360 VR footage of the Milky Way over Knob Lakes Alaska.

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NathanIsSquishy : I would be fine with dying if I could spend an entire night just looking at the stars wherever this was filmed.

Sarah Acree : How does this only have 3k views? It nearly made me weep.

Tom Davies : Truly breathtaking!

HBLINK : 360 degrees video! This was fantastic! How can 10 people dislike this?

LEXPIX : Wow, just amazing! Low light 360 VR capture must be challenging.

Ryan Herbison : What kind of camera do you have for this, it's quite impressive thanks for sharing it!

Cocoaben : beautiful

Jackie Kido : may I ask what equipment you used to film this?

15Y6C45 TOH XIN RU : Thank you for filming and posting these videos! As someone who has never seen (and will probably never have the chance to see) the milky way and northern lights, I'm really grateful to have these virtual opportunities. Your videos are by far the most beautiful and immersive ones I have seen.

RANDOM Videos 1 : AMAZING! 😱🤩🤯

Ramiro Hermosillo : is it just my tablet because I can look around like you could in google maps

Maverick Oh : What kind of camera did you use?

John C : What was this shot with, Hero 4s?

Денис Малевич : Захватывает дух,как же далеко простирается вселенная

RedlineRed RT : Fantastic! Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing! 😊

Mindaugas Zeima : what is the song name?

Alex Mcm : I would love to go to Australia to see the northern lights.

レッサーぱんだ : I just wish it was longer. :l

Kitslams Art : This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS : Fantastic experience in VR.

zproxy : whats the cam to pick up stars?

miguel adriell cruz : did you feel the feelings i feel rn? imagine how big the universe is, like damn.. millions of galaxy and billions of planets and stars. i cant express how i feel i right now.. universe is so gorgeous, my only dream is to become a scientist or a astronaut. i like to discover the whole univers, ik u guys will not believe me but i do want to become a scientist.

Thijs van Drenth : This is truly astonishing! Thank you so much for making this video. The music also is very beautiful and seems to fit it so well. Could you perhaps share the name of the track?

Konyie cartoon : Game undertale pls

jaz cupcake : it looks like the northern lights

BabyDragon _XD : Sthis is awsome

Saitama : Absolutely amazing.

Grebyn N : Hello, am i allowed to use this with all credits directed to you?

Niromada : Next up: "Sex in 360 VR" Sorry...

hi there hi notice me : This is why I love alaska, It's so beautiful here.

Dan Addison : do u have it in 4k without 360?

Ruaan Van Rooyen : Absolutely Amazing!

Marely Lopez : wow its so amazing

Ja Ads : Class than you

Sheccid Garcia A. : hermoso!