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MrShady1234567890987 : Man, made me feel like crap, I go to uni and barely put in enough work to pass the classes, while this clearly intelligent passionate person is struggling. Gotta change.

Asian Shoegaze : Is it possible to buy this man's art? I think it's wonderful.

Abadaba McYadadya : Not even Van Gogh painted over 100000 Van Gogh's. This Chinese guy did. Mind blown.

kiDkiDkiD12 : Love this documentary it was beautiful

John Doe : I cried watching this. 难过想哭😖😖😭😭

John Doe : Does anyone know his WeChat or Alipay? I wish I could make some donation. I'm not rich either but it hurts me so bad to see my countryman suffer😭😭

ña na : In 20 minutes, I laughed, felt angry and cried for this guy. It's sad to see how his hard work ended up in being exploited by some random white dude with a souvenir stand in Amsterdam. It made me look at goods from China in a different way, there is a story behind them. I really love how he went back to his grandma in the end and took his heartbreak and turned it into something new, something of his own, his own art, of the places and faces he sees every day. He is a hardworking and good-hearted man. I wish the best for him! The world will give you what you deserve, your story is so touching and God has given you such talent!

Black Jack : This is honestly why china is rising because they are hardworking and humble.

Steve Rhodes : As a retired White Australia who has lived in rural China the last 5 years , I have found a deep beauty and dignity in China . Look more closely and you will see a world that is far more complex than usually presented by Western media . There is much the West could learn .

A i : One pill makes you taller and the other makes you small, the one your mother gives you doesn't do anything at all.....this man's life is almost as tragic as Van Goghs....the useless middle man gets all.

Contemporaries Club : He looked so disheartened when he understood the reality of the situation.

Vapsi Rubi Salgado : Where can I buy his paintings?

Maria das Santos : Does this artist have a website or where does he have a place in Dafen easily found?

Salgood Sam : Great doc, as an artist i totally could relate to how he must have felt seeing where his work was being sold. And on one hand I want to root for his success doing his own work, but at the same time, I'm thinking don't stop doing the legal forgeries too! Just charge more! At least that's a sure thing, doing your own art is always a game pf chance.

32 mgb : PLEASE make a follow up! id love to see his originals im sure theyre gorgeous

Oh Hol : Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime and received little to no recognition for his work while he was alive, he wasn't a very social man, but I'd like to think he would be proud of them for breaking the cycle of exploitation and making their own work. Even if they don't make as much money as they did before, if it takes them longer to make their own originals, or if they are not recognized right away, at least they put their thoughts and story into it.

Htin Moe : He is not an artist yet. He is a painter-worker. He is good at what he does. He have good prospect of getting higher price for his works and good chance of becoming an artist himself. He is a primary school drop out. He has a job, he has a family. He has a house. He is able to make an oversea trip. I have to call this a success. In the west most high school drop out can't find jobs. Many of them becomes homeless and sell drugs, join gangs. He is success story of Chinese people, their resilient, hard work, family value and adaptability. Cheer up!

RR TT : I felt bad for this poor man, he's being exploited.

B Jiang : Countless Europeans/Americans demand Chinese to make replica and cheap goods to sell at their supermarket with 90% profit. Then they claim Chinese has no skill, no capability and no creativity. I don't think you have time for creativity when you're being exploited to barely has money for food and shelter

Reza Hidayat : I believe God will bless him and family after all their hardwork

Judy Cheng : This guy got ripped off so bad by his client who made margins off him. Sad. I feel bad for him.

John Doe : I'm Chinese. I grew up in city. It's really hard for me to imagine life in the impoverished countryside in my country. Income inequality between city and country has become so severe that the government must take actions. I feel bad for this guy. I wish I could make a donation but I'm a uni student myself. Anyone who's watching this documentary, please be respectful and not to pass your judgment on this poor guy. None of us can live with the level of poverty he lives with on a daily basis. I wish him all the best😭😭😭.

moo moo : I saw a Van Gogh painting, one of his self portraits. he is holding a paint pallet, its the closest thing in the painting. There is a yellow blob of real paint straight from the tube on it that he just laid down on the painting and never touched. i remember it so well. seeing pictures of that painting wouldnt let you see that the yellow blob just sticks out from the canvas. I really feel for Zhoa, copying paintings all his life then seeing the originals. I hope he can find markets for his own work, he is so talented! I never knew people did this for a living legally, he should make more for his abilities. beautiful tribute to these artists, thank you.

Andrew henderson : Amazing . No doubt Chinese are multitalented in some aspects . You can’t imagine a man drawing a painting without seeing the Original one . Extraordinary anecdote. May God (Allah) help him Regarding his life . 画的都很好👍。太棒了。 From a student who studied as an exchange student in China 🇨🇳.

Dexter galang : Do the spolarium painting!

Jed Baillie-Davies : This was a really touching story. The humility of this man who's driven by his desire to see and understand more of the painter who has become his life blood is truly humbling. A wonderful telling of a life wasted that's tells of hope in his discovery of his own self worth.

Alchemist : The original now is with 1MDB

John Li : For me his life is art,more impressive than any other masterpiece

Melson Peros : Kuddos very nice documentary May the guy sell a lot of his originals Congrats to him

GnarkillNL : A talented man and a touching video. But reading the comments I am a little shocked on how dumb witted some people are. The Chinese man is not being exploited. He is making back-alley copies of a master painter and expected to get his own gallery for it. That's not going to happen. Ofcourse they are being sold as souvenirs. The Dutch guy was friendly and was courteous enough to invite him. They have a long lasting business relation and I can assure you the Dutch guys doesn't profit a lot. After import taxes, shipping, permits and renting the small souvenir stand at Museum Plein (Square) in Amsterdam isn't cheap. Let me assure you that. If anything, they mutually benefit. It is not the Dutch man's fault working conditions and social wellfare in China is abysmal. He is simply running a souvenir stand and has a deep and long lasting business relation with the Chinese man. He even invited him over and was nice to him. He makes sure that the Chinese man has a customer. Which equals work. Which is China is a must to survive. Now, that being said, the Chinese man DOES have talent and I am happy that he is expanding his copy work with work of his own. I wish him all the best, but geeez, people have become daft MSM emotional driven sheep...

Jack Middleton : Reproductions should never be in a gallery in my opinion. A child can do a paint by numbers reproduction. But that doesn't mean this guy hasn't learned a great deal about how to paint and how to work with color. He could be a great artist.

Sof. : I think the biggest shock for him was not being exploited, but the fact his work was sold in a souvenir shop. He thought his work was good enough to be sold in art galleries. To find out your work is not worth that much after many years and to be asked by people about your own work while you've never done such a thing, must have hurt alot.

Utopia 1992 : 没有核心的灵魂创作 没有商业的宣传推广 这些画只能是朴素平凡的艺术品

Ishwor Gurung : He does have skill.....may he achieve what he aim for.

Angie Sua : His paintings are beautiful and surely he has great talent. Happy to buy his works if I know where to find them! It will be great if he sell them online, and have someone experienced to manage it - he will be successfull.

Marius S : 30 people who disliked this video have no heart !

Tak Cheng Sze : I hope he will earn more money. Van Gogh was penniless, artist lives are generally not easy.

Ninie Mohd Noor : Hats off.. Finally he had the courage to make his own “MASTERPIECE”

J. Hurt : Wow those paintings are really good. Even better than the original painter.

John Doe : Shenzhen's counterfeited European town is so cringeworthy. It proves the point again that wealth doesn't always produce class. I'm ashamed. This country is run by a bunch of wealthy real-estate hooligans and corrupt communist thugs with no taste at all.

Ron F : Great documentary. Touching... Hope he finds success and the fulfillment that he is seeking

ching tong ong : 低价从中国买入,高价在欧洲卖给中国人。

Steve Rhodes : This guy works hard and supports his family by his very real talent. That is real .That is admirable That is worth more than any rich persons 'trophy art'.

buddy man : Actually Zhao is painter artists . He just no chance to be a legend like van Gogh. Live as painter artists is too hard for this new era. Wish you luck Mr Zhao.

EpicBLUE RAT999 : This is humbling.

Film Maker : What a lovely, wonderful documentary. Although a bit formula ased but it is still effective and efficient in moving emotions. The film depicts nicely the journey of a somewhat a pseudo-artist into an artist; talent he has for sure, he gets inspired to create his own work after visiting and viewing for himself the orignal artworks that he had been copying for years. Very emotional, lovely. Congratualtions to the filmmakers.

Iam Brian : This video is so inspirational that it made my night. Dateline kindly post a link of some kind to where his art can be purchased.

左将军领徐州牧如东侯 : 卖这么多画,还是外贸单。 怎么感觉吃穿住很寒酸的呢!😠

MrJermson : Very touching documentary

Êlîã Å : Watching it with tears in My eyes, and I am not a Person who cries easily .. 😭👑👌💖💖💖