Get this man a shield

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GeniusGT : inb4 instant regret playlist.

Andulamb : Oh, I thought he said "Get this man a shit."

DzekoVelez : le reddit army has arrived xD

June Adams : This is the greatest thing ever!!!!!😂

Jordan Truppner : first?

LΛTΞKSI : Ultimate shielding!

TheDigitalslayer : Some one had a lot of time on their hand. Nice find though. : nice video

hi bye : lololol

Chalycees : aaaand it's in the don't procrastinate playlist

Darcy Perkin : ............

Tman Hall : Every time I open up Youtube it plays this video, help

3.14 Produções : Ok, now this is epic

Small Man, Big Mouth : I knew Redford would be back.

Johnny Gonzalez : The guy that put this up does not deserve $15/hour

Ultra : What a waste of my damn time <3

John stitt : At least we only wasted 8 seconds.