A Scientist Spilled 2 Drops Organic Mercury On Her Hand. This Is What Happened To Her Brain.

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Chubbyemu : Happy Medical Monday (which isn’t every Monday, and sometimes isn’t on Monday, but I try my best) 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️🚑 PS Why do people in these videos have 2 letter initials for names? It’s a didactic tradition in presenting case reports. It lightly de-identifies the patient while upholding their humanity. They are, and will always be, more than just “the patient.” Thanks for watching :)

NurdRage : organomercury compounds of one of the few things i refuse to work with for exactly this reason. Keep up the good work. Awesome video

Sandwich : You're telling me I can't eat 144,000 pounds of salmon in one sitting?

Jol Yanna : I learned more in this video than I did all last year in science class

Yesica1993 : Well, that was a depressing way to go to bed. Why did I watch this?!

VGM_ : The worst part is she knew she was dieing without hope of recovery before she died

Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks : Thats a very sad story :(

patrick Wall : This story should come as no surprise to anyone with a history or science background. Up until top hats went out of style part of the tanning process for beaver pelts involved boiling mercury. This caused brain and mental disorders in many hat makers and is the origin of the term 'mad hatter'.

Joan Carles López : I had lab analysis that showed 22.47 mcg/L of MERCURY in my blood and I am not a chemist, neither a scientist but one thing I know for sure: I ate big amounts of tuna fish during the course of 3 years. The doctor that was treating me said that I was “very poisoned”. I have chronic fatigue , IBS , migraines and mild depression although I can still live a decent life. For sure you won’t get the fatal effect that this woman had by eating salmon. Salmon is not as high in mercury as the big ones like Swordfish, Tuna and Emperor fish. Some authorities recommend eating no more than 2 cans ( 100-200 g) of tuna per week to avoid chronic exposure to mercury. Like this guy said, I have the moral obligation to tell everyone I can that you should never underestimate the power of little amounts of toxic elements and be careful what you put in your body .

Kitten 666 : I learned more in this 14:00 minute video than I learned the whole time in high school....

Sjjcoding : 2:02 My actual handwriting

MGlBlaze : This is why you hear stories of scientists (chemists specifically, I imagine) that absolutely refuse to work with organic mercury compounds. It's profoundly nasty stuff - I knew that much. I hadn't known exactly what it does once it does get absorbed in to the body, though. And I didn't appreciate how dense mercury was in dimethylmercury. Her death did serve to shore up safety regulations at least, though losing someone so brilliant and knowledgeable is never a good thing. Your videos are absolutely fascinating.

Captain Stone : Confused why you don't use her full name, and now I feel like I am in Fight Club, cause her name was Karen Wetterhahn.

Greg George : OMG. When I was in elementary school in the 1950s, a science teacher let my class hold mercury in the palm of our hands and we passed a small pool of mercury around the class of 30 students from palm to palm. I know this was not "organic mercury," whatever that is, but I wish I had passed on this activity. I was also part of the era when we had our feet X-rayed at the shoe store whenever we bought shoes.

Simon Belanger : **SPOILER:** for those who started to tear up halfway through, skipping to the end won't help much. She doesn't make it, but she does at least leave a legacy of improved chemical safety standards to prevent the same type of accident from happening to anyone else. ._.

Narayana : why am I watching this in 3am..

Anchor Bait : This was probably the scariest thing I have seen all year

Claire Constance : It really upsets me that most of these comments say they learned more in the 14 minutes of this video than they did in high school... the education system in so many places is failing our future generations. That’s not to say this isn’t informative it really is but I learned a lot of this in high school.

Me DeejaylienZ : 2 drops of mercury? Can kill you??!!

Tony Conrad : Frightening story. No good news of recovery or anything so very sad.

Captain Qwaz Caz : A man ate a burrito, this is how he got diarrhea.

BigBrotherMateyka : Heartbreaking story, but listening to you narrate with your knowledge, depth, and clarity is enlightening and fascinating. I could never hope to be as intelligent.

Sefilenginar : R.I.P. Karen Wetterhahn

Sparklegirl : Such a sad story. Let it remind all of us how toxic mercury is! My question is, why in America do we allow silver fillings rhat are about 50 percent mercury, when to my knowledge, these silver fillings are banned in other countries. Guys, if you have silver fillings, you may want to get them removed by a dentist who knows the protocol for doing so, and then chelate the mercury out of your body.

andyrockism : This is her real Name: Karen Wetterhahn

Lindewa Anima Sarfo : Yet we have mercury in some bleaching cream. people are so dumb. All complexions are beautiful so why change you Beautiful dark chocolate skin

Harkz0r : I don't always say such things on videos, as it seems a bit disingenuous and hyperbolic, but what a truly awful thing to happen, and no doubt heartbreaking for her nearest and dearest. By the time I was 3 minutes in I could already have guessed how the story would end. But hearing her foreknowledge of her own death and taking advantage of that period to inform others was truly moving. Dimethylmercury, what a terrible compound.

Not Quite A Weeb Yet : Browsing through the comments and some 5 mins in already found an anti-vaxer and a kid that thinks she's smarter than everyone else. I'm not reading these comments again they're probably as bad as drinking a shotglass full of mercury

Jonathan Hoffman : A Fortnite player discovered PUBG. This is how his anus caught fire:

walter burrell : Very informative and interesting. When I was approximately 7 years old I found a small vial of mercury that my father as a young man had collected from breaking open thermometers. I still remember clearly dumping its contents the little silver beads into the palm of my hand letting it play between the grooves of my palm prints. Now at age 48 I often wonder what impact that had on my life If any? The only thing I correlate in that time frame I believe was about in the same year of severe migraines that would send me home from school sick. That only lasted a short while and never returned. I have often thought that I had a memory deficit of some sort and I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember.

random person : You'll never catch me a mile from mercury

Stelios Toulis : this should be at trending

Lynn Kay : Mercury is known to be found in greater amounts in tuna than it is in salmon. Keep in mind all aquatic life from the Pacific coast are radiation poisoned from Fukushima.

Tio Clotildo : this is sad. and if we stop to thinks about it, the advance of science is built in a LOT of sadness.

Akashdeep Singh : Me: *Mom throw the old mercury thermometers.*

rakesh gyawali : wow, 9 years before i accidently broke mercury thermometer and i played with mercury on my hands. But i never had chronic headache or anything. Is mercury in.thermometer diffwrent from this video?

Caramel : The glove had one job.

MLG Fan : Am I the only one who watched the video didn’t understand a thing????

Pat : A Boy listened to Despacito and this is what happened to his brain.

SpringyStudios 44 : My initials are K.W *oh no*

Hahaha Hahaha : The mercury duplication glitch got patched :)

I'm Tired : *"A Man Stepped On A Lego. This Is What Happened To His Brain."*

Serenityafterall : Wow ❗ In the 70's dental filling was made from Mercury . I wonder what damage this causes later on in life ❗❗❗❗

DumbAssLoser : Terrifying substance. I'm so sorry for her. Great, informative viddy.

Utsavi Mishra : I feel so sad for her

Death's Desciple : This is scarier than those horror stories.

Cow_woC : These videos are so interesting!

Josh4Dayz : *when a video teaches you more than school*

ANOTASKULLS : Me: Why the hell did they drop mercury on her hands? Me: Oooh

hopethisnameworks1 : She has no hope of recovery. Her family should allow her to die with mercy killing. Keeping a person alive just to satisfy your own sense of conscious ....of what you think is right...is plain WRONG. Think yourself in her condition. Would you like to live like that? I won't and nobody does ...... at least they do not want to once they end up in this kind of state.