How to make a square vortex ring! ft. 3blue1brown

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Turbulence with 3blue1brown: Dianna from Physics Girl makes DIY crazy vortex ring shapes with Grant Sanderson from 3blue1brown Creator: Dianna Cowern Producer: Dan Walsh Editing: Jabril Ashe Animations: Keegan Larwin, Dan Walsh, Brooke Wimberley, and Jabril Ashe Thanks to Kyle Kitzmiller!

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Alex Wright : I've spent 8 years working on a PhD in this field and you.. just... youtube it out.

Vladimir PutinYarbutt : Whoa! I thought 3blue1brown guy was like middle-aged man with like a bald spot

Practical Engineering : So many great visuals :) Kudos to your graphic design team, and awesome idea with the laser.

Physics Girl : Other interesting questions we didn't have time to explore in the video, but if you like reading here you go: - Why a ring going around a ball breaks apart. Every single time we tried, the ball would interfere with the ring, even if the ring was clearly much larger than the ball, as in 2:14. We kind of thought the vortex ring would expand over the ball, but finally realized that vortex ring is spinning so that the air on the inside of the ring is moving forward, so it drags against surface of the ball. Sad. - The leap-frogging rings at 2:17 were surprisingly hard to make because small currents in the air tend to send the vortices off an a different path. The reason they leap-frog around each other is the same reason hurricanes spin around each other as shown at 4:52. - We shot a smoke ring at a 1-inch pipe, a rope and a thin wire. The pipe killed the vortex. The wire passed right through the vortex with no effect. The rope sometimes killed the vortex ring, sometimes not, depending on how strong the ring was. We wanted to quantify this interference, but alas, I have to start working on a video about black holes. Get pumped. Thanks for watching, y'all! I love making these videos, especially when I get to play around with the science for a while and cool people join me.

SmarterEveryDay : I concur with your decision to hand wave Navier Stokes

The Action Lab : Ok my question is how did you make the graphic of the wobbling square? Is that actually a numerical simulation using the Naveir-Stokes equation? Or is it just a graphic made to look like what you saw? Seems like a supercomputer would be needed if it’s real...

Luke4Music96 : Well, one question remains for me... What about a triangle?

CozmicK G : 3blue1brown's face doesn't match his voice

Otto Omen : I really love how Grant's (3Blue1Brown) voice is the same in real life as it is in his videos!

SudokuMasta : Who here from Down the Rabbit Hole?

Ricky Nuggets : I'm here from "Down the Rabbit Hole." I'm now a fan and a subscriber.

Esteban AJA : CONGRATS! Forbes' 30 under 30. Well deserved.

Alex_dlc : Wobbles from a C to a backwards C shape? Sooo... like an open parenthesis to a close parenthesis?

dandymcgee : Can we just pause for a second and appreciate whoever made the visualization at 6:00? I have no idea how you made it, but that is seriously freakin awesome.

Woo Nam : Do a collab with The Slo Mo Guys

Clickbait Nate : You broke my boy Terry's heart :'(

Callan Whitney : Physics girl and 3b1b! Dream team!

FLooper : Hey! I learned and used the Navier-Stokes Equation :) Amazing to see how a complex system can be described with a simple equation like this!

Gal Grünfeld : "3blue1Grant" "Math Boy"

lordsqueak : Ok , But now try to make parallel vortex,,ies, by having 2 or 4 holes next to each other, and see if it interacts like the hurricanes. (or if they just blend together into a big wobbly ring) also.. when you brought up Jupiter, I was disappointed that you didn't mention the hexagonal vortex at the north pole. (seems related) ;)

a gay frog : 3b1b and physics girl 😲😲😭😭 this is the best thing that happened to me today 😭😭

Jeff Lee : When you see Physics Girl did a video with 3blue1brown: 1. Like the video. 2. Watch the video. XD

pratik rules : I'm your biggest And Crazinest Fan... I'm 🤓

Artyom178 : Dianna the more I watch your videos, the more I fall in love with you. You are brilliant!

Nighthawk Gliders : Great collaboration! You guys are incredible! That was awesome! Thank you so much! 👍😀

FLPhotoCatcher : Are you still doing #EveryDayMysteries? If so, #EveryDayMysteries Why do your hands hurt more when they slap into a hard surface when cold?

Finn : half the times i click on a neat video it turns out to be some pbs channel I hadn't heard of yet! keep up the great content!

Word Unheard : Grant! Howditgetburned?! Howditgetburned! From not listening to Dianna's sage advice, that's how!

Raymond K Petry : *_...still need do controlled experimentation with 'helical-spinning' the vortex, left vs right..._*

Physics Girl : You wanted that thumbnail, people. I hope you're happy. 😂

Enrico Vidal : Wuuuuut!?? That is soooo cool, damn I love physics!

Michael A J : Those simulations especially the rectangle ones are creepy. You tried other shapes? I wonder what a star would do

kathy taylor : You were great at CAST in ft. Worth!!

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Jonas Printzén : .... genuinely (w?) love this channel :-D What would life be without discovering patterns in observations? Like, the world is flat, night-sky is candles, not sun's? ... no thanx.... Thank you 'DLC'. PS: By the way, in 1989 I was discovering the relation between math, music and SF. (trip w.o drugs) :DS

Amanda Mahan : What about a TRIANGLE shaped hole! Try it.

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Top 10 anime cross over. Absolute work of art. Loved it!

Jerry Gundecker : Where there's smoke, there's Physics Girl. Just ask her parents about the living room carpet.

Adagio Elegy : Oh man it's physics girl and math boy!!!!

Jace Wright : My guess for the square hole is that it either doesn't work or rounds out to a circle.

Jason Reynolds : Prediction - starts square but rapidly goes circular, under expands, over expands then goes unstable. Result - way more stable than I imagined, nice work.

Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface : 4:02 careful... they sling yogurt. If you were in the middle while a dozen of them form a circle around you.... Oh wait, Japan already invented that.

Otmar Ebenhoech : Wow! Truly a next level presentation of (what is now) a fascinating subject. You've hit this Vortex right out of the park. Thank you all!

Drulludanni : What an awesome video, the cross section was really cool! on a side note, I always pictured Grant as like a 40 year old dude, funny to see that is not the case in person.

Richie Grey : 7.7k 😲WOW ( OR 12☝️k is good too)

Bertrand Marion : Fun fact : the rocket Ariane 5 does wobbling square with it's Rectangle flues' lunch site when it take off

TristanBomb : I predict it'll become a circle - because a circle is the lowest-energy configuration for this system. Those sharp corners of the square use up more perimeter for the amount of air that's rotating, and thus is less "efficient." Nature abhors high-energy states, so the ring will snap back to a circle. It's the same reason that a square bubble wand still produces spherical bubbles. *EDIT:* Alright, seems I was mostly right - it becomes a circle. I'm surprised about the oscillations, though - I'd expect them to die down much faster than they did. And the "forward and backwards" wobbling was a right shocker.

Gizzat Tazabekov : great video, thanks!!! what books are those on the shelf behind you? Also, what physics-related book would you recommend? =)

Ace Thang Lian : my prediction; the lines of square vortex will disintegrate whoa.. didn't see that coming