MAGFest 14 (2016) - Bit Brigade - Ninja Gaiden - Full Performance

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Felipe : 18:51 Stage 4-2!!

Tien Huynh : Long time childhood games!!!my favorite music 4-2 and Boss 1

Sludge311 : That windmill star at 19:22 is nuts. Also the best song in the game is playing

Alx Pantoja : AMAZING!!! FUCKING GREAT!!! I love it lml

Nikolas Addonizio : I love the old Ninja Gaidens. Jaquio would always frustrate me though.


aburg10s : Kind of disappointed they didn't premiere a new game, but this is their most solid video recording of NG by far. Much needed. BB if you read this, Blaster Master next!

Jeremy Seal : The best NES game. Great music and no slow-down like Mega Man.

perdedoronline : 18:54-19:44, I shed a tear.

Yuri Dickson : The epicness of this can't be defined. Jesus Christ this is awesome stuff..

Gabriel Gantz : Shatterhand,please :D

Minion066 : As an old-school Ninja Gaiden fan, this is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen in my life

Linky : Amazing.........4-2 wonderfull

Paulo nh : the drummer is unable to follow the same rhythm from the original music, sometimes...

lackbeard2 : They play 3-2 from 2 during 4-1 and 1-1 from 2 during 6-3

Yahya Milano : my best game "nes" nintendo year 1995

Jeremy Seal : I hope they do Mega Man 9 at some point. 2 is great but so is 9.

Phil : the bastard is cheating on the bosses. killing them in one hit.

Lee Shuang : so epic!god job Bit Brigade

cowchipsbotme : Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug, this game is so good.

spectreman 76 : guardia DE mieux would be proud.

Daddy & Monkey : U can clear all these levels like that? You're a super human freak!

Josh Dillon : I love that they added some tracks from the other Ninja Gaiden games.

Mark Roman : not that it matters, but did a dude kiss that other dude?

Emer alvarez gomez : Incredible, excellent, more than perfect.

Simon Alberto Orellana : BUENISIMO......

level1online : i approve...

Snake : Просто бальзам в уши

Mooglebait : Did they play Parastrider for 4-1 that comes from Ninja Gaiden 2??

Israel Romero : Esta muy buena la música saquen ninja gaiden 2 y 3 y también ninja gaiden exbox , contra. 2 , 3 y 4 y clastevania 2 , 3 y 4 y también clastevania exbox por favor y le deseo más éxito

DragonCyan023 : OMG stage 4 - 2 and the final song its sounds crazy...just awesome

Ryukenden : This is Oscar and Grammy!! God its AMAZING!!!!!!!

Andy Shick : 39:21 i before e except after c. Which is weird, since like 20 seconds earlier, it was spelled right

fake1909 : You guys are amazing! Come to Mexico City!!

Thunder Kat : Love the camera position and well put blue lights...congrats on that job

Dwin : just saw them play megaman 2 and ninja gaiden at replayfx in pittsburgh. I was absolutely blown away. not only makes me wanna play some old school NES, but pick up my piano and drums and start making video game cover music. i've been inspired!

Marrow : I love when he one shots the first level boss. And how does this player not die on one of the hardest Nintendo games?

sudicalwig : This word gets thrown around too much these days but, EPIC! Wish I had a couple of beers to this.

The Mr2000 Show com : So what did they do to the game to make it so easy?

Yang Chen : 13:12!!!

mckenzie tompkins : wow all i have to say is AWESOME !

utexas kid : Epic!!

kurzackd : setlist pls? I want to hear that track that was "Sprinting Riffs" in ocremix

Goof Love : thanks a lot bit brigade and this uploder or this video

Christian Vega : man the good old days. i wanna go back to those days. epic.

Rafael Richards : 39:20 Excellent reaction from the People...! Almost tears...!

OBI-WAN KENOBI : it's nice to remember the good games, I congratulate you for this great video.

makaveli thuglife : plus ninja gaiden foe life 123

Dave Voyles : Can't believe I missed this.

Vandi Colombo : perfeito !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!