"Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy (Official Video)

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Jesse Cox : Holy shit, that's Keye and Peele!

chihuahuabulldog : Weird Al is the coolest nerd on earth...and probably on planets that non-nerds know about. <3

Lisa C : Weird Al is so talented, maybe more than some artists themselves. Need to give credit too for all who work with him.

jon dingee : This guy deserves every dollar he makes.

Nick : “I’m nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream” is the lyric of the century

CM_cool2016 : Cant Belive Chamillionare made a parody of this song

Remarh Bsoul : Back when parodies were not about mocking the artist but actually funny

jesse Jenkins : Weird Al raps better than machine gun kelly

Alexander The Great : Remember kids, Always lock your door when someone approaches your convertible with the top down.

Dank Memeatron : My dad told me to look at this. This is my dad's best advice.

Hell raser Leonard : I ran for student class president and this was my entrance song to the debate. Long story short I won

ds7202 : Love the part where he buys bootleg Star Wars Holiday Special

Darwin Ortiz : Who watching this in 2018 ?

Solilucent : 2:45 Why do these annoying recommendation tiles appear at the end of the video? I want to see the whole video including those smiling nerds at the end.

Timothy Hilditch : This was Jordan Peele's first acting role, coming out of MadTV. And now he has just won an oscar :D

Amaze Gamer : comments still active after 9 years lol

Eugene Bright : Lol hes rappin better than this newschool rappers

Andrew Toons : He who is tired of weird all is tired of life -Homer Simpson

John-boy : Live long and prosper Weird Al. Congrats on your star on the Walk of Fame. Loved this video.

Paste Eater : I’m angry that I relate to this

Joel Murdoch : It is funny that a comedy song has better lyrics and rhymes than so much actually supposedly serious rap, like "my ergonomic keyboard never leaves me bored." Also, Donnie Osmond gets the award for "best guy standing behind a rapper ever". And once again we see at 2:40 that African Americans are absolute masters of the WTF look.

Norm Macdonald : Seriously no disrespect but Weird Al seems to be able to rap batter than chamemoile, just the pure vocal talent

John Smith : This cures depression

Russ G : What's ironic is that Al's rap is far more intelligible than the 'real" thing!

Derek Hullinger : My nerdiness is about to REALLY show, but I love that he has the stationary Schrodinger Equation on the board behind him. That’s got to be the very essence of nerdiness!

TheFireFox Playz : I literally just noticed that’s Keye and Peele😂😂🤯🔥❤️

Dinara Tengri : Key and Peele, Seth Green, Donny Osmond? Gotta love the cameos here.

Julian Yen : The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-3 in a nutshell.

BlackHairandSkinCare : 😂😂😂 never gets old

Αlekos TV : The guy dancing in the background is killin it!

DRaider90 : Weird Al Keye and Peele Seth green Donny Osmond Wow....

Ima Chubby Hamster : 1:24 Lmao just realised the stars wars kid reference XD

Antoine Pouliot : “ He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life ” - Homer Simpson

Neo-Xgray87 : Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.

Dorothy Hicks : Donny osmond's dance moves are amazing.😆

Randy Hall : Donnie Osmond danced behind Weird Al for the whole song and they didn't even put in the best parts. He was HILARIOUS!

Daymusik : Is that...That's not Seth Green, is it? @0:43

b phillip : Who else is here because of the Weird Al version of the video for Weezer's version of Toto's Africa confirming for them self that Al's Rivers is the White and Nerdy guy. And its beautiful!

WaitingxInxSilence : Seeing all the cameos blows my mind.

Shybaka289 : I don't know why but this song popped up in my head while I was about to go to sleep. I haven't heard this in years lol 😅

Larenia Nightengale : Donny Osmond dancing is the best thing ever, I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nevy Graves : A freaking classic right here.

Kathy henry : Donny Osmond hilarious 😆😆

I'M A CHICKEN NUGGET : I just noticed that the "gangsters" in the car were Key and Peele

Tiny Poke : What if I'm black and nerdy?

Gswaggamer : I like how he locks the door when the top is down.

A russian pillow : Chamillionare made a parody of this song

Steve D : One of the greatest song writers in History!  It takes talent to do what he does.

Muhammad Farrukh : That awkward moment when a parody has more views than the original...

First Surname : 0:49 bill gates is online now