Michael Says Prime Numbers for 3 Hours

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James Burgess : "So Michael, you gotta new vsauce1 video in the works, yet?" "Oh yea, but I got a real interesting thing I wanna do a video on first." "Oh really, what's that?" *"2,3,5,7,11...."*

Burger Jason : omg ur camera might fall asleep

Noah : 1:26:14

Sheet Music Boss : This would make a great piano tutorial!

Burger Jason : Mom: I have 3 hours of free time Me:

Daniel Ortega : This is how geniuses do cardio.

Spyboyjwl : At 2:14:15, he stumbled a bit.

Burger Jason : Play this video if you have a hard time falling asleep

Random Person : what if he was reading something on the side of the camera

Guardo : Doctor: You have 3 hours and 32.8 seconds to live Me:

Wolfy FN : Can someone explain why this is on my recommended

LinkCanBackflip : 6:34

Pixel : 3:00:10 he doesn't blink for the last 30 seconds of the video.

Your Name : This was really relaxing , I know a lot of prime numbers now . I'll show this to my teacher 😂😂👍♥️

Top 10 Archive : I don't know what's more crazy.. the fact that Michael spent 3 hours doing this.. or that I watched all 3 hours of it..

CheesecakeLasagna : Maxmoefoe's assault towards Michael in that How to Basic video really took a toll on Michael :'(

CHIEF BEEF! : Take a shot every time he says a prime number!

Tommaso 96 : 20:15 - 27:50 - 36:21 - 43:27 - 49:33 - 55:19 - 1:45:08 - 2:05:21 magical moments

Jayden Dickson : 30941

LemonOVA : why

Grandayy : You should make a Mind Field episode about this

Zenie : And sold to the man in green.

Count : At the end where he paused I just wanted him to say, "..... Or is it? "

Firemiter : ''Depression isn't always obvious''

Fiwee Kiwee : Why does this have so many dislikes lmao

AH-64E Apache : Try not to nut challenge Edit: I only made 1:37:42

Hieu Le : Somebody took the time to caption this whole video.

0peanutman0 : When you gotta get over that 10 minute mark for the extra ad revenue

Jay Montmire : Can you make it a bit longer I’m tired of hitting the replay button

Donald Trump : 1:31:53 😂😂😂😂😂Barp

Doug Johnson Productions : Next year, read all of the digits of pi.


Galaxy Ghost : 8279? That's not a prime number. The title says prime numbers for 3 hours Reported for misleading content.

Ayush Rathore : It ended with 30,941

Callball 2x : 1990: we may have flying cars in 2018! 2018:

TheAlmightyBracket : I watched uno the movie. I'll watch this too. you can't stop me.

S F : I knew that ayahuasca experiment would have repercussions but... damn.

Proverbs16:25 : this. This is what millions of years of evolutionary processes have created. This video. the peak of humanity.

Tommaso 96 : he drinks eight glasses of water

james_7432 : 1:31:55

superj1e2z6 : *P R I M E C O N T E N T*

Cameron Krull : 1:36:59 falls out of chair

Xr Sensei : Every time he sips his water, 20:14, 27:49, 36:14, 43:25, 49:33, 55:16, 1:45:08, 2:05:21, BONUS: 3:00:10. BONUS BONUS: play 36:14 and 43:25 back to back repeatedly, it's magical.

Mr Revive : Doctor: You have 3 hours to live

Cudgle : *Pucci intensifies*

Taikamuna : Has science gone too far?

Kalandrill : is this asmr?

Christopher DuVall : If he takes the time to say it I feel bad not listening to the whole thing

EvanCaritopTV : one last video before bed

jimjim2000 : Must have been a lot of fun