The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

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Stephanie Romero : Ringo Starr <3

Lizbeth de la cruz : 2018??? Mucho tiempo

Axel Galán : 22K people let me down.

Yellow Flash : True musicians

THFC Boi : 2018

Dave Harris : 18yo and sitting in a theater in May 1970 when a really wore out film promo for the Let It Be movie came on the huge movie screen. I literally almost wet my pants with excitement, because except for 2 movies, and a few magazines we had heard, but had never seen them before..! A week earlier my brother had left a copy of the album on the dining room table. I remember picking it up and was thrilled that I had all these new songs to listen to.! I still remember the excitement to this day.

LIBER MONSALVE : "The Beatles"

daytripper9 : Masterpiece, simply.

Musa Murshed : Chainsmokers "Don't Let Me Down" : 1 Billion Views Beatles "Don't Let Me Down" : 125 Million *The human race loses brain cells everyday*

LIBER MONSALVE : No que viejos se ven! Las patillas y la barba jajajaa, grandes The Beatles!!

animalsong : FIRST BEATLE VIDEO TO REACH 100 MILLION!! YAS ... Hey Jude is coming for that 100 million too

The Gypsy King : 2:55 Paul McCarthy “yeah”

Urban Beasts : 2:51 - 2:53 Ringo: "Which bit comes next? ... oh yeah" 😂

AcheR : Las mejores bandas, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Guns And Roses, Metallica, Green Day, etc

Luis Humberto Padilla Cardoso : I love them

clsman89 : It took 200,000 years of modern Homo Sapiens for 4 guys like these to meet.

LIBER MONSALVE : Paul McCartney está te contento para tocar y el Ringo está como distraído jajaja grandes

DarLex : Si el día en que me muera no ponen está canción en mi funeral, odiare a mi familia por toda la eternidad

Muhammad Ahmad : When he sings ," it's the love that lasts forever/ its the love that has no past. 😘😍

Mitch Feder : I'll be turning 60 this year and I still haven't had enough of The Beatles. i listen to their music every day and will continue to do so until the day I die. The End will be the last song played at my funeral.

Cherada FC : 2018!!!!!! The Beatles fueron, son y seguirán siendo la mejor banda jamás creada en la historia de la humanidad. The Beatles son como los autos clásicos nunca pasarán de moda.

Ruth Setera : 2018 anyone?

Chris Merbach : Billy Preston's keyboard is such an intrical part of this song. The 5th Beatle

Erickson De Leon : Rip John Lennon

Ash Marie : My 3 yr old son loves this song I would say it's his favorite Beatle song , cause everytime they sing "Dont Let Me Down" he screams along with them as loud as he can. . .

kaits23 : It's so nice to see them all so happy and vibrant while playing and singing. I love the Beatles! ❤

Edward Stroud : Rest In Peace Jamie N. Reed Dec 24,2017. The man that showed me this song.

Nadia Nadia : I fell in love with some of their music ever since I saw the movie musical with Jim sturgess and Evan Rachel wood; Across the universe

james broussard : Highest paid drummer, Starkey. And deservingly so. He's a fantastic drummer. Drives the band, makes it musical, doesn't try to over complicate it. He's smooth.

SavageSmith : This is my very favorite band

Ruben Delgadillo : The 21k dislikes have let the Beatles down!

Master Idiot : The Beatles Live for the last time --- January 30, 1969.

Luana do Vale Gomes : I'm 24 years old and last days I've been listening to the Beatles' songs to be sure they really were this good at it. They're simply much better than I've ever imagined. Like gods.

Luz Elena Pules Valles : Excelente rola

Cara Dillon : One of the best videos on the internet

XxPET3RxX : *Esta canción seguira en mi corazon hasta que llegue mi hora de morir*

Jessica 0915 : omg these songs don't never get old 😍🖑

alejandro romero : Just heard this today and it became my fav song🌈

maile chew : it's impossible to not love the beatles, they're so powerful

jr132 : In a time that was so tough for them with all of their fighting, I think they really enjoyed this. Look how much fun John and Paul are having looking at each other and smiling. Probably thinking of their old days playing live.

GunCollector007 : Still awesome!!

Danny Kind : there's the Beatles, and then everyone else

Chris Casa : Ever notice the greatest band all time never turned their backs to the audience?

Mitch Feder : Less than a year until the 50th anniversary of this final live performance of the greatest musical force of the past 200 years. I'm glad I was alive and old enough to appreciate the brilliance of this music which will last until the end of time.

Issachar Tan : Man loved❤️ paul mcartney's beard 😭😍

David Giannino : It was one of the best times in my life to have been in the UK on January 30th 1969 and go see the apple building and then to climb the fire escape next to it and see them preform for their last time in public. something you always treasure forever.

Bakesy jk : What a song. Just what a bloody song.

[G] On!x : 124 millions views.......OMGGGGGG!!!!!! GOOD GOOOOD NICEEE!!!

Patrick Corrigan : One of the greatest songs to ever be created on this earth.

Eric Hurst : Those men can and could really play. Forever. Its the love thats last forever. Amen. ☺👍😆