8-bit Matrix - SFSU BECAfest 2013 Winner: Best Sound Design
Matrix but with 8 bit sound effects

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This is an edited version of my original 8-bit Matrix trimmed for time and with some changes to sound effects that were bugging me. If you're curious, you can see the original at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c61q2vQ-MTI


CaeruCat : I would watch the whole movie like this.

Damien Franco : Seriously this is freakin' awesome! I'll never see the Matrix the same again. EVER.

DaBlaSit : That slow-mo jumping mario sound made it for me, hilarious

iamziltoid : I hate to be "that guy", but this isn't entirely 8bit. There's some 16bit mixed in there as well.

Jon Irenicus : Contra, super Mario bro, street fighters, sonic the hedgehog, street of rage, mega man, mortal combat. Did I miss anything?

Matthew Young : Awesome; although there were some Street Fighter II sound effects, which were 16 bit, not 8.

Sancho Vi At : Zseniális, eddig ez kimaradt. XD *Mátrix 8-bit utószinkron*

d74g0n : Sounds like time for Contra!

Tejas Tasgaonkar : Contra anyone?

nalts : Brilliant. Just brilliant.

FortyThr33 : wow, this actually makes the movie watchable. Nice work!

racewiththefalcons1 : And the movie is instantly better.

Solvalou : I came here after seeing Gazorpazorp, the wrestler.

windwalker14 : I blame gazorpazorp.

kai : God. Imagine Gazorpazorp was this good...

O'DoyleRulz : OMG! I wanna play Contra now!!!!

Richard Conway : Gazorazorp could have killed Neo, they should've hired him.

Salorlor : Gazorpazorp.

Jack Hanna : I was sent here by a man who created a wrestling monster

GTA X Scripting : lol, thats cool

yeetboi joltzie : I blame gazorpazorp for this.

mikiroony : The music's awesome, too. Which game is it from?

zandadoum : aren't some of the sounds from SF2? which would be 16bit, not 8bit...

Randy Marsh : thank you nerdcubed for showing me this person's epic creation :)

James Evans : this is genuinely one of the best things i've ever seen in my life

Josh : haha! Some one put 8-bit Nintendo sound effects to the fight scene from The Matrix 2. :)

Cuauhrkr : Slow mo' Jump sound.... Priceless

joel törnlund : this is just as awesome as Undertaker is sad.

MrMkassasin : Contra music! Good Childhood memories <3

RyoHazuki224 : I love this!! Though, I cry foul, not ALL of the sound effects were from 8-bit games. There were too many Street Fighter II sounds in there!! hehe Still, excellent video!

Nick Kromer : GAZORPAZORP!

Jeremy King : This is why the internet was created.

Todd Vines : I was sent here by Gazorpazorp "Gaz".

Joonas Mäkinen : This is the delicious copyright infringement the Internet was made for. Instafav. <3

Ascent : Dammit Gaz!!!

Énois nafita : Perfect!

Takashiseal : The Punch-Out!! star sound was a nice touch.

Vincent During : I was expecting a HADOUKEN! in there but you had me at ''round 2!''

argemmedon : I've been sent here by a man who wears clown shoes to wrestle.

TheGameGeek : I was brought here by a man who has a big everything...

Kelly // : Thank you internet

George Jordan : nerdcubed, and awesome!

TheJAMDonkey : Gazorpazorp approves

Rags Almighty : i was brought here by a man with very large feet

Arhangelus1066 : Holy hell, that's so awesome I ROTFL'd so hard I can hardly breathe! :D

Lexzeyfer : Holy shit those slowmo jumps are pure gold.

Marco Gusy : This is the most hilarious video EVER!!!! THANKS

Marco Gusy : This is the most hilarious video EVER!!!! THANKS

allthingsben : Never watched The Matrix but my gawd, this is freakin' awesome!