Ill get you bitch.

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Caveman : This man is obviously a ground type Pokemon

MrRiggyRiggs : Drugs..HOW DO THEY WORK!

Lawrence Williams : Only a woman can make a man that mad

Trapsunday 777 : When somebody rats me out for having gum

Eric Brown : He takes thousands of volts ,doesn't drop his cigarette and gives us this golden gem of a meme . Thank you sir

TheWizardOfClaws : If this were a Pokemon Battle.... Police Officer uses Tazer! It's not very effective... Guy uses (an equivalent of) Splash! It does nothing... Police Officer is getting pumped! Police Officer uses Tackle! Guy is handcuffed and it unable to move. Guy is arrested.

theheartbreakcat : He no sold that tazer shot

Z0DI4K : He didn't even drop the freaking cigarret and this one was freaking boss the cops should give him a trophy or something for that

Drew Bennett : When Ezreal's Q does no damage to you.

Paris Stewart : They tazed him and he didn't even go down .......if I was a cop I would b scared he was super human or something

Schlomo Kikestein : "tasers will stop violent criminals! police dont need guns!"

Mart kenyon : The good old days when cops still remembered to use their tasers.

The Urban Legend : Angry Joe

Jakub Urban : Lol he started kneeling to get on the ground and then the fat policeman just charged on him. To serve and protect.

Benjamin Ulzi : Didn't even drop his Cigarette. :)

Димитър Иванов : Wow, why the second guy pushed him on the ground like that?

Jakob ink : Excessive force.... first off.. he wasn't a threat to either cop. 2nd he got tased... 3rd he didn't resist... 4th he complied and even went to the ground BEFORE you tackled him... piece of shit cops feared him it's obvious

Joe : This is the most Terminator thing I've ever seen on cops

Uncle Jairy : this is some movie shit.

EmBruk Brukner : LOL :D


Ryan Kilometers : lol classic

Hunter Kylo : he looks like a seal

Jonah Woodman : I didn't know dark types were resistant to electric types but weak against fighting types

Brent Harmon : This was on Cops Season 24 show 21

Raevhaar : Hm.. Electro`s uncle?

TheWheatleyGod17 : What i say when somebody grasses on me to the teacher

Christian Modica : Doesn't even lose the cigarette

Salamihawk : How is it that the cameraman didn't just burst into laughter right then and there?

Dawn Burns : Anyone come here immediately after watching a meepo video?

True : From 0:02 to 0:03 you can see what is what I suspect the ground node bouncing and arcing to the ground. Meaning he was never actually tased. Look in the center of your screen on the clay island. 

「SpektreProxy」 : Luke Cage?

NokiaMissile : me when a teacher takes my hat for wearing it indoors

Dank Memes : when somebody screenshot my snapchat pic

lose lose : turn around with a fat pig laying on you? how?

Dirk D : They never heard of streetfighter? You cant taze blanka, blanka tazes you.

gt0ttomann : 0:07 it looks script he is waiting to be tackle to the ground

Bullitthiphop : Either that guy is incredibly tough....or incredibily high. I'm leaning towards the latter

Crabby Krabs : I'm dead

Shaquille Jacobs : POKEBALL GOOOOOOO!!! Sorry I thought it was a black walrein

Jake DOG : He made his significant other aware that,after his legal woes subsided,that he will indeed finish what he started. I wonder what happened but after watching the video of this amazing man,I feel as if there is no doubt.

Jesus Arzola-Vega : this is really funny up until the cops unnecessarily tackle the shit out of him and he yells in pain.

AnD3rZe3N : #UsaCopsAreCorruptAndRacist

grass hopper : I wanna have a drink with him

Thomas frost : Monkey down !

Knightwolf1994 : Anyone else came here after watching InternetAristocrat's 4chan vs Tumlr video?

Sherman Brown : Police brutality

MrKajithecat : He took that tazer like a champion. 

Hou Yi : Abusive Cop use Thunder Wave! But it failed! Random Guy use Taunt Abusive Cop use Beat up! Random Guy is arrested, you win!

Logan Moran : His clothes are loose, the taser got caught in his clothing