The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

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Chef Z : these lucky bastards were watching the band's last public show

1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM : They done me good

Stephen Chase : Congratulations on getting almost 1,400,000 subscribers and 833,800,000 worldwide views!! And, congratulations on getting 600,000,000 albums/singles sold worldwide!!

marco 1712 : just love beatles, they are and will always be all my life

Marlen Skivl : Don't let me down, don't let me down Don't let me down, don't let me down Nobody ever loved me like she does Oh, she does, yeah, she does And if somebody loved me like she do me Oh, she do me, yes, she does Don't let me down, don't let me down Don't let me down, don't let me down I'm in love for the first time Don't you know it's gonna last It's a love that lasts forever It's a love that had no past Don't let me down, don't let me down Don't let me down, don't let me down And from the first time that she really done me Oh, she done me, she done me good I guess nobody ever really done me Oh, she done me, she done me good Don't let me down, hey, don't let me down Heee! Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down, don't let me let down Can you dig it? Don't let me down

Vitality Massage : "She done me good."

nikpapagiorgio63 : It is impossible to be more cool than Paul Mcartney is right here...   just saying

Sofía Puente de la Vega : *_the perfect band doesn’t exi-_*

yuri zzz : Imagine walking along the street and suddenly you hear this.

Cam yolo : The Greatest Band in History....

Brad Thompson : I walked by that damn building for years... and they never came out for an encore.

Sofía Puente de la Vega : *_George looks so good in this!_*

MC W : I see Yoko over there sulking in the corner

SquidkidMega : yoko in the corner at 1:47 looking like the little girl from "the ring"

Axel Galán : 22K people let me down.

Johnny Cardinale : John Lennon is the best vocalist in music history. The Stones where supposed to be the harder edged British band, (and Zepplin)..they can both take a back seat to this song, which wasn't even a big hit for the Beatles.

Glenn Hall : This performance shows why all four are considered GREAT.

Samuel Bustillo : Who agrees that this is the best band of the world

G Hal : How lucky this rooftop final performance was captured on video. Magic moment of rock. Thank you Beatles

YellowFlash Comics : True musicians

destiny : i don’t know what it is about this song, but it makes me miss people i’ve never met and places i’ve never been to. it makes me feel like i was there watching them; even though i definitely was not. it’s a lovely song by lovely people. ♥️

Mike Keller : The only Beatles concert where you can actually hear the band.

Steve Smith : The greatest band in history is an understatement. The influence they had is still evident in today's music 50 years later. Yes, there are some who have never heard of The Beatles, there are those who do not realize Paul McCartney was a member of the group, yet there influence remains just the same. Not only in music, but recording techniques that pioneered a vast new concept in song structure and textures. I was 12 when their first song hit this country and the songs still fascinate me today. I can never tire of them. The beautiful simplicity of their early bittersweet songs and their musicianship is nothing short of amazing. With today's technology, I have been hearing things on their recordings I could never hear on am radio at the time. Thanks for posting this!

Bruce Maddox : why didn't security throw Yoko off the roof?

MONTAGUE : 2:03 When John sings "She done me.", all of the Beatles are trying not to laugh. XD

Filip L : Back when musicians were talented

Lisa House : Even through the rough times, these guys loved each other. Timeless.

WikiTool : Ah the 1960s, truly the golden age. JFK became president, we beat the communists to the moon, seatbelts on cars were optional not to mention no regulations on gas so you had your big block chargers, and best of all the Beatles came to revolutionize the way we see music.

Sofía Puente de la Vega : *_they really done me good_*

Dave Harris : 18yo and sitting in a theater in May 1970 when a really wore out film promo for the Let It Be movie came on the huge movie screen. I literally almost wet my pants with excitement, because except for 2 movies, and a few magazines we had heard, but had never seen them before..! A week earlier my brother had left a copy of the album on the dining room table. I remember picking it up and was thrilled that I had all these new songs to listen to.! I still remember the excitement to this day.

ivan galdamez : Esto es musica no mamadas Saludos a todos los gringitos

Simon Holdaway : Billy Preston adds the twinkle to this tune....magic

Syd Poletaev : Big respect to Billy Preston, who seems to be highly unnoticed by commentators!

LimeTime : Today was the first day I really sat down and listened to The Beatles and this performance really strikes out at me. There seems to be so much genuine emotion and good vibes from one of, if not the the greatest band of all time. What i see here is just 4 friends playing together at the top of the world remembering why they got into music in the first place. A very special performance

XxPET3RxX : *Esta canción seguira en mi corazon hasta que llegue mi hora de morir*

Carolina Gonzalez : 2018!?💖

Aidan Gamer : The people who disliked it were people who had there phone upside down

Z P : Lucky police detail lol they got paid to be up there

Ruben Martinez : Paul invented the casual suit look in 1969.

Stephanie Romero : Ringo Starr <3

Los blogs de Luis : Que no eran los borbotones?

Barca10 : legendary

Max Meeder : The Beatles, the best ever. 🖤

Zuhayr Nabeebocus : 2018?

Lizbeth de la cruz : 2018??? Mucho tiempo

Díaz : 2018??

Alejandro Erazo : 0:39 you're welcome

Tic Toc Bang : Genius at work.

Krosti el paiaso norteño :] : Thanks Yoko for dissapear the band >:'v

GunCollector007 : Still awesome!!