TAP THIS! - "Honey I'm Good" Cloggers - Clogging Champions

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Lily B. : Me when hot pockets are ready

Stuart Durbin : the dancers were great. the music was too loud.

Kristin Crumpler : man they can move :)))

Combat 121 : cant hear clogging at all

Mia Nesnah : damn i can’t even stand still without falling how tf they do all this

breakingthemasks : I really wish there was a workout class that would meet to do this sort of thing. Looks super fun!

Daniel Baca : amazingly intense synch. i cant even.....

Amy Holley : makes me miss my younger days as a clog dancer. Miss the two groups I was a part of. Both disbanded sadly. Aka The Klickin Kloggers and The Stateline Stompers.

Lyna4290 : I grew up clogging then when we moved halfway across country our new home didn't have it i was so upset but i just started teaching myself-you can tell when people really enjoy what they do

angwal22 : Very nice, everyone is in sync. Love these clogging posts cuz there are very few on YouTube. Miss clogging, can't find anyone doing any classes. I would just turn down the music a bit so you can hear the clogging, that's the best part.

Caedmon Akers : I think I broke my replay button

B : OHMYGOD!! This is so sensational!!

Elke Vekeman : What's clogging mean? Anyway, they're awesome! So energetic!

Violet Williamson : the joy of dance excels in this performance!

Elizabeth S : Fantastic brilliant dancers 👌🤗🤗

Elke Vekeman : Makes me happy just to look at them!

jasenhowell3 : I smiled all the way through. really enjoyed. thanks.

Bush Baby : Makes me smile. Thanks.

Gary Plastek : They are friggen awesome

Mitzi Midkiff : Ok, so one of these gals' grandma went to school with me in WV...and I am trying to figure out which one!!

amanda J : This seems very fun to do

Erin Tyson : I clog too! I learned that hole dance in a week! I love yall

im black : This pleases me.

Jack'sVlogs : Oh my gosh! This is so intense!

Elizabeth Lowe : I clogg too

U better Stop : Damn they can tap that

Trena Mistretta : Awesome


ArienUndomiel : That is not clogging.

Christy Downs : Music is far too loud. It should only be an accompaniment to the clogging, not the main attraction. I can't hear the clogging at all, which is a shame because they look freaking awesome

mary furnier : i love this.. they are so good

Barb : there is art to clogging they have the art,,thank you,,,

Marsha Flores : Why is the young women (the one who is not 'skinny' ) hidden behind the man? I watched her more, mainly because you couldn't see her.

Jennifer Wyatt : We have no clogging around here... I've tapped for years... trying to learn this but would love tutorial... you guys are my favorite group... 😀

800Viffer : Now that was fun to watch. No fecking idea how or why it ended up in my feed but glad it did 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Jennifer Wyatt : Tutorial please

Martha Montoya : Love it!!! Yeah

Patrick McDonough : The hard work pays off. Thanks for the awesome video.

Laura Beaman : 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


Christine Sell : South's version of Riverdance.

Kkyloyy : Me at the school dance:

Kim Fuck U : Me after 20 beers

Ryan Hammitte : This video matches every song when muted

TinyDancer 13 : I met all of them

Michele G : It is like that modern irish dance: music sounds fake and dance looks like an athletic workout

Emilie Weller : I do clogging :P

_egas calybird : what a fun dance style

dayna Lynn : awesome

Patrick Robinson : Who said white folks can't dance?