Ben Affleck in his own frame

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TheBiggestReason : How the f*ck did this re-surface if it was already posted to YouTube in 2006!????

Sub Killer : wow....batman, is that you????

Philosophy Archive : TFW no cute feminine girl on my lap.

Death Star : "Wow. Pretty girl, bad habit. Don't quote me." -Bruce Wayne

Jonathan Rose : Damn, he's drunk/high AF here. Bet he never thought this would come back to haunt him...

Bruce Wayne : He totally hit that.

Bob Burger : Words from that Reporter herself: "This was for the camera," she said. "You HAVE to UNDERSTAND that WE HAVE DONE DOZENS and DOZENS of INTERVIEWS LIKE THAT. It was for a show I was producing, so I WAS NOT AT ALL A VICTIM. When the cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As soon as it stopped rolling, there was none of that. He never touched me in any improper way. He was very respectful, I must say."

Minigun101 : Batman, everyone!

LibertyPrime1982 : knock it off, Bruce Wayne!

FORTY YEAR FITNESS : People here are not understanding the situation here.... THIS ISNT AT A CLUB AT 2AM... THIS ISNT AT HIS HOTEL ROOM.....THIS WAS AT HER JOB!!!!!! She was there to interview him... that’s it.... not to get groped!!!!

Bonster Monster : He's wasted. She is loving every second. Problem? They both know this is being taped.

John Ganshow : Isn't that Penelope Cruz?

a78617 : i dont understand what is happening here...

Jonah Hill : Are they dry humping?

Allison Day : God what a dickhead. What goes around comes around Ben..

Thetwinkly : She's getting so turned on im getting a boner over here

just mercy : She is literally laughing giggling smiling and hugging him.

zate1982 : OMG someone rescue that poor little girl!!!!

MAA Oregon : She's all over him and he's all over her in response, seems like they are both doing what they want to do. What's the issue here?

Pinki2019 : This woman probably felt forced to go along with this creep on camera because he is a big star.

Aby Yesudasan : we know you're pretending Bruce Wayne.

TheFuktastic : To all the retards who think that Ben abused her in this interview:

Lorrie Blanks : Discusting pig! She was obviously uncomfortable. She wore a higher blouse because she knew he was a creep

Daniel M. Pitta : He smashed. She wasn't pushing him away

P Hampton : #BenAffleckIsOverParty

Joe Huffman : It's settled. Affleck isn't Batman, he's Joker.

Revdope 1 : Wow. Look who's groping woman and making fun of the handicapped. I always thought he was kind of a douche.

KiloSierraAlpha : So Batman's a groper and a rapist? LOL!

Tobias2012 : Cringe worthy. If he acted this way while being recorded wonder how he was to the women he worked with behind the scenes. A Harvey W. protege.

apathycollusions : this is so awkward to watch

Mongolian Kids Cartoons : Ben killed 7 of my best boys in Kabul a coupe years back

Mindy Saini : "This was for the camera," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "You have to understand that we have done dozens and dozens of interviews like that.     “It was for a show I was producing, so I was not at all a victim. When the cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As soon as it stopped rolling, there was none of that. He never touched me in any improper way. He was very respectful, I must say."  At the time, Losique was a reporter for Montreal’s entertainment news show Box Office. She has gone on to become a successful business mogul, owning VanessaTV." So enough hating on Ben!

devans00 : Dang Affleck looks drunk. Doesn't excuse treating the interviewer like his personal teddy bear. She's obviously trying to get away, I don't know what other people think they're seeing.

julito32 : Reporter says "it gets pretty wild and crazy". They were having fun with it. Noone (at least on camera) told him no, stop it.

Daniel Garnett : If any part of this video has offended you....THEN YOUR GAY.

300daysandnights : i've been that fucked up.

dcooper0011 : What's the big deal? Looks consensual to me.

Ryan Fairchild : He proved Trump was correct about groupies who will let you do whatever you want when you're a star. Odds are extremely high that Affleck grabbed her by the pussy after the film stopped rolling or later on that evening.


nitegoat1369 : Looks like two consenting adults having a good time to me. At one point, the interviewer is actually rubbing his arm and shoulder. So he's had few drinks, so what?

roggeray : Now THIS is Bruce Wayne.

Pyro 2000 : This is ridiculous. This video has been around for over a decade and *now* people are deciding to get outraged by it?

xXAshley305Xx : She's clearly uncomfortable and being super passive, that's not really consent, more like she's playing along. That being said, it's possible that they had already engaged in something more previous to this interview

lou1958 : I've always disliked Ben Affleck, but I'm shocked to admit I actually like him a little more now.  I always thought we was badly playing a bullshit act IRL, but he is uncharacteristically honest and real in this video.  This is apparently the real ben, a horn-dog who knows how to enjoy the ladies... otherwise known as a normal human male.  If someone really sees any connection with this and the horrible crimes of Weinstein and I would challenge your objectivity and credibility.

Patricia O'Donnell : Think what you want about him but she's clearly enjoying his attention

Steven Tyler : it's so annoying when he mocks the accent.

Eric tremblay : what a complete a**hole

Gary LeRoy leroygt : She's hugging him back. Looks like she like it.

ultra vires : That guy is drunk as fuck. Seriously though, after the Weinstein controversy I bet Ben wishes this video would go away.

Mark Dice : Harvey Weinstein taught him well.