Hunter S. Thompson's America

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Advanced Knife Bro : Now that's exercising the 2nd amendment!

Gggmanlives : Wow Depp really did nail the impersonation lol

TazeMeBro McCleskey : Hahaha, he's got a cigarette in his hand the whole time.

Red Goblin : This looks like an episode of trailer park boys.

Brian Huotari : Cameraman is down on one knee with the tree between him and where he estimates the neighbor with the shotgun to be.

Versipellis the rogue Changeling : This guy is the embodiment of America

TehDarkrai : There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

David Hyer : Love how he is returning fire with a rare artillery luger

RUEZ69 : This is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind for the 2nd amendment.

User : I love it. This is what I think Europeans imagine when they think about the US. Just another gun fight over cows.

UnculturedRobot : dat artillery luger

Thing Whas : Hunter S. Thompson was treating real life like Rust.

Oliver Boido : An artillery Luger, classy choice.

Emersyne : It's not a bunch of used car dealers from southern California!

Spider Jerusalem : SPOILER: There is no neighbor. Hunter was high on Mescaline and thought a cow in the field was his neighbor.

EnglishPolish Mememan : This guy is /k/ personified.

Skyler Daniels : I feel like I'm watching Trailer Park Boys.

Stephan Kreidl : "in a Democrazy you have to be a player" My man!

Syracuse Stage : Humanity is better because of this man.

DannyDatWho : i have neighbors like this. i live in louisiana and honestly when they start shooting i get excited and turn on the police scanner while i watch everything unfold. i can't count the times ive had to duck for cover but maybe i should just get a pistol and join in on the fun next time.

Brandon K : An absolute madman

blargg : It's not democracy in the video, it's just basic property rights.

Richard Bot : Wish we still had this guy around to help protect the 2nd Amendment.

BlankPicketSign : GOD I love America!!!

James Wilson : Depp really nailed his mannerisms in Fear and Loathing

martiansarepunk : Love to know what this is an excerpt from. There's literally no info. to be found for it.

Pat McCann : That summer's block party must have been awkward.

fozno pardi : Ive had this on a loop for like 10 minutes and it just keeps getting better

Jim joe Kelly : This reminds me of trailer park boys when Ricky has a gun fight with Cyrus in the park

Lord commissar Hugh Woatmeigh : truer words have never been spoken.

All Business : Our neighbor used to get a running head start with his car and go by the house 80mph because my uncle would shoot at him every chance he got. Guys car was full of bullet holes. Cops got called once and they told him no more firearms please.. So he got a compound bow and would take pop shots at him with that. You'd get arrested nowadays but things were different back in them times.

Insomniac : 😂 Oh Hunter, the world is colourless without you. RIP

David C : this man is an American hero

Eric Moreno : This must be rare footage of the weasels actually closing in on him.

headbandassasin : 7 comments, near a million views. No more words needed I guess. What a legend.

PoopiePants Mcgee : That is some gangster shit right there.

Crimprod : Can't tell if this is a joke or serious.

UNKNOWN ERROR : he reminds me Trevor from GTA 5

CFerd20 : Haha, I love this man... Is that a Luger???

Sgt.Grinner : This man is the USA personified.

Francisco Ceja : I dont know whats better, those shorts, or that luger

Doogie H : He still wouldn't vote for Trump.

Fishbein Oortcloud : Sometimes your neighbors just gotta know.

Jill Griswold : I have a friend that speaks just like Hunter S. Thompson. He also has a traumatic brain injury! I had no idea they sound the exact same!

Franky Ramone : I wish I was there with Mr. Thompson.

The Nightmare : How did this confrontation start? Is he upset that the guy is using his land to feed his cows or something?

rockcabbage : Thompson was the last true American hero.

Di Saar : Was that a Luger?

Bo ThatGuyYouDon'tKnow : Hate to say it but Depp did a hell of a job acting like himin Fear an Loathing, down to the tone of the rambling.

nero91 : so jelly of his luger