Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope 2 & 3 (New Live Action Film)

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FAVELA FUNK : Foda, podiam fz a dublagem...

3 Seconds Of : This is so much better than any other types of this the story line is right unlike other types

My Friend : Thank you so much for this! Amazing, beautiful in some especific Moments. I want more of this videos, I cryied. I wish I could be rich to help you with this proyect. Thank you so much you are very talented. Greetings from México!

Javieon Bradley : Who thinks this version of gohan's death was waaaay more sadder

Pirotess C18 : Part 2 & 3 and nothing changed, so this is for sure still best DB live action series ever made !

Vipul Jani : 10:20 Cha la Head cha la ...

Blake Schwab : pretty good, would have been amazing with a hollywood budget

Mr. Piccolo : this was actually good. I can't imagine what you guys could do with a bunch of funding like a marvel movie

Flash Guard : Well done. I am happy to see that a lot of original scenery and not things sliced from movies. I really hope that fans start making full Hollywood quality movies. WE NEED PEOPLE THAT CARE ABOUT THE SOURCE MATERIAL! You stayed true to it and i hope that you gain even more support!

Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya : no way is this real i must be dreaming

agiar2000 : You know, it's the little things that make it look so polished. 26:32 I enjoy watching 17's eyes tracking the fight. :)

Steve Garvey : Future history of trunks deserves its own anime arc

Prince Bullard : I literally cried seeing trunks in distress over the death of Gohan. Man... The actors, writers, and musicians really made us feel their presence, like we were experiencing the scenes for ourselves. Brilliant Work and Idea Team. You have fulfilled the Heart's desires for many true dragon ball Z lovers. You are aWesoMe! But I know for you, this is just the beginning @ A. You still have to get to Z. Because we all know that it is next to impossible to please everyone in this society.

Game On : Dragon ball evolution was horribly made but these fan films are awesome it's amazing how great the acting is. Hopefully one day they will make a official movie that will go out in theaters and surprise all of us.😕😕But that's probably going to happen like In 2019.

Joel Quin : Wow!!!!! I want more!!!!

SouL Animation : I'm so glad you guys took the time and effort to make this so dramatic and heart-wrenching. Truly Astonishing.

jorge gonzalez : My fucking claps to everybody......👏

chaldo4lyf5 : Gotta Say Didn't Like The Wait. But It Was Worth It. THANK YOU & WELL DONE.

Gamer Avishek Chakraborty : Excellent and a great movie than other movie!!!!

L Lawliet : I call this: PURE TALENT !

garet claborn : wow someone finally managed to do a live action Bulma about freakin time, kudos

Darius Scott Hill : Awesome job!! You guys did what Hollywood never would. ;)

Mathew Foree : Wow...I actually cried. This is SOOOO good!!!! Please make more, but finish this story first. lol

GoTA_King Kami : Oooh that last scene gave me chills. Props to little dude playing Trunks nice delivery!

Gianni Caruso : Should do Naruto Shippuden

Yk「AMV」 : Who else left everything they were doing or anything they were going to do when they saw "Light of Hope - 1 hour ago"

Garret Proctor : Wow! Love it. Thanks can't wait till the next live action film on Light of Hope.

Axeltreman : The fight sceens were so awesome!

なかはる nakaharu : 日本の方いますか?

スパいく : 日本人みてるか? これがドラゴンボールだと!? ふざけるんじゃない!!

Lapis Android 17 Park Ranger : This is the hype.

syvallia24 : Much better than the old movie attempt. Why can’t big production studios take this and run with it 🤦🏾‍♂️

kamal sharma : i really have no words for your works...i am a diehard fan of dragonball...all i can say is thankyou very much...

Fecal Eruptions : I know it's far too easy to brush it off...but please consider donating to their Patreon. Even 1 dollar a month is infinitely better than nothing. That's less than a lot of candy bars these days. Make a difference for The Robot Underdog team and they'll make a difference for you by giving you more of what you love! It's not free.

kid Goten : This deserves more views

Okurishimasu BR : #casadokame

SyntheticxPsycho : This made me sad just like the original. Great job

Jowey De La Nota : For a fan made this was great. I can't even phantom what you guys would have been able to do with real budget and better casting. I enjoyed it. Keep it up!

Adam Recalde : That was fantastic! I was skeptical about this movie you guys were making being live action and all but this was so good! Probably the best live action anime adaptation I hope to see more from you guys in the future!

Doctor HOW the 13th : Si avesome work behind this beautiful film you're totally incredible All the team are talentus ! You shred it guys.

ChillLikeKoolAid : only one word.... AMAZING!!!!!!

ruki1r : 1000000000 times better than Evolution

Tom M : Wow wish it was you guys who made the last jedi I'm sure you would of made a better story

Gigi Hide : Fantastic!!!! I can't believable many years there are Rn!!! This was totally worth the wait it was fantastic keep the amazing work!! I can't wait for the return!!!

Mahad Mohamed : This is lit i love it it is better than the animated onee0

Brian Turner : WOW....this is amazing. Kudos to you and locomotion!

Omari Christir : how on earth they did this?

Christian Lionel : Cheesy and awful. Fair play a lot of effort went into it but a live action dragonball Z is not happening. Either do it right or not at all

ssjdeadpool1227 : Okay but that picture of Vegeta and Piccolo broken and beaten at the very beginning? Holy SHIT.

Tony Ambriz : The tone is just a little too dark for DBZ but this was good. All I want is for the characters and story to keep their essence, which you guys did. Great job.