Scooter Flamethrowers-Scooter Pimp #3
Underseat Flamethrowers Scooter Pimp 3

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Extending Under Seat Flamethrowers......tick So phase one of my scooter pimp is done with better wheels,60mm lift,stero,Hydraulic 10ft elevating seat and now undersea auto flame-throwers. So subscribe so you don't miss Phase 2 after a few other crazy builds I JUST WANNA SMELL YOUR LEGS XXX To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here Wheels n Stereo Hydraulic Seat Check Tony's channel out here and see how an actual engineer works well his hands anyway. See my other crazy vehicles 70mph Mobility Scooter Jet Cart Jet Bike Hoverbike Hot Tub BMW Bicycle of Springs Crazy Loud Exhaust 100mph Dodgem Social stuff here people Twitter Instagram Facebook Music 1st Track is called "dislocated" by "Not tonight and the headaches" it runs from the start till about 2.15 so its in background really, more from them here Visit 2nd Track (the first loud one lol) is called "Vultures" and is by" Murica" Spotify - Web -,uk YoutTube - Facebook - Bandcamp - 3rd Track is called "Rooftops" and is by "Braincoats" more on them here 4th Track is by "Freeze the Atlantic" and is called "Revolting" from there latest album Buy: Stream: Follow: In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to as all music on this channel is from viewers #furze #flamethrower #invention


Spooky Spookleton : "If you can get your head in there, you can get a flamethrower in there." This is such an inspirational quote.

zantos o2t3a : If colin commits a crime I'm 1000 percent sure he is escaping prison

Jaime Silva : Back to the future when George Mcfly is eating peanut brittle watch television with his family at the dinner table.

Obi : HAHAAHAH i almost died laughing when i realized it was a fake hand

00f King : You should try to make a jurasic park glass driveable ball that would be realy awsome.

Can we get to 1000 subs from just comments? : Elon musk wants to know your location

Tex : Is there a legal way to switch fathers?

DanieI Joseph : 0:20 “As my mother used to say” 😝

Wall of glass : It's lacking a form of propulsion on the back... ;)

This Old Tony : like my mom used to say.. lmao. smooth transition! Now if you'd be so kind as to send that right hand back... it's been a lonely couple of weeks here.

Ben Hallows : Random man: hahaha look at that man on that scooter it looks silly Colin: how dare you say that Flamethrowers pop out and fire Random man: aahhhhhhhh help me

Justin Pletka : First Spark Igniter Test: *Aims flamethrower at tank of highly flammable gas* Lmao

Jos Tromp : Pleaase, come back to thus one soon!!! (can't wait any longer)

Wall of glass : These should be sold commercially

afk4dyz : My mom used to say the same thing.

Sir Billius : You just took something that was probably kinda barely street legal, and put a flamethrower on it.

chickenfist : colin you should write 'This book isn't safe vol. 2'.

Ziga Semprimoznik : You are a ginies...... I lovet

GD FL3X : The reason I subscribe to your channel is because you make childish dreams come true! One time I said when I was five, someone was on a mobility scooter I said they are slow!! Put a huge engine on it and make it really fast! And then you made a 70mph one, with a flamethrower and a moving seat, whatever next? A built in rocket launcher?!

Lord Farquaad's Beautiful Chest Hair : You know if someone steals colin's stuff he'll rise up to their bedroom window with a scooter lmao

Junius Pimentel : "Colin! If you can get your head under it, you can fit a flamethrower in it.! -Colin's Mum Coolest mum ever.. haha 🤣🤣 Also love your vids m8 keep it up..

Bosted Tap : Perfect: Senior citizens can now clean their own house windows, no one else has their windows cleaned now, ref cleaner cars, smokeless fuels etc. Flame thrower means they can trim the privet hedge. Brilliant!

Fred Flintstone : What kind of nutter thinks a mobility scooter needs a lift chair, and flame throwers? My kind of nutter.....

Mathew Betts : You should be working for NASA Colin Furze


Salty Bill : if you add 4 outriggers. old people can look over crowds and see whats going on. brilliant

BurntFaceMan : Stage 4 safety gear to prevent serious cases of burned grandpa.

Vintagemotors Always : Back to the future I. The character is George McFly played by Crispin Glover the scene is right before Marty's brother Dave leaves for work. They are all watching a Jackie Gleason rerun when George pours a bowl of Sophie May Peanut Brittle and then starts laughing at the show.

Bingbong 2334 : You make the impossible, seem possible I’m subbing for sure

NLvideomaster : Wow this is a full evil machine for when you grow older @collinfurze, when you become an EVIL genius! :D

Magnus Johansson : Hahaha..... I LOVE YOU DUDE!!!!

asta e : You are a motherf. badass.... Love your ideas! I'm drinking a strongbow for you right now. Cheers man!

Normund : Sits next to flamethrowers with shorts like a boss

justpaulo : 8:43 You kept the 3D printed plastic "things" next to where the flame comes out. Good job mate ! The chance of fire hazard is now 100% while before was only 99%.

Joe Oliver : Colin, that is a perfect, spot on George McFly impression from Back to the Future!

STAG162 : It's Crispin Glover from the original Back To The Future who did that scene, laughing at Jackie Gleeson on the TV

Pesterenan : I'm so happy to know that you watch This Old Tony aswell :D, I loved the bit at 2:20

Keith Willet : George McFly in Back to the Future, watching reruns of Jacky Gleason...WHILE THEY EAT!!!

Sports Addiction : If he gave that to the elderly they would probably think it was a super scooter

Luke Arts : This Old Tony is a LEGEND and definitely deserves your tribute! Thanks for shouting out to him!

Alexander Thrasher : "If you can fit your head in it, you can fit a flamethrower" Thank you for the inspiring quote Colins mom.

Heavy Weapons Guy : Idea: Wooden bookshelf door, but with a security measure. Also, you are an awesome person, creator, and mad scientist.

Visible Confusion : he used his right hand so much it turned to plastic

Hooded Creeper : This is by far my favorite channel on youtube. You Crack me up man

Dozer1642 : Not really sure why I never did subscribe up till now. Anyway, that’s taken care of.

TCG_AssassinoBro : Hey Colin, if people attack you and you burn them how are you going to get away? Answer: Really good motor!

Stephen Thomas : Give it a Rocket Bunny Body kit A Ram And deployable hooks like on a jeep for offroading

FireWaffles : Hacksmith with his spy car and you with your scooter, once both of you are finished face them off against each other

Don't even try it : "If you can fit your head in it, you can put a flamethrower there.." I can rest now :')