Ben Affleck in his own frame

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Philosophy Archive : TFW no cute feminine girl on my lap.

Sub Killer : wow....batman, is that you????

Jonathan Rose : Damn, he's drunk/high AF here. Bet he never thought this would come back to haunt him...

just mercy : She is literally laughing giggling smiling and hugging him.

Mindy Saini : "This was for the camera," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "You have to understand that we have done dozens and dozens of interviews like that.     “It was for a show I was producing, so I was not at all a victim. When the cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As soon as it stopped rolling, there was none of that. He never touched me in any improper way. He was very respectful, I must say."  At the time, Losique was a reporter for Montreal’s entertainment news show Box Office. She has gone on to become a successful business mogul, owning VanessaTV." So enough hating on Ben!

The Dude : The difference between this and Harvey Weinstein is that this was CONSENSUAL. She was totally into him. You can tell. Perfectly harmless and not sexual assault in any way. If you think this is assault, you are a prude in the worst way and probably a man hater.

Aby Yesudasan : we know you're pretending Bruce Wayne.

nitegoat1369 : Looks like two consenting adults having a good time to me. At one point, the interviewer is actually rubbing his arm and shoulder. So he's had few drinks, so what?

P Hampton : #BenAffleckIsOverParty

toffee20 : I never liked this guy

dcooper0011 : What's the big deal? Looks consensual to me.

julito32 : Reporter says "it gets pretty wild and crazy". They were having fun with it. Noone (at least on camera) told him no, stop it.

Pyro 2000 : This is ridiculous. This video has been around for over a decade and *now* people are deciding to get outraged by it?

Ryan Fairchild : He proved Trump was correct about groupies who will let you do whatever you want when you're a star. Odds are extremely high that Affleck grabbed her by the pussy after the film stopped rolling or later on that evening.

FORTY YEAR FITNESS : No wonder every girl has left him

Deep Space : While Ben Affleck is most certainly a dirtbag, she's totally into it, so I don't see any problem here in this case.

Death Star : "Wow. Pretty girl, bad habit. Don't quote me." -Bruce Wayne

Justin Donegan : Looks like two adults hardcore flirting.

xXAshley305Xx : She's clearly uncomfortable and being super passive, that's not really consent, more like she's playing along. That being said, it's possible that they had already engaged in something more previous to this interview

Christina Collins : I LOVE HIM 😹😹😹

Gary LeRoy leroygt : She's hugging him back. Looks like she like it.

Joe Huffman : It's settled. Affleck isn't Batman, he's Joker.

Eric tremblay : what a complete a**hole

KiloSierraAlpha : So Batman's a groper and a rapist? LOL!

marc Anthony : Time to pay the piper...

uuuultra : Happens to me everyday.

300daysandnights : i've been that fucked up.

Sweence : She's hardly resisting his antics.

Theo Ikhide : I don't understand how some people are claiming this is analagous with the current Weinstein debacle. She's clearly into it—she doesn't try to resist him once. There were other people on that set beside her, and if she were truly uncomfortable, she would at least be pushing away from him or telling him to stop (or "no" which is like the apotheosis of non-consent). She also caresses him at several points during the video. That's entirely different from someone barring another from exiting their hotel room and masturbating in front of them (Weinstein). Two clearly different scenarios. Now that whole TRL situation with Affleck...

xJdogg95 : Here from Drudge

tim : i respect him more now.

roggeray : Now THIS is Bruce Wayne.

iamdikko : There's a known argentinian director called "Agustin Soraire", he was friends with Harvey Weinstein. After the Weinstein scandal came out, Soraire started to pay his sexual harrasment victims from Escobar, a place beyond the pines. Google him, this is what the media is NOT telling you. Google "Agustin Soraire Una TOcada A Lo Tim Burton" and see it yourself!

JoeSexPack : She sat on lap of a straight man who'd been drinking, wrapped her arms around his neck then giggled & laughed. No real attempt to leave or protest. He never threatened. Her free choices, every one. Guess what, he's not gay, & she got the validation of hotness she wanted. Only the wacko Lefties could find this a problem. Don't like it? Don't sit on his lap & flirt. Amazing.

copsondonuts : oh gimme a break lol she liked it. yeah he was drunk or whatever but lets be real. you people act like youve never done that. i have...and? what?

24paljim : Two adults having a bit of fun. Enjoying each other. What's wrong? I see/hear nothing wrong. #Titties #Rack #Prudes #Sex

Marco Bux : to me he seems so stoned :D

M CAT : Exposed for his low morals. He's fondling and groping her. There is no difference between this man and H Weinstein. He also was making fun of disabled people. This man is low...

Greg LaPointe : She's happy about it, they're obviously very familiar with each other. What's the problem?

EdieMarieLovesTrump : It didn't look like she was hating it. Who cares?

beselbic : Looks like she was enjoying it to me, but still very unprofessional on Ben's part. He's clearly wasted, not that that's a valid excuse. Hope she didn't have a boyfriend at the time or he would have been mad pissed. She's sexy as hell, though.

Bruce Wayne : He totally hit that.

Patrick Hartnett : she looks ok with it

Peter : Umm, for someone who is now screaming "abuse" she sure does look like she's enjoying herself.

cray4fries : ooooookay, wasnt he dating Jennifer Lopez on that time?

Guil Abaya : Making fun of a French accent is okay, but making fun of a Chinese accent is racist?

Edward : You have to ignore both body language and dialogue to not see that they've been at it before.

T : The interviewer said she was cool with everything and because of that so am I. But this is definitely embarassing for Ben in light of everything. Especially now that he has young kids.

John Ganshow : Isn't that Penelope Cruz?

Rudy Campilii : You can tell the girl is clearly uncomfortable. I am glad I haven't watched tee vee in over 20 years, haven't been to a movie in over 15 years. I refuse to give these creeps one thin dime.