Michael Says Prime Numbers for 3 Hours

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Natcho : “Demonetized”

ur mom : god bless him and the man who made the captions

Elzeta : This is one of the reasons why we love this baldy boi

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Go commit vsauce

Spoke Fists : *_When Johnny Sins was a Despot Math teacher_*

Deus Vult : My man missed some 27

NiiKKO : Best Parts: 20:15 27:50 36:14 43:25 49:33 55:15 1:45:08 2:05:17 3:00:10

Mr. Chilll : 3:00:11 Vsauce.exe has stopped working

Girafficornasauras : Why did I think it was just going to be him saying "Prime Numbers" on repeat for three hours?

Wilburgur : 36:28 when the realization kicks in

TriCop : 0:00 - 0:53 my dad thought I was watching bingo

Vsauce Puppet : Only a god could complete a feat like this

TALKINGtac0 : *These are russian codes. Americans shall never be able to figure out master plan.*

Advik Sivasamy : Doctor: You have 3 hours to live. What are you going to do? Me:

Ken Mendoza : I like the part where he drinks water.

Zachary That Guy : Sorry there's a mistake, you gotta do it again xD

videoloops1 : I'm now happy with my 9 to 5 job

kUsHL0rD 420 : Lyrics anyone?

StealthShadow 1 : Broke the replay button

RaAaK : That what humanity needed.

Rupert Murdock - Griffen : Ooooh, he got a bit frustrated here: 1:25:52 13,619..... :|

DunkinDapper : 2.7/10, not enough prime numbers.

Jomar Y. Rodriguez : Looks like Mr Beast has some competition

h o o p l a a a a a : whoever did the captions deserves an oscars

Frickin Jim's Affordable Adventures : My favorite was 7,351 because he almost screws it up, but skillfully he pauses and makes things right. 49:20

Tech Venture : What Is The Purpose Of This Video ? But other way Michael is Awesome !

Luka Vox : I find it hilarious how he names the numbers as if he's saying seomthing meaningful, such as explaining something quirky on his channel.

CyborgDPS : Category = *Entertainment* Me: I agree

Super Laro : Pucci likes this video

Taikamuna : Has science gone too far?

Killer Memerino : Pucci Would love this

Solly B : 1:08:03

「Nerdycatgamer」 : How to achieve heaven

Void of Kathaaria : I like to think that this is the second take and that they forgot to turn on the camera on the first time

CheesecakeLasagna : Maxmoefoe's assault towards Michael in that How to Basic video really took a toll on Michael :'(

OrangeBurrito : This man has the biggest bladder in the world

Awkward Adolescent : he started to smile at the last millisecond there

Clara Monica : Seems legit.

Corkus C-Money : Have I achieved heaven?

Lawlhero : My favorite part of the video was when he said 11069

God Mode : I like how it's in the category for entertainment

Diabeticus : What’s next? Pi in 70 000 digits?

RealMetalGaming : Every time he says "And" he is technically making it a decimal. How does he not know this?

hentai haven : new favorite fapp video

Vsauce3 : 2

OlkkuH : Heyy Vsauce

Rocas : *Category: Entertainment*

Saba The B : Thank you, Michael. Very cool!

Ferlix Douglas : Am I earlier than Justin Y?

Adam Duff LUCIDPIXUL : It’s not the numbers themselves, rather the effort you made to make every number interesting - for 3 hours Well done sir, well done :)