Channels which are in DANGER of Monetization!

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Hey everyone, in todays video I will show you which channels are in danger of monetization. Or even demonetization. Also write me in the comments your channel so I can review it if its going to be monetized! And if you liked this video you can support me by subscribing :)

Comments from Youtube

WawamuStats : Disapproved again for reused content! It only took them less than a week to decide to reject our application.

人參剩粒祖 : yap but, how do you explain there are many NBA or other sports compilation channels still monetized?

Bojan Zdraveski : Do you think gameplay channels with no commentary are also gonna get demonetized ?

Bob Bob : What about those channels that have videos of how to draw this or that, do they get monetized? Or channels where people are showing how to draw your favourite cartoon character or favourite superhero(Spiderman,Superman etc), is that against the copyright or something like that?