The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Secret Warp Song!

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NintendoFan : Ok. That ending at 0:40 had me rolling on the floor laughing. Probably one of the best videos I've seen this year. Really well made! :D

H3Vtux : This is great man, just fantastic all around. The guy shooting Navi at the end was the icing for me.

Yoshimitsu : Ganon: For Hyrule, Link.

Vulgar One : If I saw this as a kid, I honestly would've thought this was real at the time haha. Amazing Vid :)

The Very Edgy Yoshi : Well I got clickbaited but I don't mind because this has been one of the best videos I've seen all year

Kira Yoshikage : Wait a second, this isn't real... That song was only added in Majora's Mask!

MrPotaDos : This channel is seriously underrated. Hard to find videos like this nowadays.

Keneval : The Legend of Goldeneye: Ocarina of 007

Roddy Dykes : Now make a version where he slices up the guards, hookshots up to Dr. Doak, meets up with Treveyan, and blows up the bottles with bombs haha

ProtoMario : I unlocked this in my first playthrough, you gotta have the mirror shield on to deflect bullets.

Noah Aguirre : Finally! Navi's dead! Its about time

MYMBOLICHES : Atheists explain this

ImpyWorm : Aw great, now we've got ANOTHER convoluted time-line. Though I guess this explains how Ganondorf got to possess a giant Space-city-cannon with Bowser. Possibly.

MassiveScore : This is it. The greatest YouTube video

Hylian Hetalian : I'm so glad this was in my recommended.

ParkourGamer_Ev : Finally sum 1 shut navi up

Voxridian : This was fantastic. Grew up playing Goldeneye on my dad's N64 and then later picking up Zelda OoT, this was a brilliantly made parody of the two together. I was surprised by the end but it did honestly give me a laugh with my brothers!

Irony is a weapon : Hey, that's pretty good

TeXar : Link in GoldenEye? That crazy

DaGamePlace : Lesson for Link and Navi. Never bring a sword and a a noisy fairy to a Gun fight. Love the Ocarina 007 theme, by the way :)

Preston Vander Ven : Link need to enter with Din' s Fire to get past these guys. Great video. You put my two favorite college games togther.

Mrmuscom : Ok I hate to sound dumb here but does this work or is it a very clever hack? Its so well done it looks real 😂

IIIOII [3O2] : This shit is hitting me in the nostalgic feels so hard. Its perfect.

Official Shifter Amino Channel : International.... SUPER SPY!!!

Vitor Vieira : People still makes mod for ocarina? XD

Albert v. : THIS,.... IS,..... EPIC!!!!!! LOL

VictorMorenoOrtega : 007 Goldeneye confirm to take place between Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past

Dead LP' : 0:42 finally

YamatoFukkatsu : The Facility still seems a lot more pleasant than the Shadow Temple.

Levi : Thank you. I've been wanting to do that to Navi for almost 20 years now... I could watch the ending, in a loop, all day.

Soporose Rivers : When u switch cartridges too fast

Lιик •Hєяσ σf Tωιlιgнт : Wrong place, wrong time.

One hottie octo : *Creepy Bad Endings #35*

Shane B : Should’ve used Dins Fire.

Mees : XD this is so well done! keep up the great work!

butt hole : Finnaly navi can shut up

Cesar Perez : You should do videos of link warping to other N64 games.

Lee Nelson : That would be even funnier if it was real. But I mean come on, we all know this is just wishful thinking.

MaronaPossessed : The fact that they killed Navi too made it even better :D

Luckin Danny : Very nice video... hey listen BOOM

Jurassic Films : Has any one tried this to see if this is real

Cooly Fooly : Reminds me of old YouTube good stuff

PatricxMusic : I never would have thought to put those two things together. Two of my favorite games that I've personally own for the Nintendo 64. Whoever taught Link that song need to be shot because they just set him up to fail lmao; and that's how he became the skeleton ghost of Twilight Princess...the end 😂🍓🥝

Hateful 8-bit : 006: It wasn't the Ganon who gave me this face, Link. It was you... setting the timer for 3 minutes instead of 6. Link: EEEYAAAAAAH!!!! *translation: Am I suppose to feel sorry for you? 006: No, Link. You were suppose to die for me.

De smikkelbeertjes : From witch country do you come from

Elite Instinct : *a devastating turn for link... but a expected ending for Navi 😎😎*

Xeno Phobya : I came looking for copper, and found gold.

Redz The Ultra-Kard. : funny how memes led meh to this . . . #Underratedcontent .

Z I M : LoL

Aaron Loftus : XD Easter egg from a different game i yusto play that game all the time