Beatboxing with Sulfur Hexafluoride (Deep Voice Gas) w/ Nick Uhas

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D-low Beatbox : ommmggg I want to do! brooooo

Fæl you're : This is the best sulfur hexafluoride video I've ever seen!

lee mcgovern : 1:38 sounds sick at 0.75 speed

Fluffy Beast : I want someone with an already deep voice to inhale some of this

Damtime TV : Omg amazing

80Fitz : I had way too much fun with this!

TheEvrLastingGmr YT : 1:17 New dubstep right there, we don't need machines anymore we just need some good old hexafluoride!

ツStrqfeP : 1:38 listen to it in 0.75 speed.....

X gaming : 1:41 look at the other guy😂😂😂😂

Shawn Shawn : WE BEG A PART 2 MASTA 80FITZ

vurtural punk : When puberty hits you

robdahell. music : Where to buy this awesome down pitch shit ?:D

the reidt idea : 1:58 sounds like cool-aid man

YeaBoyAdrian Lol : You should've did Arbys we have da meats and also u sounded like the guy who does the commercial

The Zoliii : 1:19 wow

Jen Bagley : You should layer some beatboxing using this gas, your normal voice, and helium. It would AWESOME

Everydaylife : That gas is extremely deadly but do whatever you idiots feel like doing

Samarth Sai : Hulky sound. Arghhhhhhhh

Wendy : 1:19 I need a full version ASAP

Umme Muhammad : 0:53 his face though...

Clex : I was waiting for years for someone to do this. Ty for 46 likes I never get them Edit2: wtf I have more likes then subscribers loool

Ahmed Hatem : He sounds like Shrek?

The Nuclear Boy : Breathing alot of Sulfur hexaflouride is not a goog idea.It can cause you to pass out.

tô lembrado nao : Salve aqui do Brasil pra vc

Daniel Szaffko : I wanna buy it ! Like imagine that at school Your techers sais hey come to the table and you like ok why not ? And you gonna have that thing on your voice...

Seger R6 : When you hit puberty 😂

SwagXGamer360 plays : He has a great impression of of the devil beat boxing 😂

Ian GamerTV : When you hit puberty for the first time hahahahahahahahaha

Ajnor Alija : Nobody did hear 2:53-2:57? It's not "Deep Voice gas" wich is making his voice deep

Selina McNally : OMG that's sick

Nathan Lynch : If darth vader could beatbox

Mika : LoL😂😂😂

ScottySquatch : It's like a chemical voice changer.

wilim rice : The guy with the dark brown hair makes me wanna die

DEX BOTHER q : In the thumbnail the guy on the left looked like Ben Philips brother

PyroGhost LickMe : When the drop hits to hard 1:19 xD

ghoritaufeeq 2002 : My like made you 97 k

Songs in Playlist : Have you thought about going to GBBB?



DanielsRUs : when someone calls you a squeaker on call of duty

Music Is Life : Hulk voice..

can kuzucan : Try beatboxing with cynaide

Muan Siam : how do u remove or how did it disappear the helium

Playlists : You should try and hit the lowest note possible

MickeyV 219 : None of this audio is edited (leans into microphone)

Raijan Austria : When he says "oh yeah" he sounds like a cow

† Hội Thánh Đức Chúa Trời † : I'am from Vietnamese

Let's Play : Sounds like a cow

Calvin : So THIS is how they got Kratos' voice actor!