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Eric Walker : Republic of Ireland stands with our Catholic brothers 🇮🇪 🇭🇷!!!!

Jergatron Tv : remove srb

Ballist Channel : I have a video Albania Strong

Herzegovina Mapping : Every time after Croatia won a world cup match:


Peja Lp : ubi ubi srbije FROM ALBANIA

MiteFTW : CRO SRB BIH!!!❤❤

Deadly Wolf : Greetings from albania brothers 😉

Lil Indomie : remove cyrillic

Michael Hunter : ZA DOM!

Skyrim4ever gameplays and tutorials : Za nasu Hrvatsku neka Srbi idu u PM

Sebastian Moya : This needs to go viral

Blazeinc : Serbia strong, god damn facists

Viking German : Super 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Countryballer : ya fkiin piece of USTACE SERBIA STRONG!!!!

R A : Remove Serbs

инквизитор инквизиторович : 🇦🇱🇧🇬🇧🇾🇭🇷🇲🇪🇵🇱🇸🇮🇸🇰🇷🇸🇺🇦🇷🇺 мы один народ хули вы творите?

SUPER gamer of the year : hrvati su obranili se od srbije jugoslavie

Ante Pavelić : Remove schismatics

luka Majicmazul : čujte srpski dobrovoljci bando četnici: STIČI ČE VAS NAŠA RUKA I U SRBIJI

Alan Mont. ball mapping : SMRT FASIZMU

damian kilbane : Nothing beats the accordion player on the Serbian song

Edwardo the American : I can't even tell the difference between Serb and Croat soldiers.

Bleach Mapper : croatia is stronk

valon hyseni : Liv for ever croesha and albenian

Ivan M : Ask a Croat during Yugoslavia when he went for a job interview for a job. You show your papers come back tomorrow. 80% of the senior party was Serb! You had to be in the communist party to do anything. On your papers it said republic of Croatia, Yugoslavia. Yet if you mentioned being a Croat your a right wing person. My dad fled then Yugoslavia to Italy as you could not leave till the late 60s. Croatia is almost 1400 years old go swim in someone else's waters!

Roko 555 : Serbia stronk👍 Croatia stronk ✌👌👍👏👌💓💕

Francisco Pizarro : Ante 🅱avelic

Yato гопник : Bosnia Stronk-esque KEBAB Nato Pawn Serbia- Stronk-ish Evil Ruski Puppet Croatia- STRONK-EST Proud Nation!! Won FIFA not matter if French dogs cheated say 2n'd place Bojna Čavoglave!!!!!!

Balkan Fighter : Hrvatska je STRONG. Pozz iz SRBIJE

Zao Zao : Fucking ustashs

Винни Пух : Remove croatia

Alan Mont. ball mapping : SMRT FASIZMU!

Alan Mont. ball mapping : SMRT FASIZMU

Alan Mont. ball mapping : SMRT FASIZMU

Alan Mont. ball mapping : SMRT FASIZMU

SkaMasta097 : “Hrvatska snažno!” Is that how to say it in Croatian?

I'm Iron Man : Serbia best go back to your precious Mongolia

LPS Grgica : Najlakše je kad pitaju me Koliko i kako ja nju volim Samo jedna riječ bi bila to *N E O P I S I V O*

Bleach Mapper : omh

FishCebab : What are these cheap copies of legend song serbia strong

il soldato vittoriano : Bosnia?

Reinhard August : Ave Maria.

sumAG illyrian : Albania has your back Croatia.

Reinhard August : Deus Vult.

SFS Radio : Remove Belgrad Shit Holes Croatia Strong!