Top Kills in Friday the 13th (1980) #savehorrortube

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Breakthrough : Hows the channel coming

Benjamin Parr : Oh my goodness! Your channel is so cool! How do you not have more subscribers! 😱 But here's my ranking (counting every single death) #10 Claudette Hayes - Throat Slit off screen #9 Steve Christie - Stabbed in the gut below screen #8 Brenda Jones - Shot with arrows? Throat Slit? Thrown through a window? 😂 #7 Barry Jackson - Stabbed in the gut below screen #6 Ned Rubenstein - Throat Slit off screen #5 Pamela Voorhees - Decapitated #4 Annie Phillips - Throat Slit #3 Bill Brown - Throat Slit, Impaled with multiple arrows #2 Jack Burrell - Impaled through the throat with an arrow #1 Marcie Stanler - Axed to the face (FATALITY) Keep making videos, your content is amazing! I can't believe I only *JUST* found it, lol!