PYTHAGO-WHAT? The 3-4-5 Rule, Square Measuring Trick using the Pythagorean Theorem

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JoeBcrafts : Forget Khan Academy.... we be steady mathin' with crafsman.

Courtney Zeo : New CrafsMan video? O O O O O H Y E A H

Russell : You are legend. May you get a million subscribers.

Pillow Princess : Just dropped the 235th like and still 0 dislikes...CrafsManMagic

Paola Cevallos : This gives me old school 90s Sesame Street/Reading Rainbow vibes and I love it 🙌🏼

Lucien Hicks : Omg this channel just keeps amazing me

Bigga figure : I’m thrilled that the puppet is back, that I learned something new, and that Cman has been Cman since grade school. Thanks for the tips on keeping things square!

Nacthem : Uh oh, The Crafsman broke out the stop motion animation. The Crafsman production values are out of control. Crafsman you should do a tutorial on how to properly use basic tools. Like how to saw wood properly, or how to screw/nail something without splitting the wood, etc. I think a lot of people could benefit from learning proper technique of even simple things, and it shouldn't be too hard a video to make for you. Keep on crafting

Revrett : Wow, this came at an opportune time. I was just getting ready to start a new garden plot in my yard and was wondering how to square the sides. 3, 4, 5 rule. Thanks a bunch CraftsMan.

NohNameHere : I know it's a cliche, but I really could listen to you read a phone book.

Bluejack 02 : I actually kinda needed this ,my maths teacher just shouts at us if we don’t get what he’s on about

Pola Sanchez-Baker : CrafsMan, I so identified with you at 1:09. That frustration that makes you grit your teeth and shiver a little when your teacher tells you to "Never mind that it does not make logical sense to do what I'm telling you to do, just do it!" I love that moment at 1:09. That was me every moment I was in high school algebra class.

Fred reiselust : I'm a commercial carpenter, and I use this all the time. Love the puppets/ stop motion.

lookitssupergus : This is a really, well made video. I have been informed and entertained. Quality content Crafsman!

Ryan the Professional : You're my favorite YouTuber!!

Michael Hess : Loved all the stop motion CrafsMan. Excellent content yet again and I like that you are branching out with your video subjects.

Maria Serrano : Love the choir!

Jay Pocket : Terrific 'splanation! The ole' "Trippo-Quatro-Sinko" rule for squares. But you and i know it's not just for squares since Cool folks like us can use it, too! Thanks, Pythagoras! And Thanks, Craftsman, most of all.

AndTheBeat GoesOn : Never quite understood that till you explained it!!! Thank you 😁👍🏻

tom biomez : This just gets better and better

Unfeathered : Just in case it proves useful to anyone who doesn't know: 3,4,5 is not the only set of whole numbers which can be used to check for square. Sometimes a shape is longer and thinner, so you could use either 5,12,13 or 7,24,25 instead of 3,4,5. There are others (they're called Pythagorean triples, you can search for this and the Wikipedia article is a good start). @Mr Crafsman: discovered your channel yesterday - lovely stuff, thank you :)

Karn Eskelot : Yo Crafsman!! Been diggin' your vids for awhile... I found you through Reddit, and love everything you put out. Then again, I'm a building maintenance worker, a Bob Ross fan, and know about ASMR. And brotha, ya'll got a growing fanbase, so what you gotta do is come out with the Crafsman t-shirt. Even with your "avatar" puppet..... I'll wear my Bob Ross t shirt one day, then yours the next. Just an idea.... Steady Rollin' Soul Train Style............................. With some Al Green in the background..........................

Tomek : Math teachers need to show this in school

Ramon Harris : This man is Mr.Rogers mixed with Bob Ross and is a gift to humanity.

G. Holmes : If CrafsMan was my teacher in school, I would've made straight A's.

TheCrazyNightOwl : G I M M E B A C K M Y R U L E R!

Devery Delk : Crafsman using the Blackwing pencil I see you❤️

Trantor The Troll : I wish i was high on potenuse!

crimson knight : Thanks Crafsman.. we steady craftin😎

Fix it Chuck : Crafsman, you make my day. Don't change. Keep it rollin. If you need video Ideas, just ask. We'll give u more ideas.

David Levine : Another amazing episode. Crafsman—when are you going to set up a Patreon? I’ll be the first in line!

Julissa Fernandez : Love your videos, so creative. You really remind me of Bob Ross from PBS 😁.

Lisa Thuban : Relaxing math. Certainly a first for me!

Type R : This was so cool - so sweet and funny. The stop motion is captivating and the puppet delivered all his lines like a pro. Awesome work! (if the vid was 6 seconds shorter I suppose that would have been too sly...)

Ro Ro : Your videos are the best.

Andrew Myers : I had those finger puppets/creatures years ago, love it!

Bobby Ganoosh : If you use the 3-4-5 to 6-8-10 or 9-12-15 and even 12-16-20 depending on how big your project is or smaller 1.5-2.0-2.5. Thanks for reminding me of this mathematical phenomena.

SILVIA ZAVALA : Hola Crafsman, you are The Cat's Pajamas, The Bomb, The Whole Enchilada & a bag of chip! The Universe sent me to your channel by mistake ...or was it? There is something about your voice, your light ,your humor & your sincere Enjoyment of Life . Its AWESOME!!! Like Clint Eastwood says... You made my Day.

Nicc : He’s such a gem

Lisa Mallette : But CrafsMan, did you pass the test?

wendy : Thank you for the tip! You never know when it will come in handy!

TMJ / Mike Bobrinskoy : The puppet’s back! Huzzah!

CLAY SMITH : I like the new animations and sound! I usually dont like when a channel updates but I think its because the do it to make other people happy. It looks like you are doing the fx because you want to and thats making it work. Keep it up :)

Capullin66 : As a carpenter I use this all the time to make sure I’m square. Didn’t mean squat to me when I was in school. Wish I’d paid attention to more stuff. Great video as usual good sir.

Ben Stapleton : wow! you have the best pencil on the market (well a remake of it I'd assume) the original is really expensive! keep up the great work and I like your pencil.

Joe Bulmer : I make stairs for a living so I use this theorem daily. Good job on explaining it so simply. Keep it up.

Samantha West : Stop motion is awesome

LORKYBRD : Lovin our super talented and ooooyaaa cool 😎 crafsman more every second!

acmullane : keep it square man

Berru : I’ve never liked maths but I really love this! I also really love that you incorporated stop motion too. Thank you Crafsman, you’ve made my day. :)