Beatboxing with Sulfur Hexafluoride (Deep Voice Gas) w/ Nick Uhas

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Clister : anyone here from: your daily dose of internet?

Supernova Network : Daily Dose of Internet anyone? Edit: 1k likes wow thanks

Fluffy Beast : I want someone with an already deep voice to inhale some of this

Wendy : 1:19 I need a full version ASAP

80Fitz : I had way too much fun with this!

RDP : *Skrillex has joined the chat*

puking emoji : Who's from daily dose of internet

BennyTheScales : I have a naturally deep voice... _...I wonder what'll happen if I inhale Sulfur Hexaflouride_

TheEvrLastingGmr YT : 1:17 New dubstep right there, we don't need machines anymore we just need some good old hexafluoride!

D-low Beatbox : ommmggg I want to do! brooooo

Jolo Valenzuela : 1:18 put it in 2x speed

Ethan Follett : Would this be considered performance enhancing drugs for a competitive beat boxer?

Hugo Rubulis : Daily dose of the internet anyone?

FBI at your door : I’ve overdosed with the Internet

Fæl you're : This is the best sulfur hexafluoride video I've ever seen!

Adolf Trumpler : 1:17 play it at 1.25 speed it's awesome

penguinsolo Bs : Who came here because of daily dose of internet

jashan dhaliwal : Is just me or does he sound a lot like KSI when he inhales the gas🤔 At 0:52

The Gallery : Selling replay buttons: 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17

The Foxter : 1:19 I want this song (yeah)... I want this song... I want this song... AND I WANT IT NOW!!! See what I did there? :D

Alexa Misty : 1:31 Nick's face just...says it all

〈Clex〉 : Looks like Daily Dose Of Internet just gained you a lot of views

can kuzucan : Try beatboxing with cynaide

toxic teckz : When puberty hits you

Flex Tape : Hi, These is your daily dose of internet

Justin LeCompte : Here's a mind frick If you scream as high as u can while using this.. does it sound like your normal voice?

Dragoș Cristian : 1:51 - 1:55 sounds like a cow! 😂

Taylor Nguyen : Daily dose of internet , Thank u SOOOOO much

Jen Bagley : You should layer some beatboxing using this gas, your normal voice, and helium. It would AWESOME

Crash Bandicoot : Happy birthday daily dose of internet!

GeNx_Gaming : Who's here from Daily dose of Internet?

AeRUBIK Cubing : Who else is here from DDOI

Zichi Hammertail : 1:18 at 0.75x speed 1:38 at 0.5x speed

Fernando Barrera : Este si que lleva a otro nivel el beatbot💯 0:58

Tobberz : Daily Dose innit

Tate Clough : 0:53 when ur pizza rolls are done


Hailey Raskin : I saw this on daily dose of Internet and I thought it was completely FAKE.

Raijan Austria : When he says "oh yeah" he sounds like a cow

Default Lord : 1:18

Zogous Gaming : Self healing fabric

Clex : I was waiting for years for someone to do this. Ty for 46 likes I never get them Edit2: wtf I have more likes then subscribers loool

Seadew : XD i was just talking about this with some friends lol

David López : FL in the background...

JustBeingAlex : Thats just the devil beatboxing

Ziggy The zion : watch 0:53 in .25 speed XD

WanTed comPuteR : Please do with the inert gases😍😍

Fake Ice : 1:54 at 0.5 speed


Kendrick Fortino W : 1:39 - 1:40 *AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT HEARS IT AS PEANUT BUTTER*