PYTHAGO-WHAT? The 3-4-5 Rule, Square Measuring Trick using the Pythagorean Theorem
PYTHAGO WHAT The 3 4 5 Rule Square Measuring Trick using the Pythagorean Theorem

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Do you remember the Pythagorean Theorem from school? Here goes how you can use it in the real world: The 3-4-5 rule measuring trick! I like this and wanted to share it with you all. Sometimes I sell things on Etsy. Things I make by hand, and also antique items.


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Paola Cevallos : This gives me old school 90s Sesame Street/Reading Rainbow vibes and I love it 🙌🏼

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Fred reiselust : I'm a commercial carpenter, and I use this all the time. Love the puppets/ stop motion.

Bluejack 02 : I actually kinda needed this ,my maths teacher just shouts at us if we don’t get what he’s on about

Revrett : Wow, this came at an opportune time. I was just getting ready to start a new garden plot in my yard and was wondering how to square the sides. 3, 4, 5 rule. Thanks a bunch CraftsMan.

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Jay SupmemeS : Terrific 'splanation! The ole' "Trippo-Quatro-Sinko" rule for squares. But you and i know it's not just for squares since Cool folks like us can use it, too! Thanks, Pythagoras! And Thanks, Craftsman, most of all.

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Bubba Hotep : Yet another amazing video from my man!

Unfeathered : Just in case it proves useful to anyone who doesn't know: 3,4,5 is not the only set of whole numbers which can be used to check for square. Sometimes a shape is longer and thinner, so you could use either 5,12,13 or 7,24,25 instead of 3,4,5. There are others (they're called Pythagorean triples, you can search for this and the Wikipedia article is a good start). @Mr Crafsman: discovered your channel yesterday - lovely stuff, thank you :)

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