Leslie Nielsen's Funny Farts

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Zoran Ramzo Kamenycky : Always, no matter how bad movie was if I saw Leslie in it that movie became good for me. For me Leslie is number one comedy actor of all times ! I remember when wachin one of his trademark parodies, I think it was Naked Gun, I laughed so hard that my jaw was painful couple of days after and I could not breath often during funny scenes and eyes full of tears (from laughing ) No other actor made me laugh so hard, so thank YOU Leslie from my Heart to bring so much joy to me and all people !! Whenever I saw Leslie in the movie I got into good mood no matter how bad before that, that was His Power ! He was so unique and special ! I was really sad when heard He passed, but Lord gave Him 84 years of life which is not so bad and he used that really effectively to bring good mood, laughter (which is so good for the health), joy and so much positive vibrations to all the world ! He is and will be greatly missed, but at same time I am so happy he left so many movies which are there to enjoy and to LAUGH !! :-D :-D :-D

James Patrick - Artist : lets start nowwww.......now... hmmm now.. oK NOW LOL

Josephi Krakowski : Like his tomb stone says "let er rip"!

RebelsWithoutCauses : I was sent here by a man who gave many people the clap.

Anastasia Cooper : You know I wanted to keep this serious Yes I know, I'm helping *faaarrttt*

fruitcake4t : the world needs more leslie nielsen's

ido azo : Today I Found Out sent me here

bundeligafan : @1:09"I wanted to keep this serious." lol big mistake to say this, Nielsen was genius at serious comedy, as evident by his face at the end as the last fart sounds

Chad Durrie : I've never felt sad about a celebrities' death, except for Leslie Nielsen's

Bob V : Why did no one tell the interviewer it's scientifically impossible to have a serious interview with Leslie Nielsen?

Thedude 9001 : I still miss leslie nielsen. He was such a great comedian and his movies were always super hilarious. 

David Handley : What a truly amazing person he was. He will be sadly missed...

Jack Andrews : I was sent here by a man who was also burned by CEX.

Pamela Pugh : Funny video and love this man and all his movies. At least he said excuse me. I think he had a fart machine of some kind. Thanks for the post here on youtube.

Doyle Evans : Leslie will out live me buy about 60 years, because to this day i almost die of laughter everytime i watch him work! XD God bless you Leslie i hope to see you again someday!


Allbbrz : Sad he passed, but happy he delighted us all with his life !

ecavuto : I know a fellow who worked on the "Police Squad" show way back in '82. He remembers Leslie socializing with everybody, frequently using his fart machine to get reactions.

PirateMrTyler : he fart so good and many

Marjan Raz : o gosh this man was sucha legend...what a spirit :) RIP Leslie!

Crashus Maximus : LET ER RIP.

chas wiley : you realize this is a joke he's done for years right? Its still funny but it's all fake farts. also Santa isn't real

Dion1957 : I can't believe that the interviewer really thought he was farting.

brushrescue1701 : Leslie Nielsen and Robin Williams may you rest in peace and thank you for making my life that little more tolerable

TheEmpowered787 : I’m in stitches!!!! 😂

Gary Johnson : that was a funny dude

Shipwright1918 : It's a jar of fart putty, he's got it hidden in his hand, and apparently it was his trademark gag. He'd hide it on him somewhere and start making fart noises to crack everyone up, especially if the situation was tense and he felt like you needed to loosen up. Great comedic actor, surprises me how he could so things so strait-laced and serious such as in the Poseidon Adventure.

Ross McBride : Did you hear the starter pistol?

Nanette Valencia : He kills me

Bruce Laborin : My favorite scene out of all the Naked Gun movies has always been the restroom scene where Drebin has just guzzled a pitcher of water, and forgets to take his shirt mic off before pissing. I almost PISSED MYSELF in the theater. Hell, my story would be funnier if I HAD PISSED MYSELF, so let's just say I DID, just to pay proper tribute to Mr. Nielsen.

Philip Croft : I don't care what other's think--he was hilarious--so much so, I shit myself.

dantles1992 : OMG this is funny :D

Kubus77 : TodayIfoundOut brought me here!

Euro-African : Those were fake. As if though the interview could have endured the smell. LOL!

JimboLogic : OMG, I'm crying.

Gilhelmi : God bless fart jokes!

Kalimuri : And to think he's using fart machine to screw with the interviewer,what a legend.

Nocka Mama : hilarious

carl witt : 1:09 Then you picked the wrong fucking guy to interview. God I miss Leslie.

Jonas The Movie : The fart machine is alive and kicking, funny how he has kept up this since the making of Airplane.

Abunidal Paredes : I miss him, he started out as a serious (dramatic) actor early in his career and until the late 70's until his death known for being a deadpan comedic actor after the release of !Airplane!

Andy Jay : I must get my glasses fixed. I thought it said Leslie Neilsen Funny Facts

huntedBYtelevision : I miss him!! :(

Zack Luke : Why did this guy fart so much???? He's funny as hell and I love his movies but jesus!

ervin zhou : leslieeeee

BigEvan96 : Were those real?

Alex Darren : This made me break wind just watching it

Lasse Sørensen : 0:53

Paul H : Isn't evolution and the human body amazing. After millions of years we have our own little exhaust pipe to expel all that unwanted air. Who care's about the O-zone layer and global warming...... it sounds bloody funny, especially if they pop out of someone who is quite prim and proper.