The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

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Cherada FC : 2018!!!!!! The Beatles fueron, son y seguirán siendo la mejor banda jamás creada en la historia de la humanidad. The Beatles son como los autos clásicos nunca pasarán de moda

Beatle Boy : Who the hell disliked this!

Mauricio Vera : Quien la sigue escuchando en este 2018

krista : There will never be a band like this ever again.


ThatToyBonnieGuy : Ah the rooftop concert!!! Good ol' 69! LOL!

Samuel Sisela : 49 years ago !!

pmcate2 : honestly who the fuck would call a noise complaint

Ian Prescott : I’ve accepted the fact that anyone who believes in the “Paul is dead” conspiracy theory has some kind of mental defect

Leslie Nielsen : Best Of The Best !!

MushroomVortex : I like this version much better than the studio version

Diego : 20 thousand people thought that dislike button was a download button. It's the only explanation.

Maria Guilhermina : can people make music like this again please?

Daniel .DeRuyter : I think half of these views are from me.

Samuel Bustillo : Best band of the world

Ramona Soants : Paul McCartney looks freaking perf here.

Peter De Grouw : Still jamming it in 2018 and fucking love it!!!

Lovorka Nikšić : hahaha that move on 0:38

Brian Robbins : I'm going to be the one who gives a shout out to one of the most amazing piano/keyboard player/composers ever. Billy Preston. He was a Beatle for a few short months but will live forever in his and their music.

Rishabh Gupta : Hey chainsmokers... Oops! Wrong video.

Super gordo : Brasil 2018 essa banda 😍💎

Pastel : Excellent piano solo

max junior : Those people at the back have no idea that they're witnessing history.

diversao rula : 100 000 000 views!!!!!!!!

Tio Gattai : Vim aqui escutar Beatles só pra lembrar de quando a musica era boa. Hoje em dia é Funk pra lá e Funk pra cá

Joe Perez : when real music was made with soul.......

Scheilch horse lover 2,000,000 : I knew them scince i was 4 years old and now im 10

Taneka Clemons : Billy Preston!! 😍😍

Mar Melo : This is why living in this day and age and youtube are so fucking brilliant, being able to witness such an awesome moment that happened years and years before i was born, as well as the endless library of both older and newer music that has never been so easy to access.

king shaman : Why O why O WHY can't people make music like this anymore? Just some nice guitars, some drums and some creamy Fender / Wurly slathered all over it?

Charleybones : I was thinking about the Beatles today after hearing the Stones "Satisfaction" on the radio, and found myself wondering why exactly the Beatles were able to transcend every other great band from their generation - including the Stones. And it came to me that perhaps the reason why is because despite their making it to the absolute top (they couldn't even leave their homes for a cigarette without causing a riot), rather than become stifled and captive by their enormous fame, they kept creating great song after great song. And while the world in the tumultuous 1960's nearly came apart with the Vietnam War, the racial riots with cities across the country burning,  murders which threatened to topple the US government with the assignations of major political leaders one after the other, the women's rights revolution,  the psychedelic hippy movement in which an entire generation of young people became so disenfranchised from their parents and the government that they broke away and started their own communes, students burned down university buildings, and the National guard started killing innocent teens. No one knew how far it could go and turned on the evening news scared. And during all of this, the Beatles were there with love songs (Because, Julia, Don't Let Me Down, Something, Got to Get You into my Life, I Will, Two of Us, Here There and Everywhere) ) peace songs (Give Peace a Chance), ballads, lullabies (Good Night, , revolutionary and political songs (happiness is a Warm Gun, Revolution, Get Back, , Why Don't We Do it in the Road) silly songs to make you smile (Bungalow Bill, Rocky Racoon, Ob la Di Ob la Da", children's songs (Yellow Submarine, Piggies, Octopus's Garden), and songs of hope (Let it Be, The Long and Winding Road, Here Comes the Sun, Good Day Sunshine) and many many others. When these songs came out and hit the airwaves around the world, it was almost like the Beatles sent a message for everyone to take a step back, smile a little, laugh, cry a little, and smoke a cigarette - or a joint. So powerful was their music in the 60's. People who were not alive in the 60's, or were not old enough to appreciate what their parents and older sisters and brothers were going thru, have nothing to compare it to. They were the inspiration for an entire generation around the world. It is entirely possible that they and their music played a significant part in holding the world together in some of its most dangerous and radical times.

Elaina Williams : I saw a version of this (probably 1st take), where John distorted the 3rd verse...It was hilarious.

Isa Ferreira : Adoro! Me traz paz essa musica

Its Stevie : Happy 77th birthday John Rip 1940-1980✌🏻 give peace a chance

Francesco Aelo : 2018?

The California Garage : Dude I’m 17 and I used to be into new music until I got my 1979 Lincoln with an 8 track player which made me get a shit ton of 8 tracks now I can only listen to music made before 1995

NYC : 49 years ago today, still the greatest!

Aris Arthur : "& from the first time that she really done me" They start looking at George & begin laughing with him. I guess it's because when George lost his Virginity, they were outside of his room cheering for him. 😹 I'm not sure if that reference was intended. Hahaha! This song is one of my ultimate favourites. It just makes you levitate like no other musician can do.

Azuan Syakirin : the melody is just so...........relaxing

yosuto : this could be my favourite song of all time.

José Requena : Paul is so hot!!!! I want him so bad oh my lord jesus aleluya!!!

Jinsuki : 0:38

Bruno : a 20 mil regetoneros de mierda no les gusto esto, que se caguen

Ziggy Stardust : Who else is watching this in June?

Joe Postove : Did John ask Yoko to wait downstairs in the car?

Dave Harris : 18yo and sitting in a theater in May 1970 when a really wore out film promo for the Let It Be movie came on the huge movie screen. I literally almost wet my pants with excitement, because except for 2 movies, and a few magazines we had heard, but had never seen them before..! A week earlier my brother had left a copy of the album on the dining room table. I remember picking it up and was thrilled that I had all these new songs to listen to.! I still remember the excitement to this day.

Ade Young : Lennon song.......Tight as.......................

Laura Marcus : It was 49 years ago today...

elcaifo : Forever masters. There'll be never, ever another band like the Beatles. Ever.

MariaCristina Salvemini : I Love this Song 😍😍😍