A Scientist Spilled 2 Drops Organic Mercury On Her Hand. This Is What Happened To Her Brain.

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Chubbyemu : Happy Medical Monday (which isn’t every Monday, and sometimes isn’t on Monday, but I try my best) 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️🚑 PS Why do people in these videos have 2 letter initials for names? It’s a didactic tradition in presenting case reports. It lightly de-identifies the patient while upholding their humanity. They are, and will always be, more than just “the patient.” Thanks for watching :)

Cow_woC : These videos are so interesting!

Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks : Thats a very sad story :(

Misschic ASMR : This is probably my new favourite channel on YouTube. I've literally binge watched all your medical videos since discovering your channel earlier this evening & I've learnt so much!

Lurk Moar : This made me anxious

MaxVidyStudios : this is why Freddie Mercury died, rip :(

Anchor Bait : This was probably the scariest thing I have seen all year

The Last Knight : Damn this guy is wicked smart

Lord Cabbage : This is why I only use grass-fed, free-range, mercury.

Világjáró : I just hate it when highly intelligent people die this way or prematurely for some reason. The world can't exactly afford to lose intelligent ppl. Einstein would still be needed today but at least he died of just old age. I think...

SueRosalie : Her death would have been prevented with the right kind of gloves. We know that now of course. Like we know now that vaccines prevent deadly diseases. Thank you science and scientists and all that you do.

Meg G : My friend was eating lot of canned fish for about 6months when he started to develop symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. His Dr said all was just in his head, but my friend was getting worse. He went to see a naturopathic practitioners who tested my friend for heavy metal poisoning and find out that my friend had been poisoned by mercury from canned fish.

TO NO : In the 1950,s they used to let us handle mercury and let it roll from one palm to another. Then we probably eat our lunch. No problems from it?

Ericaxx_07 : A man listened to Justin Bieber's songs. This is how his ears exploded.

thacrackfox : If you think i'm going to eat 65,000 kg of salmon in one sitting and get those levels of mercury toxicity, then yea. That's exactly what i'm going to do.

NurdRage : organomercury compounds of one of the few things i refuse to work with for exactly this reason. Keep up the good work. Awesome video

いちごしずこすずや : "2 drops" *Proceeds to spill more than 2 drops*

Primaski : This was one of the most depressing things I've watched in a long time...

TheKuskokid : As a chemist, who read of this when it actually happened, this is a very real hazard. If you want to do the research, you have to be very, very careful.

Jesse Lindsey : I don't understand. All the popular media and youtube comments told me that organic things were GOOD for you.

The Mantis Shrimp : Guess who's not gonna work with deadly chemicals

Gordon Heeman : There wasn't a *third* Half-Life on the graph ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

C Adamek : Spends 14 minutes talking about all intricate facets of this and how this tragedy happened, but failed to spend more than 3 seconds talking about how the shit absorbed through a nitrile glove... am I the only one who thinks this is the most important part?

Michael Darby : Wtf it didn't even get on her. It got on her glove

Darnell Whitfield : I thoroughly was fascinated watching and learning about the tragic case of KW. I especially love the definitions of the medical terminology. I am subscribing to your channel and look forward to upcoming videos. Thanks again!

Ninja Games : I found your channel through these “this is how blank shut down” medical stories but I like your old videos too. Please don’t avoid doing videos like those in the future again.

Andrea W. : Meanwhile the mercury bomb that is the u-boat U864 that lies on the ocean floor on the coast of Norway is leaking into nature. The Nowegian government isn't doing anything about it, and the mercury is being eaten by fish etc that in turn are fished and sold on international markets.

nicko198718 : These don't need to be this long!

ST : Every single comment here is "OMG I used to play with mercury" "OMG this person plays with mercury" "OMG isnt mercury used in ()" ITS ORGANIC MERCURY YOU GUYS NOT METALLIC

GoofyKing : I like how you break down what a word means.

M Sherazi : Finally a video on the dangers of working as a chemist or as a student in chemistry or organic chemistry. Scary.

WildCamperVanMan. TV : now you all know how vaccine damaged children feel.

Nelson Hill : What is this happy music for something so bad + titles are formulated

Eric M : while i agree with the redaction of the name in the video, i feel that including her name at some point in the description would be appropriate to humanize her. her name is karen. she died in 1997. not hard to google the rest.

astheplayzx : The scientific language is just too much for me

Harkz0r : I don't always say such things on videos, as it seems a bit disingenuous and hyperbolic, but what a truly awful thing to happen, and no doubt heartbreaking for her nearest and dearest. By the time I was 3 minutes in I could already have guessed how the story would end. But hearing her foreknowledge of her own death and taking advantage of that period to inform others was truly moving. Dimethylmercury, what a terrible compound.

Nikki Ortega : When I was little I cracked open an old to AC thermometer and it had Mercury in it I played with it my hand but I was OK , so sad

Daniel Jones : Yeah just imagine what happens to your brain when you drink Diet Soda with aspartame in it, which is a waste product of aluminium plants.

Chris M : For the first 5 or so years of my life my parents filled the tub with mercury, bathed me in it, brushed my teeth with it & made me gargle it like mouthwash. Before I knew it,. was shooting the shit up day & night. I'm sure the prolonged exposure didn't cause any harmful... Shhhhh....!!! Don't think so loudly,. 😖 The gophers have tunneled between the walls & now they've got the whole House bugged! 😨 Their BlueTooth earbuds are tiny but they pick up Everything.. 🎧 Now if you'll excuse me, my Totino's pizza is done cooking, I've gotta take it out of the mailbox before it burns.... Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo Let's Fuck!

Franz Pattison : Step back from the camera man the wide angle is making your face look bulbous

Arcade Era Beats : Thanks for bringing awareness to this. It's truly a modern day tragedy

Abbygale420 Guin : Anyone else think these videos should be 10 min shorter??

Victoria Doss : Interesting, I played with mercury from broken thermometers when I was very young. That was over 50 yrs ago. I have passed all neurological exams throughout my life. Not that I recommend playing with mercury.

Kevin Parsley : this guys speaking style was annoying until i set the speed at .75

Insert Name Here : Learned alot, but I feel like he could have easily shortened the video by slightly adjusting the structure, alot of info that really isn't necessary

MGlBlaze : This is why you hear stories of scientists (chemists specifically, I imagine) that absolutely refuse to work with organic mercury compounds. It's profoundly nasty stuff - I knew that much. I hadn't known exactly what it does once it does get absorbed in to the body, though. And I didn't appreciate how dense mercury was in dimethylmercury. Her death did serve to shore up safety regulations at least, though losing someone so brilliant and knowledgeable is never a good thing. Your videos are absolutely fascinating.

Mik3 : Surly they should be wearing a full hazmat suit for such dangerous compounds, its crazy they only wear gloves

Anna : Your description says “based” on a true story... is this not all factual?

Robert Johnson : 9:30 : So, 1440 mg Hg ... *1.44 grams* ... delivered by _three drops_ of solution — let alone transdermally after passing through a glove. Something's not adding up for me there. For starters, it sounds like he's adjusting for the higher density twice...

pedro da rosa mello : The levels of stupidity in the coments is so high, ho god. So, I'm a chemist and I'm, here to explain some shit (yes, I'm not very modest, deal with it), he doesn't use the word ORGANIC without a reason, while when talking about food organic means (or at least should) healthy, in chemistry, organic means that something contains hydrocarbons, considering this, organic mercury IS NOT pure mercury. Pure mercury is not completelly harmless since you can get poisoned by it by drinking, getting large amounts into open wounds or by messing with it at closed enviroments for large amounts of time, but it's barelly even dangerous, and you could sticky your hand into it pretty safelly even tough it is not recomended, extremelly small amounts of it do exist in vacines, but even larger amounts of it exist into a can of tuna or a large pice of salmon and you would need to take hundreads of vaciness in a row to get a chance to get poisoned, nice try anti-vacine ppl, atleast this time it was not 100% false. ORGANIC Mercury is a complete different thing, fat-soluble compounds are very dangerous since it means that they are soluble in YOU, just like dye in water, so small amounts of it are still extremelly dangerous due to the fact that even samll contact will get into your body easilly and STAY there, that why organic is much more dangerous than pure, sure, it was 2 drops, but most of that 2 drop was absorbed, much more than you would ever get from vacines, and guess what? as KW tragedy shown, it's not healthy getting that much inside you.