In Rwanda, His Drones Are Saving Lives

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Midnight Cravings : Well done. Promising future for this gentleman.

Zain Khan : Rwanda has a future. And it's a damn bright one!

Oraro Maochi : better than dropping bombs.

Vlado : Unique job ! Unique action ! Unique and real Man ! I take off my hat ... Unique and touching video from Bloomberg ! Thank You dear Friends ! Vl'ado. Aug 16,2018

Thomas Ahn : Great work Bloomberg. Did not expect such depth.

Beatboxer Klash : Less like Rwanda. More like Wakanda!!!

Dzaki Taufiiqul Hakim : I don't know how, but I'm feeling so touched by this man's story :'(

Mo Money : This must be the coolest job on the planet!

Siddharth Kumar : Future of Africa is bright

Abdirahman Hunle : Love to Rwanda 🇷🇼🖤, all the way from Somalia 🇸🇴... love y’all, y’all is ma people🖤🖤

TL : Never knew a tech story could be so touching. Proud of you, man. You truly got a second chance.

Neurotic Knight : Too bad this won't work for rural parts of USA because gun nuts will shoot it down.

astrophysx : That drone tech is quite similar to how planes are launched and caught on aircraft carriers.

Uzoma Chukwu : Someone said, "your greatest misery is the point of your greatest ministry. " And this story makes it clearer🤔

swaygfx : I wish eBay delivered my parts by drones, so I wouldn't be here waiting for a tracking number update

Adang Amiarsa : This video.... uuhh... suddenly ashamed of my self after drowned in hours and hours of cars and lifestyle videos 🤪

Modi Rasheed : Abdusalam.. beautiful name with amazing skills. Go higher my neighbour, from Burundi.

Nikki M : I am so impressed with this!! I hope I will get the opportunity to serve my community back in Nigeria and even across Africa! There is so much more to life and one of the things is helping those in need. God bless this young man. Praying for more success and blessings to come his way.

Alan Swank : What a great story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Denzel Heden : Actually it is a Californian company that is testing it's drone delivery in is the starting stage

Habesha Cinema 1 : I love Rawanda. I wish everyone in this world can be like them. Nice people

Fernando Salas : Stay focused my African friends go to school for a better future.

country boy : what a clever way to smuggle gold and diamonds out of africa

Nikki M : Amazing!!!

PRI - SONIC : Rwanda is great country!

Aprendiz : un saludo al amigo Abdoul Salam Nizeyimana from mexico ¡¡¡¡¡

e mc : ONLY 20,000 VIEWS IN 3DAYS....and Jake Paul gets million in a day!.... Shame on ALL OF us.... we need to bring back human sacrifice but like Viking Style where they like volunteer to do it and I think that Jake and Logan Paul should become martyrs Heros.. Let's get 20.000 👎 for the human race!

Fufanaa Ahmad Mohammad : But when there is fighting and Killing among us, whom will do this type etc ? and so on......... SO thinks well ........................?

The Undefeated : I wonder where was the rest of the world including international community/UNITED NATION when genocide was taking place. Don't tell me that they didn't know it because there should be some concern when 800 000 people died in 100 days. I know it was past but my heart is still sore because of this story.

ghassan M : How to invest in drone stocks?

Mohd Khalid : My Muslim bro thanks for contributing to humanity.

crangel21 : I love the story

Uriel David Sarasin : First time I can see a drone doing something constructive. Well done and respect for this gentleman!

Kingofteens : Where all my Rwandese at 🇷🇼 🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼🇷🇼

Kevin Liang : I highly highly HIGHLY recommend watching Keller Rinaudo's (co-founder and CEO) TED talk about Zipline.

SUK MIKE HOK l : i am a business man who never also wear a suited

Seth : *-wakanda-** rwanda* forever

K H : With good governance and hard working people, Rwanda is setting an example for the whole African continent. Stories like this and growth of Rwanda overall really makes me content.

john hansberry : pressing a red launch button???... I'm not sure that's a career.

Jehoiakim Eli Doronila : Well they just started a game-changing innovation.

Wacana Forever : fantastic story, great messages for human kind

Sohail Habibi : Asslamu aleikum abdul

canadianroot : 1:18 "COOO alllll". Gag. The title is misleading. They're not HIS drones. They're from a company in California.

jayshi cyber : What a Brilliant man with a brilliant brain

Afifuddin Dn : Rwanda forever !

FRANTIC ™ : Lovely voice.

Nihou Réda : Great documentary !

FPVREVIEWS : Um, so why is the focus of the story on the guy operating the base station? The concept vision, development of the tech and testing is the real story. I'd really like to hear that one...

Vitality Massage : Shared on FB. Fantastic!

santiago vindell : Wow he built all of that himself??? not!!! Its all coming from California!!!