A Tribe Called Red - The Light II Ft. Lido Pimienta (Official Music Video)

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Peshewa diy : The stuck up, clueless"arts" supporter thing was funny too! I've had to tell people I don't work there when they assume. Now I go into Walmarts wearing khakis and a blue polo and I answer questions with crap I know is way wrong just for giggles. Top tip - tell them every thing they are looking for us right next to the tampons and sex lube. Just watch the faces!

Rameses C : finally the southern tribes is getting there day in the sun. the repetition is because your not trilingual. we learn Spanish and tribal they way northerners learn English and tribal. only those who are away from their tribe learn Spanish,English and tribal. most of my people don't speak English but our struggle is the same. Unite the tribes from Alaska to Chile!

Bella Salazar : Honestly so happy you guys made this. Sometimes I feel like I'm not actually native American because I'm from south American tribes and this honestly makes me feel like I'm part of a community that cares. Even though this song was so different (people seem to be complaining about the lack of drums), I highly appreciate it. Keep on doing what you're doing ❤

Amanda Deng : This is such a beautiful, powerful collaboration. The visuals--color, costume, makeup, lighting, movement--are brilliant. I was completely sucked in Lido's stage presence and authenticity on camera. I admire her so much for standing up for marginalized groups at her shows and not being afraid to speak for them.

TheXTREMEQMAN : Never clicked on a video so fast in my entire life!

I'm Hers : Well... it's interesting and it has some interesting ideas but in total it's not that good :/

Phoenix258 : It's meh. It's certainly no R.E.D I'll tell you that, and it's not even on the same planet as electric pow wow.

Xez1919 : The obvious criticism in this video is quite superficial and not could have been done way better. Also, I don't like the sounds. That's not tribe music for me. The content of the video appears to be produced by someone who's lost with his moral compass.

DOS UNO : I liked it! Reaching out to southern cousins.

Jeremy Jones : only in Canada would we pay to make a video complaining about the white people paying to make the video

greeniREZ : Great song, glad it got a video finally. I hope they do Sila next, it'd be awesome if they could get Tanya in for it.

Sen. Shika : Beautiful

big world : Bad singer

Kristin Valadez : Dont mind the negative comments on this new video. I liked it a lot. Its still very different and set apart from other music. Just because it reminds Of electro-genre or whatever....no reason why Natives cant make a new sound inorporating electro feel to it! 💜💙💚💛❤


Łukasz Ch : Racist b***h!

Tracy Raia-dowd : ???????????????

Denis Oliver : Low-life skank!

Helen Turner : Well done! Another beautiful song.

Dannybuns 2.0 : YES!!!


Col. gentleman : To recap, a woman wears baggy clothes, has seizures, and says you alot.

Mr. Gluskin : TBH This song was more so Lido and was far more modern and techno upbeat in nature featuring modern day fashion. The meaning behind the song isn't too bad, but I think the problem is the lack of TCR's main sort of vibe, that being native american drums playing and usually featuring Norther cree singers. I think if there was more tribal added to this song it might have been a nice mixture between two artists but I feel this is more so Lido's style then anything else. But thats just me

Nikki : I guess I could have looked it up but I always wondered who's voice that was. Lido Pimienta what a beautiful voice and stunning lady, I just wanted to jump into the video and dance with her. Another fantastic video from A Tribe Called Red Thanks guys

Tommy K.G. : I'm sorry but dafuq was this? No tribe music, no pow wow drum, no lyrics (a single sentence keeps repeating all the way), and some cheap drum and bass ripoff for a beat? I like your other work, so please consider this as constructive criticism. This is just below average.

Panos Anebasmenos : wtf is this? nice video, awful sound. Seriously this isn't your music, like at all!

Galvaxatron : Don't support this racist.

Omega Noob : Racist cunt.

Lall : glad to watch this

kitsumie : Amazing video, yes ❤❤

Brandon : this is horrible.

Marguerite Blanche : woahh .. thats not the wild tribe called red I knew... :( disapointed .. dislike

Justin Mileman : It's clear that the current "singer" tried very hard, and her voice does have potential. If she took a page from Madonna's playbook and invested in several months of intensive high level professional training to refine her talent, she could definitely take it where you were trying to go with it. Invest some time and money in training her voice properly, and try again :-)

Paola Castillo : Me encanta su música. :)

alexander roesdahl : Big fan of Lido... But i also have a huge hatred towards racists, especially skinheads.. but sadly you're no different than them, and you made that clear at Hallifax.. Sad a strong person like her fails so hard and goes to the same level as a Skinhead xD

M C : What the hell?!?! This is weird stuff, this is so far from the Tribe Called Red that I know. It doesn't sound at all like anything that they've done before and the woman singer was annoying. And what's with shilling for the Latinos? I mean sure, a lot of them have some Native blood, and I have no hatred towards them, but most of them don't even know what tribe they're descended from and they only get passionate about it when political stuff comes up (*trigger warning* border wall for example) and they act like anyone from any Latin American country has a legitimate tribal status. That aside, it reminds me of some SJW hippie music. It's filled with images of people who look like crybaby snowflakes who can't even face their sugar coated idea of the world head on let alone reality. You guys should focus on doing stuff like you used to.

Ruidosa Fest : 🔥🔥🔥

Michelle Dawson : I'm stuck on this song rn. Listening to it over and over, even in my head when I'm not.

iz the truth : where are the lyrics, sounding like mumble rap put alot of time in the visual but not enough time into the lyrics .

Gemini Genie : Am I the only one who can feel art?

Kang The Mad : Fucking commie scum

Lazlo : It’s hard being a conservative and supporting Native Americans because most people who are hardcore protestors are communists ughhhh

UtopiaV : I see ego and separating... we need to all Unite and not spread hate. The beginning of the video was dumb AF and the rest was just ego. Sry. We need a lot of tgis same old program.. we are above this. One love~ unity

E m o t i o n a l C h i l d : Her voice is so majestic 💕

wolflover968 AlphaMale : I fell in love with ATCR's music when I heard a DJ spin one of your first songs a couple years ago, and have loved this music ever since. I'm hoping you will be making this sweeeeet music for a LONG time to come. And, thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us. :3

Outback Sam : Why would you associate with this racist "womxn"?

miku j : I love this! There isn’t a single song by a tribe called red that I don’t love

gYpsY THE LYNN Eman : Awesome! Thank you.

Carlez Valdos : where can I get my hands on the record? anyone?

lole crvene : this is terrible, please do not produce more music