Underseat Flamethrowers-Scooter Pimp #3

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colinfurze : Phase 1 complete and looking strong, I'll dive into a few other crazy builds then return with phase 2 but what do you wanna see in phase 2 and have you enjoy'd this series and want more like it. also subscribe if you haven't as loads of watchers are not subscribers and its only a click http://bit.ly/2I6f0bv

Spooky Spookleton : "If you can get your head in there, you can get a flamethrower in there." This is such an inspirational quote.

Obi : HAHAAHAH i almost died laughing when i realized it was a fake hand

Isaac Mun : If colin commits a crime I'm 1000 percent sure he is escaping prison

Jaime Silva : Back to the future when George Mcfly is eating peanut brittle watch television with his family at the dinner table.

Bonk Modz : that right hand tho 😂

This Old Tony : like my mom used to say.. lmao. smooth transition! Now if you'd be so kind as to send that right hand back... it's been a lonely couple of weeks here.

DanieI Joseph : 0:20 “As my mother used to say” 😝

Tim Z : Still safer than Chinese Escalators. LOL

Nikunj Thakar : Bro make human flying drone ..... Like Cassey neistat.....

w302ful : Can you build a litle armored tank with track and gun (flame thrower, termite luncher or whatever)?

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : he used his right hand so much it turned to plastic

Ben Louie : Colin I love it how you make these crazy inventions for he love of them not for money like those other youtubers who overload their videos with ads... i watch the ads to help you make just the smallest amount of money because you are a really great yotuber who does cool things as a hobby not for money

the furry gamer : Elon musk wants to know your location

Space duck : It's lacking a form of propulsion on the back... ;)

chickenfist : colin you should write 'This book isn't safe vol. 2'.

Space duck : These should be sold commercially


Great Britain : 0:49 hahahahahah

SCARlet_DRaKox13 : Crazy scientists do exist.. And they are amazing

vt : now, we only need a jet engine on that and boom, the *perfect sccoter*

thomgamer : Hi Colin, is it possible to create a playlist on Spotify or Deezer with all songs from yours videos ? Regards

Tex : Is there a legal way to switch fathers?

Bingbong 2334 : You make the impossible, seem possible I’m subbing for sure

FireWaffles : Hacksmith with his spy car and you with your scooter, once both of you are finished face them off against each other

Samson5erb Rocks : Can you make it like a tank so when your chair is fully retracted you have complete side protection and a little bit of back protection and don't forget RGB LEDs

Mats Norway : Improvement suggestion for the flamethrower. Ditch the holes in the barrel. And instead have reed valves venting into it. Another thing to try is to have the barrel conical. but with the narrow tip as the exhaust.

Tiamo Ross : I dare you to make a car that can jump 👍👍

Minion'_ ' : can you please build a VERY fast electric skateboard?

Jay Malone : This is the safest scooter ever! lol

Questionable Rager : The reason I subscribe to your channel is because you make childish dreams come true! One time I said when I was five, someone was on a mobility scooter I said they are slow!! Put a huge engine on it and make it really fast! And then you made a 70mph one, with a flamethrower and a moving seat, whatever next? A built in rocket launcher?!

GAMER 511 : Colin... You've done it again. YOUR AMAZING! I wish I was you :P You should make it able to: You know with crane lorries, they always have them like stilts that comes out of the side of them. You should make them on this... thingy scooter but, when you deploy them, FIRE WORKS SET OFF! :P Or you could add a drink machine to it :P

ChiefWasp : There illegal in Britain tho

Reapers ••• : I have a good challenge. Can you try to make your own animal kaiser machine

Vintagemotors Always : Back to the future I. The character is George McFly played by Crispin Glover the scene is right before Marty's brother Dave leaves for work. They are all watching a Jackie Gleason rerun when George pours a bowl of Sophie May Peanut Brittle and then starts laughing at the show.

Captain_Coleton : George McFly

Masterwizard25 : If you make it more balanced (which I expect would help with your falling over problem), make the bottom waterproof, and add a deploy-able boat motor, could it double as a sea-doo?

Vindicator Jones : Mad Max's Mobility Scooter for when he retires

ヅMaster[TTPNKOJINCT] : Русские есть? Хотя стоп они же везде

Keith Willet : George McFly in Back to the Future, watching reruns of Jacky Gleason...WHILE THEY EAT!!!

jt gunner : Back to the Future. Hello McFly!!!!!

Dariune : as close as you'll get to a mecha robot in real life

Taylor Buie : Totally George McFly. BTTF is the Best !

cumato : Do you still reply to comments you once replied to me and i lost my mind

Paul P : Who spotted the fake hand?

SquawkImABird : Happy wheels?

wondiw : Try to make a microwave transformer

T Dubya : Back to the Future!

Ian Kyle Maturan : WTF. This is the only video in this series that is in my subs.

afk4dyz : My mom used to say the same thing.