Surya Bonaly 1998 Olympics Backflip

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ScarletFBL : She is so badass. Doing an illegal move, ending her performance with her back to the judges. I want to be excited about sports like this again.

Kat g : Surya trained in gymnastics as well...she has amazing athletic ability and Surya is still the only to do the back-flip and land on ONE count them ONE skate.  No one else has done this...not even the men.  Unfortunately the world of skating has their ideals on who they think should be on the ice.  I have always thought Surya to be a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

Entity of Existence : sexism racism corruption conformity

B.Marie.A : it always amuses me when I remember that the ice skating community banned this phenomenal move because a black person literally raised the bar and white people where to bitter to do better so they banned a move that would bring progress to the sport but then she raised the bar AGAIN she needs a movie

Jadine Otero : I'm here because of radiolab


sonic brown : I don't watch this sport anymore. The judging is very sketchy at best. I wish it would decline in popularity and go away.

Charlee Jay : I remember this like yesterday also.  The judges deducted points, not only because it was a 'surprise'.  They also cited, "That was a man's move."  AS IF it was Surya's fault that NO females and only 2 male skaters had ever succesfully performed a backward somersault on ice? 

Alex Sanchez : RadioLab. Amazing story... great determination against establishment.

MissRosinacat : Legal or otherwise isn't really the point. When you watch her spin, you can see that basically she was not that good. Far too much travel on the spin. But as shock tactics go, a back flip will do it!

GeorgiaIsOnMyMind : One of the great moments of not just the olympics or winter olympics but of humanity.

DARREN MONTY : If only she had the grace with her jumps, she would have been hard to beat.

Jay Lin : For those of y'all who hated, it only made her more creative.

Vousie V : Yeah... Surya was the only one to ever land a backflip on one foot. Which is insanely impressive. The judges said backflips aren't allowed because it lands on two feet, so she landed it on one. But it still doesn't change the fact that other than that, she's a pretty poor figure skater. She's a bit of a one-trick pony.

aurora mokris : RADIOLAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alexleanh : Judges in figure skating are overwhelmingly white old men and sometimes old women who are mostly conservativists, traditionalists, strict rule-enforcers, and definitely bias (consciously or sub-consciously). The sport is an art form that is hard to judge in the first place. Arts just like beauty... it's all in the eye of the beholder. Who's to say a Picasso is better than a Rembrandt (or vice versa)?

Robert : why is that not allowed . is it because the others cant do it . she did it clean

Audio Visual Proof : Why is it when someone who is Black, competing in a sport, pulls off something so amazing and so profound with a difficulty level that most other athletes cannot accomplish, it gets banned from competition? It's because Black athletes strive to set the bar higher and higher while other athletes of other races, who know they cannot compete, establish rules in order to stay in their comfort zone to make themselves feel better about their inadequacies in any sport.

Jordan Mcnally : radiolab brought me here

Tori R : anyone here from snapchat???

aisha : she is so powerful and determined

Ken Wehrheim : Is there a video of this that wasn't filmed using a carrot?

Richard Gleaves : Her smile says it all

grytlappar : What a badass. The ultimate rebel.

Czos Sosnkowy : She's the only athlete I remember from when I was 5. Now I remembered why <3

Loreto Penaloza Merschel : Radiolab

Ride1098 : Thank you Radiolab.

KevinRPD : Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

T Ridley : Radiolab...

Allison Anderson : One of the most talented figure skaters to ever live. Cheated out of so many medals. That backflip move is unbelievable! Anyone who disses her is either racist/blind.

pinkie24 : badass!!

Brian the Lightning Bolt : She was born to make history, on ICE!!

MrBruinman86 : So why did the judges deduct points for this move?

Diego V : im here from reddit

Yomamalikesbacon : Wow that was beautiful

Basil Rodericks : In massive pain. GIRL!!!

Chris Clark : such horrible quality, someone please upload a better video of the backflip......please?

Mike : im here cuz of redit

pleoj : She had a huge problem to get gold medals at that time : she was black !

Damien O'Brien : Hi Reddit!

bishop1029 : badass

Shoney Williams : That is so awesome

Don Tanner : This move blew Our minds !!!

Mohamed Momofunk : RACISM

pleoj : Hum, how many black skaters have got a gold medal in history ....?


ScrappyDoo Gal : I'm here because I like ice skating.

PolarGenre : im here from another youtube video

hey buddy you in cape town? : SHE WENT THERE. OH MY GOD.

Floyd Allen : Bona lee is a monster period