Bubsy 3D

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Veridian : I heard this is the same developer behind the legendary game Bookworm Adventures Deluxe 3D

Abbreviated Reviews : I can't believe Dunkey would make a game like this, he should know I'm afraid of cats.

Justin Y. : You should try this game called Bookworm Adventures deluxe

NightlyHunt : Hey, this game is bad play Knack 3.

Goodie : this is a cool vid but bookworm adventures deluxe wasn’t even mentioned...??

Salokin : Honestly gives Knack a run for its money

Shariq Usoof : 0.93 out of 5. Seems about right

Truly Epic : You gonna lose against sky when the new smash drops. Dont try and deny it dunky.

Phoenix Basher : lol dunkey what is this game it doesnt even have big graphic


Rocket Sloth : Finally a new JonTron Episode.

Hypnotoad : I stopped watching this guy after he said Bubsy 3D sucked

TheSkittleFur : Does this game make you feel like batman?

Mario the Plumber : I actually had this game as a kid and that sun enemy gave me anxiety. It's weird because this game makes me a bit nostalgic even though it's not great and I don't know another person on planet earth that has played it other than Dunker.

ThatJokerWolf : Think you got invisibility and intangibility confused

hmkenny : I think you should play this new game called 'Bookworm Adventures Deluxe'

Lulladin : I don't know, I think a better game would be Bookworm Adventures DX...

Rollin Banana : man where is Bookworm Adventures Deluxe im unsubbing

Dark Miss : This game hurts my eyes and my soul

well then _ : Another Bubsy video JonTron? Really!?

StockiestLeech : smh its still not Bookworm Adventures 3D

Grantofglyn : The golden dunk award? Damn, I dont think even super mario bros 2 got that!

jay4759 : Honestly and I mean honestly..... Bookworm adventures?

GenuineLivid : Bookworm adventures is still better

HeroicBottle : Still waiting on Bookworm Adventures deluxe

Chibi Spidey : *”I stopped listening to that guy when he said Bubsy 3D was bad.”*

Emile Goulard : This isn't Bookworm Adventures Deluxe! You need to play that instead!

Simukas123 : But is it better than *bookworms adventures deluxe ?*

freddy doz things wow : I think I'm a really good platform game -dunkey 2018

A salt with a deadly weapon : *_DANGIT DAVE_*

Smiley the Smile : "Written and directed by Shark Tale."

Laggravate : Im watching dis on da toilet :)

mossypath : Bubsy 3d? Why waste your time with anything but Bookworm Adventures Delux

Metagross923 : I think Dave might actually just be Ulillillia

CyborgGoomba : It really makes you feel like you’re bubsy

The Derp Chaos : Dave was probably pissed off by kids of the time and made the good review so people will suffer.

Askew : Smh dinkey's scores used to be consistent, now the madman throws in a 93%. Lost all respek.

Matt G : __**dAvE**__

Wrack -_- : Yeah this game doesn't look all that great :( . Its gameplay seems pretty unreliable. But that's okay because Greg Hastings paintball 2 has stellar graphics and rich and refined gameplay! So you should give that a try instead!

mitchell spendlove : I feel like any amity towards critics can be traced back to this guy's review for Bubsy 3D

Harry101UK : My grandma bought me this game when I was 8. I think she hated me.


Mihailo P. Oborn : Ah but Dunk this is Bubsy 3D, what you're supposed to play is Bubsy Adventures Deluxe 3D, see now that one's a Mario 64 contender

Recta'al borween : I stopped listening to dunkey after he said bubsy 3D deserved a 93% out of 5. I mean come on,this is 100% a masterpiece

Rusticabcd : Do a video on Butch Hartman.

Minifridge : Golden X Award? What for!?

Christopher Dennison : A turtle shell got kicked into a wall

Luis Armando : Totally worth it to watch in 1080 p In that quality you can actually see Dunkey is a 90 year old black grandma

Sponge Man Jones : Yeah, I stopped listening to this guy after he said Bubsy 3D was bad

Dinoenthusiastguy : I stopped listening to Dunkey after he said Bubsy 3D sucked.