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Basketball Kev : She was so sexy in this movie!

Starweardo : Incoming Grump Bump.

Label Doe : #internationaldayofhappiness

pjj1987 : Thank you!

dennist3hmenace : The Beverly Hillbillies movie, from 1993.

pjj1987 : Can you please tell me from what movie this is? :)

valiumsummer : Yes, RIP Mr. Varney.

dennist3hmenace : What a great movie

screeem : HAHHAA....thx for uploading this...

WJooosippp : lmao

mat11trick : Bawhahahahahah!

Lynn Williams : the awkward silence makes it even more hilarious LOL

Elias Elijah : the same reactions i gotten from my French gal all french gals this is the way the talk the way as they behave

Giraffeics : What excuses do you make...

moeman813 : I would like to thank Game Grumps for bringing me here

Hank Pymp : Well, you know what they say money can't buy you happines

Santiago Navarro : Lets be honest with ourselves here folks. We all thought she said p* at first.