NEW WINGS: A Batgirl Fan-Film (SHORT FILM)

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Alayne Stone : Honestly. this was one of the most creative, incredible, smart, and just all-around wonderful fan films I have ever seen. This deserves way more likes, comments, and appreciation. The faithfulness to the source material whilst creating a different story in that universe was brilliant. The actors who portrayed Barbara, Jim, and Bruce were absolutely fantastic! I really hope there's another installment to this or any other creation with these characters, Barbara in particular. I'll be plugging it on my various social media because I fully feel this is something more people need to see. Congratulations on creating a truly special piece of fan work that I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of.

ant barrow : this is awsome guys hope you do more

Khanh Pham : Continue?

Abigail Neely : god that was fantastic. why is it a fan film can be better made than an actual DC movie?? honestly though i absolutely loved it, and it was so worth the wait. i would die if you did a sequel. literally. fabulous casting, great humor, someone hand me an oscar so i can give it to you. keep up the great work!!! :)

Cher Davis : Loved this! Brilliant and funny 🤣🤗😄😂

Hagar Borges : Congratulations, guys, it's worth the wait. I liked a lot.

Marshall Malone : Great work! Wish I had seen this was playing in Sun Ray.

HalloweenHacker : This was awesome

DO Composer : This looks and sounds absolutely amazing, great and fantastic. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this film. :)

Katie N : This is so good! Great job everyone involved!

Abby Leib : This is fantastic! And it was well worth the wait! WELL DONE!!!!

Yves Quibuyen : why doesnt this have a million views

Jonathan Walker : Keep it up guys

Estella Hernandezツ : No entiendo nada pero me encanta❤😂

Anton Percival : YESSSS!!!! *FIST PUMP!!!!* It was better than I expected and I had High Hopes. Definitely a bit different take of the characters, but still stayed faithful to the mythos. I expected a more intense Bruce/Batman, but, Anthony Paderewski's portrayal was well done. Of course, Emma Catharine's Batgirl was well done as well. She showed how BG IS serious and worthy of being the Batgirl. I like how her character's qualifications were snucked in as casual, proud father's conversation. I wonder if there is a plan to, maybe, have her become Oracle. The mentioning of her computer skills seems to foreshadow that. I realize that producing these fan-films, even ones under 30 minutes, is expensive. Still I HOPE there will be further installments. Great job done by all.

Anton Percival : Even after multiple views, still Fantastic!!!!

DRKSD : Wonderful short. What camera did you guys use?

Jessica Lawson : This is AWESOME!

Rich Xavier : Very good & clever.

Erin Edmond : Emma, what a witty performance! I am so very proud of your group that put this fan film together! Wish I had been able to to see it on the big screen at Sun Ray! Keep on shining, woman 😍

Arthur Smith : The production values are professional grade. And on a shoestring budget, no doubt! You have taken the story I grew up on and added a slight, but definitely interesting twist in this Batgirl origin story. Ms. Catherine's portrays the Barbara Gordon/Batgirl well. I can see this, not as a movie, but a multiple season TV series. Would like to see further adventures of the Batgirl. :)

Francisco Angel : That was amazing!!! I loved it!

EpicHero Enterevolution : OMG this is so good!!

Madi Dean : this is so good!

Madi Dean : all of the references to batman mythos made me grin. this was obviously carefully crafted by people who know their stuff! i’ve rewatched this like five times by now, and it’s enjoyable every time!

Ross Baraswa Hart : 19:00: All in all, a great fan film. Easily avoidable hiccups aside, definitely worth the watch. Good job.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 13:03: Good comic relief. "I misspelled the word necessarily..."

Ross Baraswa Hart : 8:47: Like the tension.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 9:35: Good poetry in our Barabara's dialogue. Definite 8/10.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 5:20: Why -- OH, WHY???? -- is James Gordon -- THE James Gordon -- being portrayed as such a dimwit? The character may generally be on the less "intellectually endowed" side of the spectrum, but no version of James Gordon has this much stupid oozing out of him.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 0:43: Let's assume for the purpose of argument that our Barbara here is just starting off on her journey, so that her suit can be forgiven for its extraordinary mundaneness when compared to the source material.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 1:58: Good continuity. Good anticipation buildup.

Ross Baraswa Hart : Alright. I'm going to give a real-time review of this film. The format will be as follows:

Ross Baraswa Hart : 13:41: Great. So you have James-friggin'-Gordon, Bruce-friggin'-Wayne, and Barbara Gordon in one room. And somehow, Barbara manages to be the least goofy individual in this room? Dial the creative license down a notch, will ya?

Ross Baraswa Hart : 5:13: Good continuity still. Real fans get a few cool Easter eggs. And while I there is no amount of "straightfacing" that can make this goofy-looking actor the absolute best pick you could have made for Bruce-friggin'-Wayne, he plays the part quite well.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 16:35: Again, a portrayal of Barbara Gordon easily tops a portrayal of Bruce-friggin'-Wayne on the Seriousness-Depth Scale.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 10:47: No! No! Nah-ah! Mm-mm! Nope! That smile? No! N-O! This is Bruce Wayne we're talking about!

Ross Baraswa Hart : 10:20: Little bit over the top with the comments about Bruce Wayne. Little bit over the top.

Ross Baraswa Hart : 14:28: Alright. I surrender. This film was in fact meant as a joke... I mean... right?

Ross Baraswa Hart : And given the brevity of the film. I completely understand the lax attitude towards the development of the Batgirl suit.

Josh Taylor : Good job