Farewell Kobe from FLEA national anthem Los Angeles Lakers

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Agun Wiriadisasra : When Cliff Burton & Jimi Hendrix collide

Sebastian Claudio : Music is not always supposed to sound pretty. That is flea's interpretation of the anthem and I sure as hell respect it. You rock flea

Kevin McCarthy : I think if Jimi did it nowadays he would have gotten tons of shit from Social Media.

DAMIEN : It was original, inspired, spontaneous, unexpected, suprising ... all things you haters can't deal with i guess..

dedclff : They had flea play it and didn't expect him to change it ? Anyways it sounds cool idk what everyone is so upset about

Sean Tracy : Looking forward to everyone who will comment with a criticism who have no clue how to even play a bass guitar. It's cute.

Chris : I honestly think it sounds pretty good. Unique and original.

Juha Leskinen : That's how you rape national anthem.

José N. García : horrendous

Hell YEah : Awesome !!

Juan José Rodríguez Bastidas : Am I the only one that actually likes it?

Aknew Promise : Brilliant. Nuanced. Not American Idol. Popular music is in the dark ages and most people listen to the radio to guide the development of their tastes. Hence, this array of notes and expression may have seemed bewildering to the poorly and corporately trained ear. Flea is a real musician, an alchemist, a mystic. If hearing this, for you, brought about a reaction not unlike hanging garlic around a vampires neck, I am talking to you.

Monstro da Lagoa Negra : this sounds awful

Bill M : I hate the Lakers & RHCP but this was awesome.

SuperKaylaDee : It's like skrillex and Jimi Hendricks had a baby lol

Jae Beez : 👏👏👏👍

Allan Davis : I don't think Kobe was feeling it.

Miguel Angel Aquino Gutierrez : Me gustó muchísimo 😢😢

Bryce Romero : Guys... It's flea what did you expect

Edu Martínez : Mixing an anthem with a bass is like mixing Hitler with Isis. What do you expect?

Angel Paredes : This version is awful compared to the other one that he did a couple years before, the wah effect kinda fucks it up, anyway... is always good to see flea play live

stephen jedlicka : Hahahaha... The bass solo has been resurrected.

alejandro landeros : I still love ya Flea.

High Crimes : Big deal, folks knew what he was capable of. Stop piling on...

YUNGWETBACK : Flea go drunk your home

seukfuhi : WTF Flea ?!? Were you drunk or what ?

tnt4020 : i was hoping something epic :(

logginsmcgee : Wow. That's terrible. You're an adult man, Flea, and have been playing bass guitar for decades. This is garbage.

Augusto Pinochet : What an embarrassment

Big Daddy : Flea for president! !

19chrisale87 : Awful

vralphs4 : This sucks ballz!@!@

Mike Elbery : Flea, you are the shiznizal my frazizal. Your rendition of the National Anthem was sick. Up there with Jimi. Oh ya, and I love the Peppers!!!!!!!

Anthony Whitt : You guys are nuts...I thought it was Genius.

Carlos Rivera : Why didn't the band just play the lakers tune off of mothers milk??

Joseph Hougelman : Putrid

Georgie Thumbs : Well it could have been worse, it could have been Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift singing it

bballlifewade33 : God almighty this is terrible. What the hell were they thinking of having flea play..?? What an insult to the legend to have this trash play. I tried listening over and over to this performance, but it's just SOO bad.

Mr. Drugs : was that a normal pedal board or is it a killswitch pedal?

Mr. Drugs : well the heroin effects lasts for 25 years tho...

PianoXfan1 : I'd break that guitar over his head if he butchered my anthem like that.

nickthestick26 : Dude Flea is looking pretty rough these days, never mind the questionable rendition.....

DOTNINETEEN .19 : Not everyone has good taste Just look at these comments Art is art Taste is subjective So if you think this is trash then that would make you a hipocrite Because whatever you listen to is also called trash by other people Video aside Not everyone has good taste

BoricuaFlavored : Great bass player, horrible idea!

HubbzZ : I love flea but I think he would have been better off with a more straightforward interpretation of the song. I think they should have had just a really great singer belt it out but that's just me.

cereal4u : Meh!

wjveryzer7985 : I dont understand how anyone who even has ANY knowledge of flea or the peppers expected anything different. Its exactly what i expected. National anthem in fleas style. Is it different? Yes Will everyone love it? no but damn calm down people!

Danilo Fonseca : exotic

Kcy : I love the chilies BUT! This was just awful. He was trying to hard to be Hendrix. You can do tell just look at Hendricks performance and listen

Anton Håkansson : How to hell can anyone be offended by this. Amercians need to realise that their country isn't so fucking great and stop thinking imperialism is a good thing.