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JackA ss : "What happens next is shocking." SHOCKINH SHOCKINGGGGGGGGGGGGG (NO CLICKBAIT)

Revrant : Makes me nervous how much this kid keeps grabbing the controls

TheDutchyNL : The power of autism

Capture Uncapturable : 99% he's Asperger. Amazing kids

MattieCooper : Why does he have to have autism, why can't he just be brilliant?

Paul Williams : kids smarter than a lot of people I know

Moderator of r/feminism and r/atheist : Hello Reddit xD

Snooby66 : I hate click-bait titles and downvote them immediately. - but this isn't one, and gets a thumbs up from me.

BigGiantCircles : Is no one going to acknowledge how awesome his shirt is?

Lord Kek : Will he be able to pilot a plane if he has Aspergers? I can tell with the way he talks and parents who have kids with the syndrome have also commented on other videos of the same boy, and they said he has Aspergers.

scythE : Oh cool.. He memorized something he read or watched . . .

buerger3 : All that knowledge will help him later alot when he has to say:"Welcome to Mc Donalds, your order please.."

Semsem Eini : He's so cute.

Abdalmalek Zarzor : The child is imagined with the pilot, an Egyptian Egyptian son named Adam Mohammed Amer After the video circulation of the Egyptian child Adam, who entered the cockpit of the commander of the plane, and talked about accurate details about how the plane worked and take off, and other details needed by the captain while driving the plane, met "Arab.Net" Captain Samer, who met the child Adam and his picture. Samer told Al that after we landed at Rabat airport in Morocco, the hostess told me that there was a child who wanted to meet me. I told her to wait a little while until the passengers were ready to leave. I asked her to let him in. I spoke to him in English. Although I live in New York, I have no doubt that this child may be Arab or even have Arab roots. " "When I spoke to him I expected him to be an American because of the language he had, and then he started talking about the engines and the landing process and how they were done, an indicator of the keys to the operation. He talked about how to take off and when to use the wings of the plane. Camera and asked him to speak. " He continued: "The Secretariat surprised me, he has not only information, but even managed the mechanism of its work, and predicted that one of his parents work by flying, but I was surprised that his parents have nothing to do with it. As for his knowledge of the nationality of the Arab child, he explained: "I asked him about his parents, and when I met them, I asked his father where you were from." He replied that he was Egyptian and his mother was Moroccan. When asked where he had this knowledge of flying? "I have learned from the host that he talked to them about the plane, its details, the safety means, the emergency exits, when it operates, and how the emergency is handled," he said. The pilot said in his speech that the child Adam has information in the cabin of the pilot is not owned by most hosts in most airlines. When asked about the deployment of the section, the pilot, Samer, denied that he had published the clip saying, "Because I am an aviation coach who placed him on our own site and a specific group, and I was alerted to the privacy of the section, but I was surprised that it was spread not only on the Arab level but also globally, . The pilot concluded that he is in contact with the father and son, stressing the need to care for these children, and provide an environment conducive to the development of their talents.