Eric Andre On Climate Change

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Sounds From Saturn : W H O K I L L E D H A N N I B A L L¿


UCMGTWOClan : He's almost operator tier hitman, just needs to jack up on the reload speed.

Mikhail Tukhachevsky : Just saw this last night. This is why I watch the Eric Andre show. never know what's gonna happen.

Jimmy The Meme Plug : It was climate change

iiElysium x : Really really subtle commentary on climate change here Eric is humans Hannibal is earth and the gun is fossils fuels and Eric’s comment at the end is how people won’t admit what they’re doing to the planet

Austin Carleton : What if the show abruptly ended like this and he straight up murdered him?

Quasar 0406 : I'd literally die if a boy did this to me 😍😍😍😍😍

Reece Daniels : very insightful message

Domenec Gutierrez : bro I died watching this

ThundergodRaiden : stay woke eric

Billy Woods : who killed Hannibal?

Chase Broussard : w h o k i l l e d h a n n i b a l

Illusive Badger : I appreciate Eric actually knowing how to handle that gun

Spruce Goose Moofies : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

Scott A : "It was a suicide." - Russia

Govind Krishnan : The reloading of the gun is 95% of the joke. Love it.

Aj Cruz : lit that nigha up

midwestkings420 : i die everytime

Alex Baldinelli : I've watched this 70 times and I still can't figure out who killed Hannibal

hacked technothief : andre was a sleeper agent it was the ladies cheer that made him act that way

kidalex90 : oh hey you posted this

Tyler Flynn : This is how we settle things here in Memphis

Moon Man : Hannibal = Earth Eric = Humans Gun = Fossil Fuels it's incredibly subtle commentary on climate change


ComedyWolf 360 : get you a man who can do this

SilentGamer 2000 : Nothing happened at this moment.

Moron : hannibals parents probably watched this

hentropy : Discussions about climate change usually end with a dark black man getting shot.

oh hi fart : he said absolutely nothing about climate change

Bat Industries : *I wonder who killed Hannibal*

Noah Laughlin : how do they do the gunshot thing

L O N E W O L F 2 2 : B I R D UP

Vinny M : We ever figure out who killed Hannibal yet?

Clevery Boy : Subtle climate change comment

P0 : Someone shot the bloody negro in the end, what a twist!

Kobra : F

Griffin : Notice how, toward the end, when he starts shooting, paper flies up from behind the desk, not even next to the chair.

spacekitt3n : legend has it, hannibal has still not changed his underwear

slender_man_153 : But the real question is... Who killed Hannibal?

Gatysh : what's up r/videos

Riga T. : Low key admire the effort. They could've gone for CGI gun shots, but here they actually went through the effort of using blanks, having the blood spurts and small explosives to mimic bullet impacts, and having the loud ass gun that's actually firing. It's for 30 seconds of comedy and it's more effort than some big name productions.

xfinafire : Legend says that to this day, he still doesn't know who killed Hannibal.

alflex621 : Lmfao dead

Myles Whittymore : Eric Andre desperately attempts to escape his tormentor Hannibal Buress and immediately forgets the entire situation, revealing that he truly is in hell

Ado Rednes : Bird up .......

FrostyFroakie64 #2 : This looks disturbingly real...

Golden State Warriors fan since 2015 : I like how he reloaded and shot him again

Buck Artist : I know it’s fake. Gun flashes are rare. No bullet casings drop. AND THATS SOME MESSY SHOOTING

NyronLaMedici : Who Killed Captain Alex (2010)