Rumble Robots

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A 2001 card game of Rumble Robots game

Comments from Youtube

ferdi0495 : You're so qtie

Michael Otero : LobJaw with the armor set was gg

Gabriel Payne : I'm with you. DO IT. DO IT..... DO IT

rainingwafflez : LEVEL FIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instig8iveJournalism : DUDE. I owned one of those.

SirSylvester : I had one but never knew anyone who also had one so I battled with my remote control truck.

Dartht33bagger : I still have all of the original ones (with armor) except for Boltman. I wish I would have gotten that one too, but I never did for some reason. Lug Nut was always my favorite. I remember my friends and I used to play with this these all the time in 3rd grade...

dragnalus : Nostalgia so hard

is da vog : These were so awesome. but the fricken cards slowed them down, just let me play the damn robot without the cards.

thehmph1 : When I was a kid I always wanted to punch that "announcer" kid in the throat, something about his voice irritated the shit out of me.

GeneralWrath : AHHHHHHHHHHH! RUMBLE ROBOTS! AAAAARRRHH! MADNESS!! Mine never seemed to go to fast though, I am going to break them back out.

x3n0cide : i have lugnut but punch is broken im fixing it

Snowhunter21 : I got hella lucky XD. One Christmas, we all wanted one, and I got LobJaw. He has the best puch (I always hit the terminate switch.) and plus, I have a speed, power and upgrade level 5 for him XD. He is unbeatable.

Jersey Skepticism : Me FIsto, Boltman and King El Smasho. i still have El Smasho but the arm is missing and so is the remote

megap180 : Man....these NEED to come back. I had Bolt Man and Lockjaw, I had the armor for bolt man, but then for some reason, I remember buying clamster's armor, thinking that it would work with boltman. Bolt Man still works, but Lob Jaw's arm broke off somehow...but seriously....this needs to come back

coolsmile1234557689 : is there a website to buy them i tryed ebay

Amore Morte : These were the best toys ever. I wanted to pit a single bot against the army.

MandalorianRaider : Ha I was a fanatic 'bout these things. Had the red one, lugnut. Could nvr get the armor 4 it though...

megamarsonic : Have no clue. I just remember being bored with it. And I thought it was because I was growing up, but when I played with Lobjaw he was still fun.

megamarsonic : lol I meant Lobjaw! Man it's been so long...

adamjs2005 : lol i still have one of theese :P my mum wants me to put it on ebay lol

oldscutlass1988 : do they still make these???

megamarsonic : Those...robots...were...the..SHIZNITZ!!!

Tmath : yo i played with Clamster all day everyday

Jack H : Hey I remember these! One of my younger cousins wanted one and got Me Fisto I believe.

nick dg : these things were the shit when i was a kid