Ill get you bitch.

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Slugger Maxman : And not a single fuck was given that day.

krakendude2 : Legend says less than a week later, that bitch was got.

Caveman : This man is obviously a ground type Pokemon

rajajonconcon : ultimate badass crack nigga lvl 60, immune to shock damage

Johnny Skeletman : Legend says that he got that bitch.

darkowin : does anyone know if the bitch was ever got?

Trapsunday 777 : When somebody rats me out for having gum

thatguywiththeegg : Silly bitch, your weapons can not harm me.

Solidus : This video is perfect for showing how incompetent and prone to violence the pigs are. First they tase the guy when he is just fucking standing there, then when he is already sitting down as instructed the other fucking pig charges and jumps on him from the back yelling at him to turn around while lying on top of him and preventing him to comply with that instruction. FUCK THE POLICE!

Lawrence Williams : Only a woman can make a man that mad

randallross420 : gddamn this man is a fucking beast. i wish i could take a tazer like that.

suics h : Honestly in the cops defense, they're tk fuckn stupid to see when some1 who makes the motion to lay down slowly and gently on their chest... that's how every olympic runner starts therfore they should tackle him

TheWizardOfClaws : If this were a Pokemon Battle.... Police Officer uses Tazer! It's not very effective... Guy uses (an equivalent of) Splash! It does nothing... Police Officer is getting pumped! Police Officer uses Tackle! Guy is handcuffed and it unable to move. Guy is arrested.

theheartbreakcat : He no sold that tazer shot

Eric Brown : He takes thousands of volts ,doesn't drop his cigarette and gives us this golden gem of a meme . Thank you sir

Drew Bennett : When Ezreal's Q does no damage to you.

Musika Fura : I wonder if he did get that bitch.

MrRiggyRiggs : Drugs..HOW DO THEY WORK!

Liam : If I was that bitch, I'd be on the first plane to fuckthatshit, right next to nopeville.

Schlomo Kikestein : "tasers will stop violent criminals! police dont need guns!"

Mike G : I don't always get tasered  but when i do, I'll get you bitch!

Mart kenyon : The good old days when cops still remembered to use their tasers.

The Urban Legend : Angry Joe

dj jones : This nigga didn't even drop his square! Now that's GANGSTA!

Ekulioful : the fact that they immediately tackle him after the tazer doesnt work is proof they didnt need the taser in the first place, lmao fucking cops

Benjamin Ulzi : Didn't even drop his Cigarette. :)

Димитър Иванов : Wow, why the second guy pushed him on the ground like that?

Jakob ink : Excessive force.... first off.. he wasn't a threat to either cop. 2nd he got tased... 3rd he didn't resist... 4th he complied and even went to the ground BEFORE you tackled him... piece of shit cops feared him it's obvious

Paris Stewart : They tazed him and he didn't even go down .......if I was a cop I would b scared he was super human or something

Joe : This is the most Terminator thing I've ever seen on cops

Fidel Cashflow : whenever someone says "why didn't they just taser x person?" i just link them this video because he'll get you, bitch.

Boris theBlade : fuckin faggot cops, he was about to get down yet they still feel the need to throw him down

Uncle Jairy : this is some movie shit.


museman007 : If a man tells you "I'm ma get you bitch, while being tased, oh he will get you..... bitch.

Jakub Urban : Lol he started kneeling to get on the ground and then the fat policeman just charged on him. To serve and protect.

TheWheatleyGod17 : What i say when somebody grasses on me to the teacher

Christian Modica : Doesn't even lose the cigarette

Matthew Henry : The way he stared into her eyes as he was being tazed... That man is going to get that bitch.

Mattisbak OnlineGames : Police Officer uses Thunderbolt! It's not very effective... Guy uses Taunt! Bitch is scared for life... Police Officer uses Body Slam! Guy is paralyzed and is unable to move. Guy is unable to battle. .................. .................. .................. Guy wakes up at a Pokemon Center. Guy finds bitch. Guy uses Glock on bitch. It's super effective! Bitch is dead. Guy is unable to battle.

Raevhaar : Hm.. Electro`s uncle?

Hunter Kylo : he looks like a seal

Sean B : nigga kept it reals

Dawn Burns : Anyone come here immediately after watching a meepo video?

Jonah Woodman : I didn't know dark types were resistant to electric types but weak against fighting types

True : From 0:02 to 0:03 you can see what is what I suspect the ground node bouncing and arcing to the ground. Meaning he was never actually tased. Look in the center of your screen on the clay island. 

Andrew Morris : such honorable people tackling a guy making no move against them and seemingly complying 100% fucking love those cops. I sure fucking do

jokyejoker : Well in the whole video u can see this fella did nothing wrong, in fact the popoz acted like fools and listened to that bitch, thus him saying he be gettin that bitch for revenge.

SavvySlothOrigins : He didn't even drop his fucking cigarette

Get Money Stay Real : Legend says a week later the bitch was got 😂