My Life of Starcraft - Day[9] Daily #100

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"Hear about my life of Starcraft, its downs and ups and everything in between." No, you didn't just travel back in time - this is an early episode of the Daily that I brought to Youtube by request. If you like this, let everyone know about it! And don't be afraid to share this with friends - especially if they don't understand why video games are important!

Comments from Youtube

DMT/•/TV : I've never played Starcraft ever yet I've listened to this video at least two dozen times since 2010. it's mesmerizing. I care about every word he speaks because he loves what he does and I don't need any visual reference whatsoever to enjoy it.

Grubnar : I do not play StarCraft ... but I watched the whole thing. This guy is great.

Andre Nowaczek : "Now I have an HD camera" Records video in 480p

Jean Luiz : One of the best movies I've ever watched.

Alex Pope : This, or at least parts of this, should be must views for most teenagers. There's a lot of wisdom here about applying yourself to things you love, and the value of the support of your family, friends and peers.

joeysucks42 : 1:09:00 "Man there's 3000 nerds watching me right now, get all emotional but..." lol 3000

Corsair Joshua : Damn, I'm really glad that I watched this.

notjux : I figured I'd watch 10 or 15 minutes of this video to see what the fuss was all about. I ended up staying for the whole thing and by the end was sad that it wasn't longer.

Genesiscrimsonheart : You know every time I watch this( I go back to it every few months or so) i always remember why Day9 is such an important person in my life. He has taught me so much about life and being a person and I haven't even met him. Day9 has inspired me to become the man I am today, someone who strives to be kind, positive, energitic and hard working. I think how much better the world would be if more people could be like Sean, how much happier life would become if everyone had something that they loved and cared about as much as he does about StarCraft. I am so glad I started watching Day9 all those years ago and still keep watching even though I don't play StarCraft anymore because I can honestly say that Sean Day9 Plott has had a bigger effect on my life than any other single human being.

Gam3rnathan : 1:08:50 Who the hell is cutting the damn onions in here.

Giulliano : I miss day9 in starcraft 2 cenario

Pontus Thomsson : Like if you watched this more than one time! :)

Marc Ehinger : I did not think i could hear a man talking about his life for so long without getting bored. But this story is so damn good, it was like I was living it at his side, feeling every emotion he and Tasteless had. Like temp0 would say, "Thank you day9".

Cole Buss : "Did you know that the average tree sloth moves 6 feet per second?" - Sean Plott 16:20

Clon King : his mom was the real hero in this story ^^  she is really smart.

RitzBitzer : the only person to virtually and unintentionally persuade me to buy a game...

Alisha Neb : I have never played Starcraft and learned about Day9 from Hearthstone. I still watched this the 5th time now...dunno, but this guy - is there anything you can hate about him? Everytime I watch him I wish we were friends. If you ever read this. Just stay like you are. You are great man.

Carson Thorell : Can't wait for you to share starcraft with us again Sean!! You have done so much for the community, and inspired us so much!

Thabiso Mhlaba : Can't believe I watched this live and I'm still watching Day9 these days.

MrStarFlex : cant beleave this is 6 years ago.. damn im gotten old

Peter Paul Morales : its like the 10th time i watched this and the feels is still new :D

dmbelafan : Hits hard right off the bat..."There is nothing more cool than being proud of the things that you love." I can't count the number of times that I've shared that advice with people. That mentality translates into self-confidence, and I'm teaching it to my kids. I smile every time somebody asks me where I heard that, and even though I know most non-gamers won't sit through this entire video, I recommend it every time.

SevenArkHD : Best mom ever

Feniks Gaming : Your mum is inspiration to my as a parent and as a person. I hope that in 20 years time my daughter will be able to speak about me with the same passion and respect as you talk about your mother. 

ReX : please come back day9, sc needs you

Zeptamus : I started playing StarCraft 2 when I was 7 or 8, and I made a few friends, created a clan which went to 100 people, and I use to watch Day [9]'s StarCraft 2 videos, this video reminded me of why I watched him, and how he made me play, he was the Youtuber that played a game that I did, and he inspired me to play that game, as an 8 year old I only made it to silver, but his stories inspired me to get to silver, he inspired me to play Starcraft 2 the way I did. With passion, dedication, and having a good time

SERIAL_CUDDLER : g.g. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

camden lee : 6 years later, still best video on YouTube

Kingwut117 : That is such an amazing story! Thank you Day[9]

ixekun : He got me when he started to tear up at 1:09:00 11/10, best episode ever.

TrackFourtyFour : also your mom sounds amazing

Josh Flics : man...remembering watching this live. time has passed. You were a huge inspiration to me. Glad to see ur still making videos.

Snakeyez : I can't believe i just watched a 2 hour video. And honestly, that was the greatest video I've ever watched. So much respect to you day9. Keep at it.

Michael Pennock : You are truly a stranger I can call a friend Sean. Your devotion, passion, and sincerity is something I wish everyone shared. Thank you for being you man, honestly. I've watched this about once a year since you made it. It took me this long to make a YouTube account and finally acknowledge how much you've empowered me. You probably don't read these comments because you're too busy being awesome but thank you... I hope I get to meet you someday. Best wishes.

rangedfighter : "watch again" well played youtube startpage, well played

Afqwa : Did you know that the tree sloth moves an average of three feet per second?

MrEyeball66 : This has everything engrained for a positive mindset! Supercool, second time I am watching the full version.

Controlled Suckage : I know this clip is really old, but i watched the whole 1:50:01 and i love your love for the game and the community, keep it up Sean!

deadlizard64 : Cheers , we're still here

inarisound - Anime Music & Memes : Watching this in 2016, almost teared up at the moment when he started talking about his brother.... Sean is such a great person...

Dizturb3dwun : I come back to this video every now and then when im in the dumps. Great story bro. Thanks for sharing.

jman123abc1 : i watch this when im looking for the questions to life

Austin Guerra : I don't even watch Starcraft, or play it, but your enthusiasm makes me want to play it. Well done sir, I'm a fan of you and I don't even do Starcraft. Lol.

AstroCow100 : Coming back to this truly inspiring video, time and time again I watch this and love it every time.

Sean Gault : No, Sean, there's 4 million nerds watching you get emotional. :)

DaveDFFA : You just helped me understand something about myself that I have been hovering around for a long time. I don't even play SC but I do competitively play a lot of other games and to be honest, your life advice is so key. When you said that you lost bunny in Singapore and I saw your reaction in this video, something hit me. You said, "I lost the most sentimental thing in my life because I was so focused on being mad at myself", or something extremely similar to that. I think that was probably a transition period for you in terms of focus and failure and success, defined by our own individual meanings of that obviously, but, that just kickstarted something in me and I have no idea what it's going to do yet but, I just wanted to let you, or anyone else know that I think that statement is incredibly important, and I think I'm going to learn a lot from it. Thank you Sean.

UndeadFred : Wow man, this is movie material. Like I'm serious, you could write a script on this alone

SeiThais : No there are 3 million nerds watching you and, I cried. So emotional.

kirolajka : I found Day9 via hearthstone and have tried a few starcraft games because of him but still didnt really got was he was talking about in the video. But it doesn't matter - this guy is amazing. I love him already.