Hey, wait, that's not a dummy!

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1981rarr : When the Simpsons used to be funny...

Unnamed Internet Citizen : >Driver impaled on a steering wheel pole Superior German Engineering!

Monophylos Fortikos : In the world of the Simpsons, nobody edits any video recording, ever.

jak4099 : since 1946 hahah

Paolo G : Once again The Simpsons predicted future events - German automakers test exhaust fumes on live subjects.

Zmodem : The showcase rep is so stone cold about his presentation LOL. When you realize all of the dummies have been alive, it makes his opening statement hilariously evil: "Our tireless safety engineers crash test over one-thousand cars a year."

ray wt : German car exhaust tests scandal brought me here

Michael Woo : I remember being around 8 years old when I saw this and being considerably disturbed.

Michael Barker : One of the funniest lines ever

Wilhem275 : 2018: Volkswagen testing diesel fumes on humans XD XD XD

MILK CRIM : Is the *exhibition* open back yet?

Vincent Curvin : The Next Phase for VAG's Dieselgate

Tommy Lellan : It’s sad how few people realise they’re Jews in that car. Deliciously sick

TheJ024 : Love this! =)

tamago2474 : Just classic.

nklop : why Germanic people is so evil ?... ....I guess that is why the Romans called them barbarians

CM Vogt : Lisa: Hey Wait that's Not a Dummy

soyi soh : *Car crashes first time*

Nour Imam : This exhibit is closed

soyi soh : Car + Wall + Car crash

Kento Ito : I don’t get it.

DOES NOT COMPUTE : Does this have anything to do with Remote Viewing? Sorry to be out there...

Gains quixote : hahaha!

M : Das ist gut lol

ThatRetro : Lol, Fourth Reich Motors

Luke Ormsby : hahaha :')

colliric : Even funnier when you remember Volkswagen was founded by the Nazi Party and the VW Beetle was invented by Adolf Hitler...