Ben Affleck in his own frame

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Mark Dice : Harvey Weinstein taught him well.

Sub Killer : wow....batman, is that you????

Deep Space : While Ben Affleck is most certainly a dirtbag, she's totally into it, so I don't see any problem here in this case.

Pyro 2000 : This is ridiculous. This video has been around for over a decade and *now* people are deciding to get outraged by it?

Patricia O'Donnell : Think what you want about him but she's clearly enjoying his attention

just mercy : She is literally laughing giggling smiling and hugging him.

Bonster Monster : He's wasted. She is loving every second. Problem? They both know this is being taped.

Jonathan Rose : Damn, he's drunk/high AF here. Bet he never thought this would come back to haunt him...

nitegoat1369 : Looks like two consenting adults having a good time to me. At one point, the interviewer is actually rubbing his arm and shoulder. So he's had few drinks, so what?

Mindy Saini : "This was for the camera," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "You have to understand that we have done dozens and dozens of interviews like that.     “It was for a show I was producing, so I was not at all a victim. When the cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As soon as it stopped rolling, there was none of that. He never touched me in any improper way. He was very respectful, I must say."  At the time, Losique was a reporter for Montreal’s entertainment news show Box Office. She has gone on to become a successful business mogul, owning VanessaTV." So enough hating on Ben!

dcooper0011 : What's the big deal? Looks consensual to me.

TheBonzomatic : Look at Weinstein Jr. go!

DastardlyMuffins : Oh god he's talking to a woman, that's practically rape.

noodle arm : After seeing this I understand why Ben Affleck thought Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong

Jeff Kelly : she didnt seem too affected by this at all haha. not sure what the issue is. he seems drunk too and she seems very willing. this is a nonissue in this scenario.

Sly : This young woman, Anne-Marie Losique, used to be a very well known TV personnality in the province of Quebec in Canada and now a very well known and successful business woman. I remember very well when she mentioned in an interview that Ben Affleck was one of the stars who she really liked to interview. They always had a very good complicity and it shows through all of the interviews that Anne-Marie has ever done with Ben. So, really, 110Films, not only are YOU WRONG but intellectually dishonest and misleading. Anne-Marie Losique has always said and stated again clearly today, to numerous medias, that Ben has never been disrespectful towards her. They were playing games. Just clean fun and nothing like the load of bullshit that you are trying to lead people to believe. Delusive bastards like you make me sick!

MAA Oregon : She's all over him and he's all over her in response, seems like they are both doing what they want to do. What's the issue here?

Edward : You have to ignore both body language and dialogue to not see that they've been at it before.

Theo Ikhide : I don't understand how some people are claiming this is analagous with the current Weinstein debacle. She's clearly into it—she doesn't try to resist him once. There were other people on that set beside her, and if she were truly uncomfortable, she would at least be pushing away from him or telling him to stop (or "no" which is like the apotheosis of non-consent). She also caresses him at several points during the video. That's entirely different from someone barring another from exiting their hotel room and masturbating in front of them (Weinstein). Two clearly different scenarios. Now that whole TRL situation with Affleck...

Kontakt Centar : He went full Weinstein there.

Shane Wanjon : shes all over him and loving it what do you expect?

Justin Donegan : Looks like two adults hardcore flirting.

KiloSierraAlpha : So Batman's a groper and a rapist? LOL!

JoeSexPack : She sat on lap of a straight man who'd been drinking, wrapped her arms around his neck then giggled & laughed. No real attempt to leave or protest. He never threatened. Her free choices, every one. Guess what, he's not gay, & she got the validation of hotness she wanted. Only the wacko Lefties could find this a problem. Don't like it? Don't sit on his lap & flirt. Amazing.

toffee20 : I never liked this guy

Greg LaPointe : She's happy about it, they're obviously very familiar with each other. What's the problem?

Joe Huffman : It's settled. Affleck isn't Batman, he's Joker.

Gary LeRoy leroygt : She's hugging him back. Looks like she like it.

julito32 : Reporter says "it gets pretty wild and crazy". They were having fun with it. Noone (at least on camera) told him no, stop it.

lou1958 : I've always disliked Ben Affleck, but I'm shocked to admit I actually like him a little more now.  I always thought we was badly playing a bullshit act IRL, but he is uncharacteristically honest and real in this video.  This is apparently the real ben, a horn-dog who knows how to enjoy the ladies... otherwise known as a normal human male.  If someone really sees any connection with this and the horrible crimes of Weinstein and I would challenge your objectivity and credibility.

KeepItSimpleStupid : I cannot for the life of me believe this is being held up as evidence of him being some kind of predator. This girl is giggling on his lap for 5 minutes! 99% of consent is communicated non-verbally, and non-verbal consent is only ever obtained by gradually escalating contact and monitoring body language (e.g. laughing and touching), which is all Affleck does here. At no point does she say anything remotely like "no" or show any indication she is unhappy with what is happening. She is laughing the whole time! Don't give me this shit about him being in a position of power either, because she's still a free individual who is clearly consenting to all of this. This BS "no means no" mantra is utterly meaningless when "no" is never actually said by anyone. Don't even think about calling this victim-blaming, because SHE IS NOT A VICTIM.

a78617 : i dont understand what is happening here...

Commander Bond : And that bum lectures us on morality and how to vote.

Bob Burger : Words from that Reporter herself: "This was for the camera," she said. "You HAVE to UNDERSTAND that WE HAVE DONE DOZENS and DOZENS of INTERVIEWS LIKE THAT. It was for a show I was producing, so I WAS NOT AT ALL A VICTIM. When the cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As soon as it stopped rolling, there was none of that. He never touched me in any improper way. He was very respectful, I must say."

John Ganshow : Isn't that Penelope Cruz?

T : The interviewer said she was cool with everything and because of that so am I. But this is definitely embarassing for Ben in light of everything. Especially now that he has young kids.

Bruce Wayne : He totally hit that.

mike77588 : Sorry, what's happening here is a female being super-attracted to a man. She is so giggling laughing constantly, also actively touching his face at one point. He is flirting. Anyone who doesn't get that boggles my mind.

Revdope 1 : Wow. Look who's groping woman and making fun of the handicapped. I always thought he was kind of a douche.

OneUltimateWarrior : No wonder his brother is an accused sexual predator.

FORTY YEAR FITNESS : No wonder every girl has left him

SepsinUzivo TV : I dont see she have problem with that.

beselbic : Looks like she was enjoying it to me, but still very unprofessional on Ben's part. He's clearly wasted, not that that's a valid excuse. Hope she didn't have a boyfriend at the time or he would have been mad pissed. She's sexy as hell, though.

Duke Sweden : Oh great, now I'm gonna have Ben Affleck home videos all over my Recommended list. Damn...

firecloud77 : They actually *AIRED* this???

Lorrie Blanks : Discusting pig! She was obviously uncomfortable. She wore a higher blouse because she knew he was a creep

carla juana : The only thing that's making her "uncomfortable" is the camera, she's totally into it...

delsa amundson : She doesn't seem to mind one little bit

Jules Love : So this is suppose to be something bad? Their body language explains it's self. They know each other intimately, she even swats at him affectionately, and she loves the attention she's getting from him. No good woman with decency, a lady would allow what he's doing sober or drunk. This is a non story. Move along. These two like each other and he says so, and she didn't object to it on camera.

rahul raj : She is clearly enjoying it...dafuq is wrong with that?