"Telepathic” Genius Child Tested By Scientist

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epSos.de : OK even if he can read the mind, then imagine what people will tell him, once we know :-) He is going to hear a lot of *mental mumble and swearing :-)* Asking non-offensive questions is the more polite way of telepathy.

Novaximus : I wouldn't be surprised if the child and mother have some sort of "tell" that they've developed. For example maybe she uses a tone in her voice and the child knows that means the number 3. Maybe she does a scrunch in her lips. A tap in her foot or a combination of any of these? This "scientific" test wasn't preformed very well. She should have done a few controls then tested with a blocking screen. perhaps some sound proof head phones. IF he can only "appear" to read his mother's mind and nobody elses, the most logical and simplistic answer is that he's not actually reading a mind, he's reading her everything else. But that aside, it's pretty impressive that he's been able to absorb math. Languages at a young age isn't uncommon. That's just how impressive brain development is with growing babies.

Mario D. Zmaj : "I have seen evidence of telepathy in many people" lol this is funny from the start. *grabs popcorn*

Thrive After Abuse : Put up an opaque screen between the child and his mother and retest. I’d bet good money that the kid tests within the realm of chance. This was the most unscientific quackery I’ve ever seen. This mother is using her child for fame. How this isn’t obvious is beyond me.

Kwame Enoch : This mom loves paintings

XxSage OneXx : Didn’t see any scientific testing in this video.

Grand Tickler : when the mother has to read up the numbers you can already expect things to be fake. how many thousand times have we seen these videos now where mom is trying to gain some cash or fame. she looks exactly like the kind of bimbo who would do this for fame

Martin Stadheim : If he could read minds, he would have gotten 5 out of 5 right, not 3 out of 5. It`s obviously a trick his mother is trying to teach him so that she can earn some fame/money.

ThisBear : Is that a girl or boy I’m confused because they say he and she

Mista iLLuzioN//Tha TruckeR\\ : 3:53 When the professor asked what he said..The mother CLEARLY gets aggravated and answers for him !...This is OBVIOUSLY A SCAM..Driven by an overly obsessed mom that wants fame and attention for her child ! 😒

Blue Jackson : This is how cult leaders are made

StudioSmith : HE or SHE, the reporter can't decide

Quince Rwö : his hair is fabulous

Siddharth Deshmukh : I mean if quantum entanglement can exist i dont see how telepathy is impossible

Tom Haflinger : That math is wrong. It's only (1/9)^3 if you get three out of three without mistakes. It is much easier (though still less than 50%) to guess three out of five correctly. The mom probably communicates the numbers to the kid in some other way. The tone of her voice, word choice, body language, etc.

ElDantae : Could have sworn it was a girl on the thumb nail

BiWei Chen : 1. Where is the control??? 2. Compare to the control and run a unpaired t-test 3. See if it’s significant

KellySmith555 : If he can't read other people's mind, its really not telepathy. Also, he's not 100% consistant. If you used random words from all those languages they claim he knows, I'd be more convinced.

Paradigm Zer0 : Give the boy a haircut!  Geez!

Ayden Smith : He could do algebra at age 5 huh I could do that And i can guess numbers IM TELEPATHIC

taryn folster : it a boy?🤔

Robert McKenzie : this is deadass the dumbest thing ive seen

Colorado Bigfoot : I need him here!

Preppo : 3:53 the child says A. she askes to repeat what she said and the mother quickly jumps in to say "she said eight" then nervously looks at the camera. I think its fake

Didn DiDo : Yeeeah..you should have put the quote marks around genious not telepathic. Funny how all the wizard children always have unstable parents.

Roberto Wilfred : I love when the kid says “a” at 3:53 and when the ‘doctor’ asks what he said and the mom is all like HE SAID 8 and glanced at the camera

Sam Rosenbalm : Either it's fake or there is a naturalistic explanation. Assuming it's the latter, consider that the kid is autistic and was reading foreign languages at an age where many can't even say their ABCs. I have no idea what goes in a savant's mind. He could just as easily be reacting to visual cues so subtle and unthinkable to most of us - perhaps his mother reacts differently to different numbers. There is still so much we don't know about the human brain and the way it reacts to various stimuli. We know that these sort of things exist - that certain people and animals notice things so innocuous - that most of us would never in a million years notice. More testing is definitely needed - but by genuine scientists with sound, rational methodology and not by pseudo-scientific quacks with preconceived notions and agendas. Saying that one is "as confident that telepathy exists as a lot of things that are accepted as science" is so intellectually invalidating it's cringe-worthy.

inci Gurun : That was the most useless video

Sisyphus : What an outrageously stupid “scientist.” The test she did is nowhere near extensive enough to prove anything. Probably she ran like 30 trials of five cards and picked the best one to show on the film. She also doesn’t understand basic probability at all. Getting 3/3 and 3/5 are VERY different odds. What a sad joke.


Use It : That probability maths is wrong, just saying

Crazy Kuup : Is it a boy or girl ??? They keep saying he but looks like a girl!!!!

PersianinSweden : Now try that with a blind fold and no sound!

SAMSQUATCH Moss : That's a boy..What's wrong with the mother

Huntington Beach Sasquatch : I believe in Telepathy, However I think this one's BS!

ivo alex : I hope you know that random numbers on a computer do not exist.

A R : My son used to say what i was thinking a lot when he was small. Mother/ child connection

이스테이시 : at first i thought he was a girl!

cool music : Mom's a milf. 😉

Fluff Head : the problem with any kind of possible telepathy, is that if it were possible to read someones mind, the person who's mind is being read would have to know what they, themselves are actually thinking....so for example, if the mother were color blind and the child was not, the mother could be shown a color blind test (Ishihara plates) and not be able to see the number, so the child would have to say, "well, mom can't see the number 8, but if she weren't color blind, she could." In other words there is way too many variables to reading a mind that isn't your own. its hard enough for someone to read there own mind.

gramerpolise : If he was telepathic why would it be hit-or-miss just stay with the kid genius spiel you are making yourself look foolish and getting full of yourself now Mom. 8 was a lucky guess and then he said how about 9 I think he literally just guessed 9 because it was after 8 and that was the only logic he had

maevru : this is so depressing

Lemon Ste : so let me debunk this; i can do the same thing. first of all theres the obvious one, me and my (now ex) best friend used to stare at eachother and guess what colour the other was thinking or number, and i would almost always get it right (she wasn't bad either but i was definitely very good at it). we loved freaking people out with it. the one that personally i weird myself out with though is this, that when someone is struggling to remember a number or place or time, or they're estimating a number (of something i have no visual access to so no way of estimating myself) I will get it right 99/100 times. it' sjust become normal to me at this point, it's an everyday occurrence. but i'm not a mind-reader, i'm not telepathic. i saw someone down below commenting on the idea that this kid may be autistic, and that makes sense with my theory. I have aspergers and from my experience with it in other areas of my life I think it affects me on a subconscious level, so when for example someone is thinking of a number they want me to guess or struggling to remember something there are certain facial cues and giveaways that lead me to a certain conclusion. I think this because in actual fact it is way harder for me to know what someone is thinking of if they're asking me to guess; they're intentionally trying to deceive me so their faces and mannerisms would be jumping all over the place. that's just my theory anyway. I would love if telepathy was real though, that and telekinesis are the superpowers i would choose

Jamal Duke : All children are both with a special connection to the other worlds. Why do all kids have a mystical imaginary friend but actually believe it? All children are inclined to inspirational powers. Stay woke. My sister could know what somebody dreamt when she was young.

bot : I thought he is a girl


MiniGunTurtle36 : They are referring to him as a he, but why is he dressed as a girl then?

Sil : seems like the child is very smart, he is autistic; so in the spectrum he could have a higher than average recalling memory. But I also think mom is "conditioning" him. How come he can only read "her" mind??

Rachel Morrow : not 'he,' 'she.'

The Current Reaper : Just think of a different number than is in it.