Michael Says Prime Numbers for 3 Hours

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WeGoBoom : "Ok good rehearsal Michael, now let try with the camera on"

Vinz GameplaysTM : what a weird looking machine

James Barclay : Roses are red Violets are blue *Micheal reads out prime numbers part 2*

Joseph Tumulty : Please make a 10 hour version I don't like hitting reset every 3 hours

Marco Campobello : Impressive, but can you do it in MORSE CODE?

Dolan Dark : Thank you lord

Derek : This is how he warms up before he starts each day.

Andor Kenyeres : He starts the counting when the clock hits 12:31, and stops right at 15:31. 1231 and 1531 are also prime numbers!

Akdiln : Category: ENTERTAINMENT

Dean Pepper : I feel like this is a cryptic message calling out for help

Shivam Mhaskar : What a fail he didn't say "Prime Numbers" even a single time

Anilarac Lewis : Person: So what did you do this week end? Me:... watched some prime entertainment

ZamuraiAmv : my favourite part is when he says the prime number

ima airplane : -depression isn't always obvious-

TriAttackAmbipom : Now he just needs to read an entire dictionary

Andrew X : Make this longer I’m tired of hitting the replay button.

Mohamad Zacky Aimar : Disappointed No "Hey Vsauce! Michael here."

mr tech white : you are amazing but at #2:53:59# you said an even number.

Jeth : *He has reached the peak of human evolution*

Austin Torres : *Pucci wants to know your location*

DogBeef : maxmoefoe behind the camera with a gun pointed at michael

Always Wright : Michael: one hundred Me: ACTUALLY THAT’S NOT A- Michael: and one

Ty McGraw : I can barely make it through math class

zach t : Alright... now, how many times did he switch crossing his leg??

Heidi Dundon : Sorry Michael I forgot to hit the record button

Vsauce3 : 2

「Raman」 M。 : i was preparing for him to say 69 at 0:37

dwayne m : I never knew counting could be so creepy. watch this at 2am

Mini303 : Sure glad this youtube algorithm decided to bring us all back to this magnificent video.

R S M : My mans ready to do whatever weird random stuff that comes to his mind Except for making one damn regular Vsauce episode

Dylan Jones : He probably lost a bet

prid1234 : 29,644 is not prime Michael.. come on now.

Chaz : The numbers mason, what do they mean?

James Contreras : The fourth person to attain heaven.

Riley Cowan : Why would I be the person to burst in the room and start saying random numbers to mess him up😂😂

Ikcatcher : Depression is never obvious

REVIVE DEAD MEMES : "michael farts in a can for 3 hours"

LKBaxter - Gaming Cubing and More! : Does this count as study for my algebra quiz?

Lim Lam : That little smile he does before it cuts is worth the full three hours of footage.

SO3A : This is just a normal Vsauce video I dont get what the big deal is.

Tucker Pierce : What if you made this 3 hour video then realized that your camera wasn't recording?

MrMagoo109 : My favorite part was when he said all those numbers

Waitedboat4 Channel : It feels like he's talking to us in a numeric language...

Brendan Schoen : Stop. Michael this is amazing. I just don't even have words to describe my feelings about this. Thank you though, I appreciate your commitment. Although I find myself questioning, why not four hours? Why not two?

JayTh3Kid : Weird flex but ok

Taikamuna : Has science gone too far?

Ozzy Sanchez : Me: which ones are prime again?

Harris : Everything changes when you realise he could just be looking at the numbers from behind the camera

Emma Ella : Producer: ok for our next video your going to only say prime numbers... Michael:yeah ok but how much do I have to memori... Produser:for 3 hours... Straight

Werner and Ella Gamers and Creators : Doctor: you have 3 hours and 33 seconds to live Me: *Michael says prime numbers for 3 hours*