : LOL someone is on the disco biscuits.

dianawapooh : the host herself issued a statement. it was just a game. they were having fun. in fact he was very respectful towards her. you can read the statement and see for yourself

Tom bryan : Is this the guy that defends radical Islam?

loveharrydaily : Change the description of this video because the HOST / PRODUCER said this was all a skit. A publicity stunt. A joke. All planned. She wasn't "uncomfortable" at all. They already knew each other 15 times. She said you're taking it *out of context* to lump her in with Harvey Weinstein....

Christina Megalis : This woman's comments to this video are idiotic and comparing US culture and "French" culture. Lmao so ignorant. She looks like a desperate bimbo and he looks like the creep he is in this video. She should just have kept her mouth shut on Harvey scandal- clearly oblivious.

Brittany Lee : *eye roll* She's obviously under duress and never mind this was almost 10 years ago...

DeMat : Bruce Wayne: The cocaine years

Rose Red : Never liked the guy, or Matt Damon... damn my intuition is always spot on.

ivanm10 : Uknow she wants that Bruce Wayne DICK

muskyownz : No way this slut is accusing Ben! I knew it! These whore love it until they have something to gain from it years later wtf