fallout new glasgow

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THEFIERYREDHEAD : That's one mysterious stranger

Mi : I am intrigued, and yet at the same time somewhat disturbed.

NoFlu : >Implying that Glasgow doesn't look like it's post nuclear already....

Wilburgur : *lookatemgo*

Justin Y. : So this is what the mysterious stranger has to deal with every day

Jake Branthe : Drink: Irradiated Wa-ah

Znijik_the_Zed : Whaddya gunna dew about it? Phone the POLIS?!?

Pajamapants Jack : Vault 108 in a nutshell

Lanes Z : [Science 12/30] steel is heavier than feathers

RoboticTea : 0:31 T - P O S E

JOXCY : I love how YouTube has recognised this video as actual Fallout gameplay, as if Glasglow didn't need enough evidence that it's a shithole.

potato ze spud : Is this the prequel to the easy Pete migration?

Cupcake-kun : Quest Completed: Steel is Heavier Than Feathers

WiseEndro333 : "You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby"

Wajima : Whenever somone says Fallout 3 or 4 are better than NV, I will show them this as proof to the contrary.

A Moose : What's heavier? A kilogram of Nuka Cola? Or a kilogram of Nuka Cola Quantam?

LopekPower : I just took a big sipp from my trusty Vault 13 canteen.

DankM8 : >You take a sip from your trusty vault 13 canteen

Jason Fenton : "Kill Jester." You have zero percent chance to hit.

Vulpesio : this has gotta be the finest edited fallout meme I've seen

Spare : the easy pete collective has been angered

Gmayor61 : When youtube executives decide to do away with user control and just load random videos every time you go to the website, i hope the system glitches and everyone will only ever see this video.

Spookjax : whit ye gonnae do? phone the polis? mate. we are the polis

Cæsar : Fallout 5 looks great

TheDan439 : Like the one they called Limmy Guitar

BrasilBall : Welcome to the Dark Side of New Vegas' Community

CboyJboy : 0:31 T, *S P O T T E D*

Xeletron : with a big iron on his hip

Jacomo223 : Someone send this to Limmy next time he streams

C : Am I being recommended because im Scottish or because this is trending or both

sudanym : STOP

Art Vandelay : Barry's Red Cola Rads +2 HP +50 (25s)

Sweet Skys : B a s t a r d

Super Hams : S T A H P ! ! !

Will L : This is some 4th dimensional shit posting

chaffXgrenade : big iron is heavier than feathers

da_huntz : Ah, the good ol' migration of the Easy Petes.

Jack Healy : [You cannot fast travel while there are enemies nearby]

varyen : look at 'em go

Trusty Knave : Did that tower door just lead outside?

superdooperchooper : Benny harvey RIP Miss ya big man, Gone, but not forgotten.

レイ·ライト -Raylight : That's a *Big Iron* door you have there It Almost Makes You Wish For a Nuclear Winter

ElagabalusRex : MarioInATopHat985

Minimas : But a Big Iron is heavier than Cazador Wings...

crocken games : Limmy's magic

MyName AChef : Its like im playing new vegas all over again

Ketchup Yoshi : *_Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter._*

5persondude : That door's gettin' hammered like a night out in Glasgow

Bandit : Quest complete Limmy everywhere! 240 EXP gained reached level 23!

Harvey Smallwood : You take a sip from your trusty Irn Bru can