The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Secret Warp Song!

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See the secret warp song from The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time that hasn't been seen anywhere until now! Like/share/subscribe if you want to see more! Follow me on Twitter for project updates - Follow on Twitch to watch me make this content: Join my discord! #zelda #goldeneye #n64

Comments from Youtube

NintendoFan : Ok. That ending at 0:40 had me rolling on the floor laughing. Probably one of the best videos I've seen this year. Really well made! :D

Vulgar One : If I saw this as a kid, I honestly would've thought this was real at the time haha. Amazing Vid :)

Kira Yoshikage : Wait a second, this isn't real... That song was only added in Majora's Mask!

Yoshimitsu : Ganon: For Hyrule, Link.

Keneval : The Legend of Goldeneye: Ocarina of 007

The Very Edgy Yoshi : Well I got clickbaited but I don't mind because this has been one of the best videos I've seen all year

Roddy Dykes : Now make a version where he slices up the guards, hookshots up to Dr. Doak, meets up with Treveyan, and blows up the bottles with bombs haha

MrPotaDos : This channel is seriously underrated. Hard to find videos like this nowadays.

MYMBOLICHES : Atheists explain this

ImpyWorm : Aw great, now we've got ANOTHER convoluted time-line. Though I guess this explains how Ganondorf got to possess a giant Space-city-cannon with Bowser. Possibly.

ProtoMario : I unlocked this in my first playthrough, you gotta have the mirror shield on to deflect bullets.

Voxridian : This was fantastic. Grew up playing Goldeneye on my dad's N64 and then later picking up Zelda OoT, this was a brilliantly made parody of the two together. I was surprised by the end but it did honestly give me a laugh with my brothers!

DaGamePlace : Lesson for Link and Navi. Never bring a sword and a a noisy fairy to a Gun fight. Love the Ocarina 007 theme, by the way :)

Preston Vander Ven : Link need to enter with Din' s Fire to get past these guys. Great video. You put my two favorite college games togther.

Hylian Hetalian : I'm so glad this was in my recommended.

Noah Aguirre : Finally! Navi's dead! Its about time

TeXar : Link in GoldenEye? That crazy

Irony is a weapon : Hey, that's pretty good

ParkourGamer_Ev : Finally sum 1 shut navi up

MassiveScore : This is it. The greatest YouTube video

Albert v. : THIS,.... IS,..... EPIC!!!!!! LOL

Official Shifter Amino Channel : International.... SUPER SPY!!!

YamatoFukkatsu : The Facility still seems a lot more pleasant than the Shadow Temple.

IIIOII [3O2] : This shit is hitting me in the nostalgic feels so hard. Its perfect.

Mees : XD this is so well done! keep up the great work!

Levi : Thank you. I've been wanting to do that to Navi for almost 20 years now... I could watch the ending, in a loop, all day.

Vitor Vieira : People still makes mod for ocarina? XD

Hateful 8-bit : 006: It wasn't the Ganon who gave me this face, Link. It was you... setting the timer for 3 minutes instead of 6. Link: EEEYAAAAAAH!!!! *translation: Am I suppose to feel sorry for you? 006: No, Link. You were suppose to die for me.

Der arbeitslose Sekretär : The music at the beginning... I LOVE IT <3

Soporose Rivers : When u switch cartridges too fast

Samster Samster : This video needs to be shared by everyone. This video can cure cancer. #GreatestOOTVideoEver

JackStez Savage : This is why I subscribed to you, you make good content

Shane B : Should’ve used Dins Fire.

Please stop subbing to me : *Creepy Bad Endings #35*

Тимур Чехов : Well, this is trap from Link. The Ganon is ideal.

darksoul 46 : Why dont you have 1M subs? Your channel is awesome !

MaronaPossessed : The fact that they killed Navi too made it even better :D

Robert Mills : Thank you green man, we have all wanted to do that to Navi

Cesar Perez : You should do videos of link warping to other N64 games.

Dead LP' : 0:42 finally

Elite Instinct : *a devastating turn for link... but a expected ending for Navi 😎😎*

The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule : 2 games that defined my childhood from the 90s wrapped in one, *just beautiful!!*

PiePie Art : I tried on my N64 and it's fake :'v

Raun Smith : I got a good laugh out of this. Can you make more please. 😂

ReloadPsi : 0/10 no post-mortem grenade tossing Just kidding, that was actually amazing.

leroy5099 : "Warp to the Facility?" Naw son, y'all ain't ready.

Augusto Galati : Amazing. But what if Link used Nayru's Love?

Chiseled Adonis : LMFAOOOOOOOOOO alright this was HILARIOUS!!!

LinkCanBackflip : Lmao 😂😂 Insane editing